2nd February, 2023

The Praise List: January 2021

Here is our first Praise List of the Spring term. We have 687 students who have worked hard consistently over the fortnight in every lesson, every day.

Students receive 20 achievement points in recognition of this fantastic achievement and are issued a Praise List postcard to take home.

Please read the information in the pink tab below on what criteria we use to award ‘Work Hard’ scores which in turn generates the Praise List.

Under updated safeguarding guidance to schools, we are no longer able to publish student names on websites and social media platforms. To find out if your child has made the Praise List, please look out achievement points called “Work Hard: Praise List” over the coming days. We will be celebrating their achievement in school.

  • How do students make the Praise List?

    Students who work hard in every lesson, every day, complete their retrieval practice (homework) will make the Praise List.

    Every two weeks students are awarded a work hard score of 1 – 4 by each of their teachers. (For Years 7, 8 and 9 scores are awarded in English, maths and science. For Years 10 and 11, scores are awarded in all their subjects.)

    1 = We couldn’t ask any more of these students. Their class work and retrieval practice is always completed to the best of their ability.

    2 = Whilst there is a little room for improvement, students will make good progress if they continue to work hard and complete their retrieval practice in this way.

    3 = There are concerns with how hard a student is working. There has been at least one instance where their retrieval practice has not been completed.

    4 = There are serious concerns about how hard a student is working which means they will be making limited progress. Retrieval practice is not being completed. 

    Students who achieve an average work hard score of 2 or better will make the Praise List.

    If a single score of a 4 is awarded in any subject then that student will not be make the Praise List that fortnight.