Year 7 / ks3


The Curriculum intent of the Physical Education department is outlined below. These are the principles that shape our intent, implementation and intended impact of our subject area on the school Curriculum. We believe that every pupil, regardless of ability or background, should expect the same quality education in every lesson taught by every teacher across our curriculum team in order to achieve things they never thought they could.

The Physical Education curriculum in both KS3 and KS4 is aimed at developing pupils so that they are able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our vision and values for our subject are:

Students will have the opportunity in a wide variety of activities to improve their core and advanced skills during team and individual activities, observe and analyse performances, gain knowledge and understanding rules, regulations and correct terminology.

Through the curriculum the students will also gain life skills that take them beyond the PE lessons including leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication.

Our rationale for teaching what we teach is as follows:

We use a practical approach in KS3 to develop the skills needed to improve our student’s lifestyle. We look at the current trends of sports, events and the local area when selecting the sports the students are going to take part in and the time of year they are going to do these activities.

The principles that shape our Key Stage Three Curriculum is:

Pupils have little opportunity to experience a variety of team and individual sports. To understand the skill level of year 7 we will complete a module of games for understanding to observe their skills in a number of sports. Throughout KS3 students will undertake key fitness tests twice in the year to show how their fitness levels, so they can monitor their healthy lifestyle and monitor their core skills progress.

Our Pupil Promise:

We promise that all pupils will receive a well-balanced curriculum, driven by high quality delivery and assessment.

You will see the following in our lessons:

Pupils will be fully engaged in challenging activities in practical and theory based lessons and we will ensure we demonstrate a good understanding of the skills and knowledge relating to the context of the subject. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop personal and social attributes in extracurricular activities and competitions.

We will drive all pupils to succeed to achieve the highest grades available.