Year 10 / ks4

Hospitality & Catering / Design Technology

The Curriculum intent of the Technology department is outlined below. These are the principles that shape our intent, implementation and intended impact of our subject area on the school Curriculum. We believe that every pupil, regardless of ability or background, should expect the same quality education in every lesson taught by every teacher across our curriculum team in order to achieve things they never thought they could.

Our vision and values for our Subject are:

The Technology curriculum in both KS3 and KS4 is aimed at developing pupils so that they become inquisitive and creative citizens.

In Catering this means capable of being able to cook and apply principles of nutrition and healthy eating. The curriculum should develop an awareness and clear understanding of a range of ingredients, practical skills and kitchen equipment, all crucial life skills.

Our rationale for teaching what we teach is as follows:

We use a hands on practical approach to learn in an environment that provides opportunities for experiential learning that provides access to a wide range of skills.  This enable pupils to succeed in creating a range of dishes and products, developing confidence in a practical environment, using a variety of tools, equipment and utensils.

The principles that shape our Key Stage Four Curriculum is:

The KS4 courses we offer enable pupils to develop the skills and knowledge gained at key stage 3 and deepen their understanding to enable them to successfully continue onto a range of post 16 courses.

WJEC Level 1/2 Hospitality and Catering

In KS4 the vocational course allows pupils to continue to develop their food preparation and cooking skills and build on their principles of nutrition and healthy eating. Pupils discover opportunities in this vast vocational sector for further study and employment opportunities.

Our Pupil Promise:

We promise that all pupils will be provided with the best quality delivery and assessment available at all times.  Pupils will be fully engaged in challenging activates both theory based and practical that will ensure a good understanding of the skills and knowledge relating to the context of the subject.

Any pupil that is driven to succeed will progress and gain the highest grades available.