30th November, 2021

Little Lever students represent the country as COP26 UK Secondary School Ambassadors

On Monday 29th November Year 8 students took a leading role in an online global webinar with primary and secondary students from S. Korea, India, China, Spain and Lithuania to discuss positive environmental action in the wake of COP26.

The special guest was Howey Ou, teenage Chinese climate activist who spoke about vegan Ian and the need for recycling in a waste-less circular economy.

Following this students worked in breakout rooms discussing the issues they felt passionate about with their international peers and started to form ideas for future partnership working.

Our students performed in an exemplary fashion, leading the discussion and bringing their knowledge of climate change and environmental risks right into focus. Hopefully this will be the first interaction of many and will help develop our sustainability strategy.

Quote from Ashoka Foundation lead Shaun McInerney to follow.

This was the first event of a new programme being developed by the Geography department in collaboration with the Impact Trust and schools in South Africa called Routes to Resilience: Eco-literacy for a Future World and will be shared across Greater Manchester in 2022.

Massive congratulations to the following students who did themselves and the school proud. They received special recognition from Mr Mckeon today.

  • Millie Humphreys
  • Naya Pankhania
  • Max Bishop
  • Noah Lees
  • Alisha Majid
  • Kincso Kosaras