20th July, 2020

Return to School: Getting September Ready

Thank you to all those parents and carers that responded to the draft Return to School plan.  Your feedback has been invaluable.  I would also like to thank parents for their ideas, some of which we are currently considering as part of the plans.

The Return to school plan, which you can find below is, at this stage, the plan we are hoping to proceed with in September.  The plan has been approved in principal by the Trust and school union representatives.  However, the government are due to make further announcements throughout the summer regarding the easing of restrictions and ‘local lockdown’ procedures and the advice I receive from the DfE following this may mean we need to adjust the plan at some point in the summer.  We will endeavour to keep parents and carers fully updated with any changes that may occur over the summer holidays.

Can I thank parents and carers once more for their contributions to the plan.  There have been some excellent points raised and many creative ideas shared.

Mr Mckeon

Return to School plan