31st January, 2022

Enrichment Attendance Awards – Autumn Term 2021

Each term the school provides opportunities for students to engage and participate in a range of Enrichment clubs and activities. We track the attendance of every student who attends these sessions.

We are delighted to present our first set of Enrichment Attendance Awards to the students listed below who have manage to reach our Bronze, Silver and Gold benchmarks. This celebrates their dedication and commitment to their learning beyond the classroom and they should all be very proud of this achievement.

Bronze Awards: Attended up to 10 Enrichment Sessions

Hanna Goodwin 10C – 10 sessions
Amelia Buckley 7T – 10 sessions
Toby Waldrum 8R – 9 sessions
Reece Winter-Hardman 8L – 9 sessions
Maryam Ullah 7T – 9 sessions
Ava Mills 7C – 9 sessions

Silver Awards: Attended up to 14 Enrichment Sessions

Oran Collard 8A – 13 sessions
Joshua Poynton 9A – 13 sessions
Jake Lane 9C – 12 sessions
Toby Bellfield 9L – 11 sessions

Gold Awards: Attended up to 20 Enrichment Sessions

Thomas Webb 8E – member of 3 enrichment clubs

Isaac Hslam 7R – 18 sessions
Sophie Rose 8I – 15 sessions
Matilda Booth 8V – 15 sessions