14th July, 2023

New School Tie Distribution

As we published earlier this term on Parent Portals and the website, from September 2023 we are amending our school tie policy.

Instead of students wearing a certain coloured striped tie to represent the house they are in, we are switching to a Year Group tie which EVERY student in that year group will wear.

The new tie colours for each year group are as follows:

  • Year 7 – (new) White Striped Tie
  • Year 8 – Yellow Striped Tie
  • Year 9  – Green Striped Tie
  • Year 10 – Red Striped Tie
  • Year 11 – Blue Striped Tie

The school has purchased a new set of ties for every child in each year group to remove this additional cost for families.

On Thursday 20th July, we will swap any student’s tie who doesn’t have the correct striped tie with a new one, for free. Students can then donate their old ties to us to use in our uniform shop as spare ties which can be borrowed if students don’t have the correct uniform next year.

Parents/carers can still purchase a new tie from our usual uniform stockists if they so wish.

Here’s a reminder of our uniform expectations.