Our Remote Learning

Rewards Strategy

Starting January 2021, our updated Remote Learning Rewards Strategy will recognise and reward students’ engagement and effort in their remote learning whilst the school is in full lockdown.

Simply put, students who demonstrate excellent ATTENDANCE and EFFORT in their remote live lessons will be recognised and rewarded.

There are FOUR opportunities for students to receive praise, public recognition, achievement points, and have the chance to win Amazon vouchers of various amounts through a range of prize draws.

1. The Praise Wall

Under normal circumstances, our Praise Wall is published each half term. During lockdown, we will now be publishing our Praise Wall feature every two weeks.

Teaching and support staff are asked to recognise students who have been working brilliantly in their remote lessons, displaying fantastic effort leading to outstanding work. The staff submit Praise Wall ‘shout-outs’ and examples of outstanding work their students have produced. These are published as a Praise Wall news article on our website news pages and Twitter feed, as well as having each member of staff’s nominations published as separate news articles on our Facebook page

For each time a child is listed on the Praise Wall, 5 achievement points will be issued to them.

2. The Praise List

Every two weeks students are awarded an effort score of 1 – 5 by their subject teachers, based on their effort and engagement in their live remote lessons. Details of what these scores represent can be read in Our Praise Culture page;

Our Praise Culture – Little Lever School (little-lever.bolton.sch.uk)

For Years 7-8, scores are awarded in English, maths and science. For Years 9-11, scores are awarded in all their subjects.

Each fortnight we publish our Praise List on our website, Facebook and Twitter news feeds which features those students who have achieved an average effort score of 2 or better for their effort in their live remote lessons.

Students who appear on the Praise List are awarded 20 achievement points and are entered into a raffle for a £10 Amazon voucher (three £10 Amazon vouchers are available for each year group).

3. Gold Award

Students who appear on EVERY Praise List during a half term period (usually three Praise Lists are published over a half term) also receive 25 achievement points (and a gold star effort badge when they return to school) as a part of our Gold Award scheme.

Their names are published on our website and social media feeds to recognise and celebrate their outstanding achievement. In addition, they will be entered in to another prize draw with a chance of winning a £20 Amazon voucher (three £20 vouchers will be available for each year group).

4. Reward Point Champions

Students who have accumulated achievement points totals of 200 points or more (with no negative points deducted) at the end of each term, through the various reward opportunities above, will be recognised in our Reward Points Champions feature posted on our website and social media feeds.

Students will receive a special Reward Points Champion badge on their return to school and will be entered in to another prize draw with the opportunity to win one of five £50 Amazon vouchers, three £20 Amazon vouchers or three £10 Amazon vouchers.