23rd September, 2021

Open Evening Feedback

We thought we’d share some of the very positive feedback we have received from visitors to our Open Evening on Wednesday 22nd September. We are very proud of our students who came and supported the event.

Dear Mr Mckeon and team

Well what can we say!  What an absolutely superb job you all did at the open evening!!

Everything was so well planned and organised.

The evening was so enjoyable. The children representing the school and helping out were fantastic and so enthusiastic – they really did sell the school and you should be very proud of each and every one of them. It was very  clear to see that they are so proud of their school and what it has to offer.

Little Lever School has such a great feel to it – full of positive energy from students,  teachers and supporting staff.

Our little girl came away buzzing and on such a high. She felt so proud of what she achieved during the activities. She loved it!

My son, who is a student at Little Lever School thoroughly enjoyed helping out tonight too, showing families around and answering their questions. He loves to give something back and help the school whenever and however he can.

Congratulations on a great team effort.!

I just wanted to give my feedback on tonight’s Open Evening. I took my daughter who will hopefully be starting with you next year. She thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I thought the collecting stars was a great idea to encourage the kids to get involved in activities and also to ensure that we covered the length and breadth of the school!! I felt that each department had really considered how to engage/interest the kids and also gave them different options in some areas which allowed them to choose what they were confident with. Shockingly, my daughter stood up on stage in drama and did a duologue with her friend! (Oh how my two are so different!).

Every department was buzzing. The staff were brilliant, enthusiastic and informative and the pupils who were involved showed great maturity, leadership and confidence. They were also great advocates for the school and talked about it with so much positivity and showed their pride to be part of the school.

Mr Mckeon’s address gave parents a real positive sense of the school’s ethos and I feel showed just how rigorous the systems are and that the constant striving for excellence continues. It showed so much passion.  Nicole, Sophia and Ryan (students) were brilliant in relaying their views and experience. They talked so eloquently and again with an unbiased and genuine support of their school and the opportunities it has already given them.

I spoke to a number of parents who have older children in other Bolton secondary schools who were certainly convinced that LL is good enough and more than comparable. I may have said a few things to them to consolidate what they were thinking but I think on the whole parents went away absolutely impressed with what the school has to offer.

If I knew nothing at all about the school, I would still definitely be making the choice to send Hollie from what was displayed tonight.

Well done to everyone. As always everything considered to the the finest details. Certainly far better than the last time I came in that capacity 3/4 years ago which again shows that development and striving for excellence.

Thank you and here’s to weekend coming around quickly for you all!!

It was a fab open evening, the students helping and staff were amazing, even encouraging my very shy daughter to do a few activities ❤ .

The students in the catering room were amazing with her, explaining all that they do in there, letting her taste some breakfast muffins and giving her a recipe card to take home to make them. Well Done x