22nd July, 2022

Erin’s Kindness & Headteacher’s Award

We received a wonderful piece of news this morning about an act of outstanding kindness by Year 9 student, Erin Longworth.

Erin has been quite excited for some time about attending the praise auction held after school yesterday. She was really hoping to bid for and win the Polaroid Camera. Whilst at the auction with her friend and friends younger sister, Ava Ashworth, Erin kindly decided to use all her points to bid for an apple watch which she knew that Ava really wanted but didn’t have enough points to allow her to win it.

By doing this she sacrificed her own desire to bid for the camera. Erin’s bid won the watch and she has generously given it to Ava. Erin told her mum later that the joy and excitement that Ava felt was her reward.

Her family and we as a school are incredibly proud of her selfless act of kindness.

This morning, Erin was presented with two awards from school, the Kindness Award and Headteacher’s Award.

We have also decided to buy her another Polaroid Camera as that was the prize she had been aiming to win!