Year 9 / ks3


The English department at Little Lever School aims to enhance the reading and writing skills of all students through the delivery of a broad range of texts and creative stimulus which will challenge students’ understanding of wider concepts, whilst ensuring that all students possess the English skills required for their future educations and employment.

At Little Lever School the KS3 English curriculum has been designed to ensure that all students access the core delivery of reading and literacy skills, and are able to build on their KS2 studies.  Whilst the aim of KS3 English is to prepare all students for the expectations of GCSE examinations, is it also believed that the core skills studied across years 7 and 8 ensure that students have a broad understanding of texts from a range of cultures and contexts.  Therefore, the teaching of English at Little Lever reflects the understanding of the power of words and their ability to deliver morals, purpose and important messages to all, with schemes of learning reflecting this.

Across years 7 and 8, students will have access to a range of literature from a variety of authors, poets and playwrights, which will stimulate creative writing, academic discussion and critical analysis.  The texts which will be studied, include:

  • Animal Farm
  • Gothic Literature
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Maze Runner
  • Poetry Collections.

Each text is chosen to promote both challenge and academic progress potential within the subject.

Students will be formally assessed every half-term against reading and writing criteria.  Each assessment will be used to target each student’s areas for development and to inform interventions, where needed.