2nd July, 2020

GCSE Results Day Questionnaire

It is still uncertain how the government will want schools to publish GCSE results on August 20th 2020. Therefore, the school is organising two ways in which this can be done. We want to ensure students themselves receive their results personally either by email or in person, in school in a safe manner.

We are emailing Year 11 students on their school email address asking them the following questions;

a. Would you prefer to receive your GCSE results on 20th August 2020 via an email to your school email address, e.g. 1520AB11@little-lever.bolton.sch.uk ?

b. Would you prefer to collect your results in person from the school building on the day?

We will be asking them to send a response indicating a. or b. by sending a reply to the email from our admin team.

As a back-up and just in case we do not receive a response, we have also emailed all Year 11 parents/carers the same message to prompt their child for confirmation.

We would appreciate a response by Friday 17th July.

Thank you.