11th March, 2021

Knowledge Gym Hall of Fame

Over the course of remote learning students had the opportunity to further expand their reading through a series of articles based on topics beyond the classroom in our Knowledge Gym lessons. Find out more in the trailer below…

We are delighted to present our first Knowledge Gym Hall of Fame, celebrating those students who engaged in it and submitted some super activities in response to the various articles published.

Medieval Weaponry

Lucy Willett has been using Photopea to create a range of excellent articles based on her Knowledge Gym reading.  Here she looks at castle’s dangerous defences.

Ryan Cain created that most effective of anti-cavalry weapons, the medieval spear.

I made the handle out of a bamboo cane and cut a piece of card in the shape of the tip of a spear. I then covered it with tin foil. After this, I made a slit (using a hack saw with my dad’s supervision) at the top of the bamboo and slid the card, covered in tin foil,  into the slit. This held the card in place as well as secured the tin foil to the cardboard. Finally, I tied a bit of string around the slit to make it look like the card was attached with the string.”

Thomas Webb walks us through the medieval siege he has created on Minecraft based on his reading: Medieval Siege Weapons – YouTube.

Crime and Mystery

Jake Lane has created a piece of music based on his reading of Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’.  He wanted to create a piece with the suspense that matched the text. https://youtu.be/NX-hSCCvWUs

Lucy Willett has written an excellent article on the strange case of Marina Chapman, a woman supposedly raised by monkeys!

The Ancients

Bethany Cain has brought us the latest news from the ancient times after reading the story of Prometheus’ theft of fire from the Gods!

Lucy Willett has an excellent artistic representation of Prometheus in the act of stealing fire from Zeus.


Ryan Cain has created his own Greek myth. The Serpent of Sissi.

The Prehistoric

Jamie Jacques has created a fantastic dinosaur collage based on his reading of Jurassic Park.

Ryan Cain reads us the news about a disturbing event at a Wildlife Park near you.  https://youtu.be/Kqsit2UgbD8

Quiz Champions

Every week the Knowledge Gym gave students a chance to show their skills with a short quiz.  Below are our 2021 Knowledge Gym Quiz Champions.  Congratulations!

Year 7 & 8
Knowledge Gym Quiz Champions

Jamie Jacques 39
Ryan Cain 38
Thomas Webb 34
Tyler Collard-King 30
Daniel Harrison 29
Felicity Berry 29
Kirsten Scaife 28
Joshua Mangnall 27
Rosie Ivill 26
Callum Kirkpatrick 22

Year 9 & 10
Knowledge Gym Quiz Champions

Rachel Heyes 39
Adam Taylor 38
Lucy Willett 38
Sienna Melake 29
Sophia Magari 29
Bethany Cain 20
Finlay Dewhurst 18
Harry Owens 15