2nd July, 2020

Prom Update

A message to parents/carers of Year 11:

The school will emailing you today details of how you can pay for your child to go the Prom on 4th November 2020 if they wish to attend. We have set up a secure Wave account for payments to be made into, as we realise your ParentPay accounts will be disabled at the end of this month. It also allows for easy refunds to be made in case the national pandemic picture worsens and it has to be postponed again – we hope not!

The cost of the Prom is £30. The deadline for payment is 4th October 2020

Reward points which Year 11 students have accumilated over the academic year cannot be used to pay for the Prom in this instance. Instead, the school will convert totals into gift vouchers and these will be organised for distribution in due course.