2nd July, 2020

The Inter-House KM Challenge Results

Over the month of June, students and staff have been participating in the Inter-House Kilometre Challenge. We now have the final results.

Listed below are the House winners for each Year Group along with the top 3 performers in each year who submitted the most kilometers for their house. We also have the overal House winner from all five groups.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the challenge!


Year 7

1st: Christies 325.42km

2nd: Marie Curie 108.67km

3rd: Macmillan 96.61km

4th: Tomlinson 0km

Top 3

1st: Ryan Cain, Christies 135.66km

2nd: Kirsten Scaife, Christies 132.5km

3rd: Teegan Spooner, Macmillan 71.11km

Year 8

1st: Tomlinson 194.93km

2nd: Christies 43.53km

3rd: Marie Curie 17.72km

4th: Macmillan 0km

Top 3

1st: Isabelle Norwood, Tomlinson 109.03km

2nd: Ellis Harrison-Scott, Tomlinson 76.79km

3rd: Nicole Lomas, Christies 40.33km

Year 9

1st: Macmillan 165.82km

2nd: Marie Curie 30.86km

3rd: Tomlinson 8.9km

4th: Christies 0km

Top 3

1st: Kieran Litherland, Macmillan 90.42km

2nd: Lily Philbin, Macmillan 75.4km

3rd: Aston Minta, Marie Curie 30.86km

Year 10

1st: Macmillan 408.95km

2nd: Christies 99.88km

3rd: Tomlinson 90.83km

4th: Marie Curie 66.99km

Top 3

1st: Callum Parkinson, Macmillan 140.77km

2nd: Megan Baxendale, Macmillan 135.9km

3rd: Caden Jones, Christies 71km


1st: Marie Curie 1529.31km

2nd: Tomlinson 1336.53km

3rd: Macmillan 881.77km

4th: Christies 585.66km

Top 3

1st: Mr Lloyd, Marie Curie 650.6km

2nd: Mr Morris, Macmillan 409.8km

3rd: Mr Foulkes, Tomlinson 326.76km

Overall Totals

1st: Marie Curie 1753.55km

2nd: Tomlinson 1631.19km

3rd: Macmillan 1553.15km

4th: Christies 1056.49km