18th November, 2021

Progress Star Awards: Part 2

Our Progress Stars Awards are nominated by staff to students who have made significant improvements in all aspects of school life – step targets progress, attendance, effort, our habits, etc. Nominees receive 5 points and a Progress Star badge to wear on their blazer with pride!

We are delighted to share with you our second set of nominees…

Kiera Gallacher, Andrew Butler, Bella Hoyles and Skye Shenton

Ms Tanner, Teacher of Maths has nominated these students, stating:

“Kiera Gallacher has achieved some excellent outcomes in her mocks and this is down to the excellent revision she has put in leading up to and through the mock period.

Andrew Butler has shown superb effort in all his Maths lessons. Keep it going, Andrew!

Bella Hoyles is gaining in confidence in Maths now and is making great improvements in her work and results.

Skye Shenton always puts in maximum effort in Maths. I’m very pleased with her attitude to learning.”

Anthony Muzyka-Zmudzki Year 7

Ms Whitfield, Teacher of English writes; “Every lesson he puts 100% effort into his learning; even when he is finding the work difficult he never gives up. This dedication has led him to make some really good progress in English.”