18th March, 2020

Message to Year 11 Students

To all our Year 11 students,


Please do not be disheartened by Boris Johnson’s announcement this evening regarding the uncertainty around your GCSE exams and the qualifications you will achieve.


All the staff at Little Lever are determined to ensure you are well prepared for your GCSE exams and qualifications whenever they may be!

We will not be giving up on you, we will still be going ahead with our Remote Learning Strategy which I presented to you today.


This is an opportunity to get ahead of the game, to put yourself in a position that when you do your GCSE exams you are light years ahead of all the other students in the country.  See it as an opportunity to truly learn and grasp it!  We will support you and help you do this every step of the way and we are determined to give you the diet you deserve so whenever Boris Johnson announces the date you will be completing your GCSE qualifications you are ready to achieve the grades you deserve for all your hard work and effort so far this year. We want you to be ready to take your place in the world and have the opportunities to realise your dreams of college, university and employment!


We are all behind you and I want to see you all tomorrow ready to go, thirsty for more and determined to achieve what you deserve!


Go for it!


Kind regards


Mr Mckeon