Our Remote Learning

Rewards Strategy

Starting the week commencing 20th April 2020, our new Remote Learning Rewards Strategy will recognise and reward students’ weekly engagement and effort in their remote learning.

Students will be scored from 0-4:

0 = Teacher does not have the evidence to score effort (for example if teachers have set a 2 week project and the students are only half way through)
1 = Outstanding effort and attendance
2 = Good effort and attendance
3 = Effort or attendance needs to improve
4 = Effort and attendance is a cause for concern

Attendance refers to whether or not a student has logged on to access the work that has been set.

Students will be rewarded in two ways:

The Praise List

Those students that receive an average weekly effort score BELOW 2 (1.99 and below) will receive 20 achievement points and will be added to a weekly praise list which will be published on the website each week (this takes into account every subject and 0 scores will not count towards this).

The Praise Wall

Where a teacher feels a student has shown exceptional effort they will email a copy of the student’s work to be published on the Praise Wall news articles on the website and Facebook feeds. A student will receive 5 achievement points for every piece of work that appears on the Praise Wall.

What will achievement points lead to?

£10 Raffle Draw

Each week there will be a £10 Amazon Voucher raffle draw.  Students on the Praise List will earn 2 raffle tickets.  Students will also earn x1 raffle ticket for every piece of work that makes it on the Praise Wall. We will announce the winner of the raffle every Monday on the website news feed.

Celebration Event

Those students who demonstrate a consistent high rate of effort and commitment to remote learning through the number of achievement points they have earned will qualify for their Year Group’s Celebration event. This event could be anything from the options below.  Each year group will vote for the event they want via Survey Monkey and will have the option to add their own suggestions;

A Disco for your Year Group

A Mini Prom for your Year Group

A Cinema afternoon

A range of different activities which students can select

Please visit the survey monkey links below to register your VOTE!

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10