6th January, 2021

Reward Points Champions: Autumn Term

This new feature celebrates those students who have achieved outstanding reward points totals each term.

To be a Reward Points ‘Champion’ a student has been awarded 200 or more achievement points across a term, with no negative points deducted.

A massive well done to the 227 students listed below who have all met that criteria. The list below goes in ascending order of points totals. Special congratulations to Nathan Gaskell who has achieved the whopping total of 442 points! A phenomenal achievement!

Once they return to school after lockdown, a special ‘Reward Points Champion’ badge will be presented to them, which they can wear on their blazer with pride. For now, be proud of the fact you are the very first recipients of this new award.

We will re-set this for the spring term and look at how we can run something similar during the lockdown period. For more information about how and what reward points are issued for, please go to Our Praise Culture page.


Callum Lane 11I
Oscar Bowie 7V
Bailey Woodward 7V
Halle Bates-Robinson 11M
Jessica Colgan 10R
Alyssa Hall 9V
Haider Rehan 11V
George Watts 9C
Lucas Eatough 8T
Jamie Greenhalgh 7L
Sienna Cubbins 7I
Isabel Hair 10I
Sasha Wilson 9C
Isabelle Greeney 9L
Jodie Jackson 10V
Emmie Evans 7R
Erin Longworth 8A
Hammad Rehan 10T
Keira Campbell 7I
Oran Collard 7A
Makensie Longden 8C
Lauren Tobin 10R
Samuel Magari 8E
Noah Armstrong 7R
Dalton Bradley-Hampson 7C
Thomas Henderson 7C
Isabel Prentice 11L
Aaron Purdie 11R
Lauren Harrison 8A
Arzoo Khan 8R
Remy Shields 7R
Sky Arrowsmith 8I
Jayden Ofori 9E
Macy Rothwell 8R
Phoebe Brennan 7L
Lucie Farrington 10R
Callum Hailwood 10R
Finley Schofield 9R
Daisy Wall 10V
Kaitlyn Foster 7A
Hallie Waring 11V
William Buggie 8A
Rachel Heyes 10V
Finley Davies 8L
Amie-Leigh Farrimond 8I
Poppy Beswick 7L
Danny Ireland 10T
Emilie Myers 7A
Simrah Hussain 10V
Hussnain Khaliq 7V
Zia Rehman 8E
Ewan Cole 7E
Bailey Hook 8A
Naya Pankhania 7V
Mia Appleby 11R
Ellie-Jo Jameson 10V
Chloe Mayor 8L
Charlie Rothwell 7C
Coby Jackson 10T
Callum Kirkpatrick 7I
Daniel Saunders 9A
Teegan Spooner 8R
Noah Briggs 7E
Olivia Vining 11L
Khaneen Qaisar 11R
Luke Othen 7E
Bradley Oliver 8R
Amy Rossington 11M
Subhan Abaid 10E
Phoebe Alston-Forrester 11R
Eve Lowe 9E
Laiba Hussain 10C
Kayla Ward 7V
Hannah Cherry 10T
Keira Howard 11M
Niamh Ashworth 8A
Aleeza Aslam 7T
Oliver Barnes 8L
Charlotte Commons 9E
Connor Helsby 8R
Thomas Wells 7A
Caden Jones 11M
Thomas Harrison 7E
Umar Rashid 8E
Louie Evans 10R
Jessica-Lyn Williams 11T
Macy Briggs 10V
Elina Velicka 11M
Harry Balshaw 9E
Lucas Buckley 9I
Evie Openshaw 7I
Hanna Goodwin 9C
Haseebah Khan 7L
Gracie Lowe 11R
James Joel 7V
Chelsea Montford 9A
Megan Baxendale 11R
Charlie Greenhalgh 11M
Grace Hogg 7T
Jacob Hollick 7I
Macie Aspen 8I
Lucas Briggs 11M
Csanad Csore 8A
Isabelle Norwood 9T
Sophie Rose 7I
Eshaan Yaser 9T
Mesha Heuze 9E
Abby Butterworth 11T
Lilly Crowther 9A
Caitlin Rhead 11V
Harrison Evans 11V
Molly Gunn 11V
Harley Irwin 9A
Sam Philbin 8I
Benjamin Tinker 10I
Reece Winter-Hardman 7L
Oscar Aldersley 9E
Phoebe Palin 8E
Aleena Mir 10I
Sebastien Ramdeal 10T
Taiwo Ologunye 7L
Adam Taylor 9A
Iasha Akhtar 8E
Phoebe O’Hara 9V
Molly Ambrosiuk 9I
Mia Conway 11M
James Knowles 7C
Maddison Dawson 9R
Martha Gerrard 7I
Gizem Hasanova 10I
Poppy Lawrenson 7A
Bella Thompson 11V
Codey Rule 11L
Kelsie Oxtoby 9E
Lucy Grime 11V
Megan Haslam 11M
Olivia Lowe 9R
Oliver Jackson 8I
Lily Tinker 8I
Isabella Carr 7R
Abby Downing 11M
Rosie Ivill 8C
Chloe Wilcock 7T
Lucy Jones 10I
Amelia Cann 10T
Ayaan Khan 8I
Alice Lim 7A
Momin Shahzad 7L
Lily-Ann Gouldin 8A
Sophie Rothwell 7V
Felicity Berry 8L
Lucy Naisbitt 11V
Amelia Hinsley 7T
Lily Pickford 7I
Joseph Rossington 7E
Elena Whyment 10I
Evie Gregory 7E
Rehan Hussain 7T
Leah Davenport 7V
Fizan Khurshid 10A
Ellie Mates 7I
Kyle Patel 8T
Joshua Psujek 7T
Kate Wood 7R
Billy Fothergill 11T
Maia Kay 9E
Bronte Naylor 10V
Blake Howarth 7C
Thomas Webb 7E
Isabelle Hansom 7A
Sophia Magari 9I
Hameez Yaser 7A
Sancha Hamlin-Cox 7T
Charlie Broome 7T
Nicole Lomas 9I
Brianna Knight 8E
Sienna Smith-Hamilton 10A
Scarlett Booth 8C
Isla Franklin 8I
Keira Seddon 8T
Jake Lane 8C
Mani Ambrosiuk 7T
Lexi Fothergill 7T
Kyla Pusey 7R
Sophie Nesfield 9V
Jamie Ramsden 7E
Joshua Smith 8R
Louie Higgins 11V
Bettina Babic 11A
Harrison Perry 7R
Charlie Wood 7R
Faith Lamb 7C
Scarlett O’Neill 7A
Jake Reeves 7E
Harry Worswick 7T
Ryan Cain 8I
Thomas Taylor 7T
Brooke Higgins 7R
Sarah Brocklebank 7V
Matilda Booth 7V
Daniel Lord 8V
Molly Southworth 7A
Lexi Ward 7L
Ava Curley 8C
Holly Dunn 8L
Keira Gallacher 10I
Isabelle McSweeney 7T
Joshua Mangnall 8A
Ashleigh Ashworth 8T
Joshua Poynton 8A
Natalia Bobyk 7E
Ethan Gagan 9A
Toby Waldram 7R
Jessica Crofts 8C
Jack Hamlett 7V
Ffion Marshall 8L
Haleema Mahmood 7L
Kirsten Scaife 8L
Alex Patience 7T
Isla Jones 9I
Finlay Dewhurst 9V
Noah Thompson 7A
Charlotte Sandford 7A
Keelan Mulligan 9R
Kelsey-Jo Frost 9C
Noah Lees 7L
Lucy Mellett 7T
Nathan Gaskell 9C