2nd November, 2020

The Praise Wall – September / October Half Term

At the end of each half term our staff are asked to recognise students who have been working brilliantly in their lessons (or remotely) by sending in Praise Wall ‘shout-outs’ and examples of outstanding work they have produced.

Many congratulations to EVERYONE who appears on the following articles. You have caught the eye of your teachers with your fantastic work and effort!

Mr Cordwell's Photography Stars

Molly Gunn, Callum Taylor, Gracie Lowe and Abi Downing have produced some lovely photography work on the their new project called The Formal Elements. Their work capturing the different qualities of line in a range of subject matter has really impressed. Well done!



In addition to these students, the following GCSE Photography students have shown exceptional effort in their lessons this half term;

Year 9: Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Mesha Heuze, Abdul Khan, Abbie Lee and Kelsie Oxtoby.

Year 10: Dylan Greenhalgh and Atta Rehan.

Year 11: Aniqah Ahktar, Charlie Allwood, Samantha Bithell, Matthew Cowcill, Tegan Dalley, Josh Dalziel, Abby Downing, Taylor Durman, Molly Gunn, Shanonn Harrop, Amelia Kenworthy, Gracie Lowe, Ashleigh May, Lyle McMorran, Lucy Naisbitt, Laila Phillips and Callum Taylor.

Ms Farrimond’s Year 9 & 10 BTEC Media Stars

During this term, students in Year 9 and 10 BTEC Creative Media were given a chance to learn how to use the camera on their phone to take amazing photographs. Using free editing apps (Snapseed and PicCollage) students made a fantastic start. Made all the more challenging that these activities were set for homework and students undertook them entirely on their own. Special mentions need to made to the following Year 9 and 10 students for an excellent start to this homework project:

John Bradley, Lilly Crowther, Ella Goodrum, Madison Mitchell, Sophie Nestfield, Denay Openshaw, Jessica Ramsden, Ellie Ray Rothwell, Bethany Taylor, Lucy Willett, Ahmed Abdulsaid, Kelly Dempsey- Fallows, Alesha Mahmood and Jade Evans.

If you would like to learn how to take and edit fantastic photographs using your phone, check out the tutorials on Ms Farrimond’s website: https://sites.google.com/view/suefarrimondtutorials/image-editing-and-creation/photography-basics-1?authuser=0


Ms Sulek and Ms Shaw’s Year 9 Art Stars

The following Year 9 art students have been nominated for the excellent observed drawing work they have produced of shells using a variety of contour and ‘descriptive’ lines and mark making. Well done to;

Khudadad Akhtar, Sarah Ashworth, Abby Barratt, Sophia Capparelli, Ashton Harness, Teya Hill, Konain Khan, Chelsea Montford, Imogen Moores, Nicole Pusey and Kaitlyn Tunstall.

Ms Morris's RE Stars

Mrs Morris would like to congratulate ALL classes in Years 7 and 8 for an amazingly positive start to the year in their respective topics of ‘Ancient Judaism’ and ‘Animal Rights’.

In Year 9, the following students have made an amazing start to their RE option work: Lola Bowen, Kadie – Leigh Breeze, Alyssa Buckley, Molly Ambrosiuk, Hannah Needham, Courtney Dale, Rehan Khan, Sophie Nesfield, Raja Raees Ullah and Libby York.

Well done guys and keep it up !!!!

In Year 10 RE all of these students scored full marks on an examination question on the topic ‘Religion and Homosexuality’:

Dhanyal Khan, Jack Thornley, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Layla Platt, Lauren Tobin, Daisy Wall, Macy Drennan, Shelby Cartwright, Lewis Doherty and Aimee Bleakley.

Amazing work, well done to all!

Ms Dayna's Maths Stars

Ms Dayna would like to nominate the following maths students for the Praise Wall for their consistent completion of fantastic work, always get onto the extension tasks, always participating and always stay in perfect climate/corridor climate;

Year 7: Charlie Bennett, Max Bishop, Lincoln Brown, Jayden Creighton, Ellie Dale, Lucas Haslam, Lacie James, Lilly Parkinson, Keeva Scarbrough, Evie Williams and Charlie Wood.

Year 8: Felicity Berry, Kallum Bills, Ryan Cain, Tyler Collard-King, Csanad Csore, Archie Johnson, Ella Jowitt, Daniel Lord, Joshua Mangnall, Joshua Poynton, Keira Seddon, Katrina Smaukstele, Joshua Smith, Jessica Crofts, Amy Downing, Lewis Eaton, Chloe May Jameson, Emily Lim, Ethan Vieites, Rubie- Sue Vining, Jayden Walker and Abbie Whitworth.

Year 9: Michael Bithell, Jessica Leighton, Amina Temsamani and Lyla Wells.

Year 10: Leon Lynch, Jake Taylor, Kaiden Kerr, Luis Marsden and Lewis Martland have all have done fantastic work in maths.


Lois Walker, Year 9

Ms Guy would like to praise Lois Walker in Year 9 who has had an extended period of self- isolation but has used it to good impact working hard on all her subjects, contacting her teachers directly and showing resilience and determination. Well done Lois!

Mr Cordwell’s Art Stars

The following Year 7 students have impressed with their excellent effort and perserverance in producing an accurate pencil study of their own shoe as a baseline drawing assessment test in art. This was a really challenging task, and they have all met the Gold Standard assessment criteria which is: accuracy of proportional line drawing, 3 dimensional effect tonal shading and a high level of fine detail. These can be seen in their studies which can be viewed below. Well done to;

Grace McGovern, Southern Rigby, Leah Davenport, Ellie Dale, Brook Fern, Lucas Haslam, Chloe Wilcock, Alisha Majid, Kincso Kosaras, Esme Arthur, Bobby-James Shaw and Madison Mottram.

In addition, Emmie Evans in Year 7 has impressed with her keeness to complete all remote learning work during self isolation and being in constant contact with Mr Cordwell checking what art work she needs to do. An admiral quality.

Harvey Hamiliton, Maths

Ms Chew is highly impressed with Harvey Hamilton in Year 11 and his brilliant work on factorising quadratics and applying to answer GSCE questions which you can view below. Well done, Harvey!


Ms Wilson's Hair & Beauty Stars

Ms Wilson would like to add Alix Parsons, Jessica Hill-Pritchard and Macy Briggs to the Praise Wall for having an excellent attitude to learning in Hair and Beauty lessons in school. Well done, girls!

Mr Cook's History Stars

Mr Cook is delighted with the effort and quality of work produced by the following historians. Well done to;

Year 11: Rebecca Anderson, Lucy Grime, Mia Appleby, Caitlin Rhead, Megan Haslam, Ellis Matthews and Maddison Whitelaw.

Year 10: Ben May and Sienna-Mae Wilson.

Year 8: Csanad Csore, Ethan Turney, Katie Westwood and Kyle Patel.

Ms Calvert’s English Stars

Ms Calvert could not be happier with the level of engagement and effort her students in 11nEn3 and 11pEn3 displayed in their recent Macbeth assessment. They were all incredible; here is a sample of some of the most impressive responses from;

Paige Southern, Callum Taylor, Chantelle Morris, Charlie Wilson, Callan Hayes, Mukadas Akther, Ryeleah Cartwright and Saul Oakley.

Ms Farrimond’s Media Stars

Since September, Year 11 Media students have been learning how to manipulate images using Photopea. This is a free software similar to Photoshop. A wide variety of techniques have been practiced and mastered! A special well done needs to go to the following students for their focus and progress this half term:

Logan Anderson, Matthew Aniello, Leonie Appleby, Indigo Holmes, Max Jamieson, Rhiannon McQuillan Jones, Isabel Prentice, Sarah Rushton and Ellie Nicole-Dunn.

If you would like to learn how to use this free web based software, check out Ms Farrimond’s tutorials on her website: https://sites.google.com/view/suefarrimondtutorials/image-editing-and-creation/photopea-basics?authuser=0

Ms Naylor's Maths Stars

Ms Naylor would like to praise Matthew Cowcill in Year 11 for doing some great remote learning and Corey Ridings for his amazing effort with remote learning in maths.

Ms Hills' Stars

Ms Hills would like to nominate Bettina Babic and Fola Fasehun for excellent Attitude to Learning scores and consistently high standards since returning to school.

In addition, well done to Year 11 students Cayon Williams, Marcus Morrison, Logan Jackson and Jobe Williams and Year 10 Andrew Kirkham for assisting with an emergency in the community, calling an ambulance and staying with the gentleman until it arrived. Their kind actions made the news. Well done, boys!

Mr Sale's History Stars

Mr Sale is very impressed with excellent effort and focus shown in history classwork and quizzing by the following students. Well done to;

Year 11: Khia -Louise Houghton, Leah Johnson and Mason Parry.

Year 10: Holly Herrity, Rachel Heyes, Lily Philbin, Matthew Ryall, Spencer Thorley and Jake Taylor.

Year 9: Charlotte Commons, Nicole Lomas, Michael Smith, Olivia Dougill, Harley Irwin, Ellie Mottershead, Harry Owens and Keira Strickleton.

Year 8: Lucas Eatough, Thomas Ashworth, Demi-Leigh Richardson, Kane Hendry, Jack Crompton, Adam Shahzad, Ethan Vieites and Ayaan Khan.

Year 7: Charlie Bennett, Ewan Cole, Millie Humphreys, Jack Higham, Amelia O’Connell, Sophie Rothwell, Blake Barlow, Lucy Mellett, Taiwo Olugunye, Lexi Ward, Tristan Swindles and Momin Shahzad.

Ms Mortimer's Stars

Ms Mortimer would like to praise the following students for the reasons listed next to each name. Well done everyone below;

Year 7

Kincso Kosaras – A great start. Wonderful participation in class
Alisha Majid – A great start. Wonderful participation in class

Year 9

Ryan Nesfield – Super effort and work throughout the term
Umar Shagufta – Great effort and progress this half term

Year 10

Shannon Asprey – A fabulous work ethic this half term
Aimee Bleakley – A great work ethic this half term
Hannah Cherry – A great work ethic this half term
Brooke Corbett -A great attitude to learning this half term
Harvey Leech – An amazing work ethic this half term
Georgia Ridings – Has consistently produced a really high standard of work throughout this half term
Taila Rothwell – A great attitude this half term and real progress has been made
Joshua Spendlove – A fabulous to learning this half term

Mr McHugh's History Stars

Mr McHugh would like to nominate Callum Lane, Saul Oakley and Shannon Harrop in Year 11 History for their superb effort in class and good test question response. Well done, everyone!

Ms Farrimond's & Ms Moore's Business Stars

Students in all years of Business have made a fantastic start to the year. We have had some fabulous contributions from students demonstrating that we have a lot of young entrepreneurs in the making, which is incredibly exciting! Everyone has shown a very positive attitude to their learning so far. They should all be very proud of themselves. We are particularly pleased with the following student’s attitude to learning:

Year 9: Charlotte Commons, Leo Clarke, Umar Shagofta, Layton Burns, Dylan Benjamin, Jack Cubbin, Ellie Mottershead, William Rainey, Isla Jones and Harley Irwin.

Year 10: Maddie Smethurst (really trying her best this year), Amelia Cann, Laiba Hussain, Ellie-Jo Jameson, Isabel Hair and Ahmed Hussein.

Year 11: Noah Barrington, Mason Parry, Leah Johnson, Malikah Akhtar, Mia Appleby, Luke Partington, Caden Jones, Toby Price, Lucas Briggs, Megan Baxendale and Shazaib Aslam.

Ms Henshall-Davies's English Stars

Ms Henshall- Davies is delighted with the brilliant effort shown by Katie Wilkins, Maneeb Ahmed, Phoebe O’Hara and Jake Campbell in Year 9 in Descriptive Assessment in English. Well done, everyone.

Mr Lloyd's English Stars

Mr Lloyd writes;

I would like to thank 11n/En1 for their outstanding effort and brilliant assessments so far this term. Every single one of you has been great. I want to particularly mention Lewis Howard, Caitlin Rhead, Adam Tyerman, Bella Thompson, Molly Gunn, Keira Howard, Louie Higgins, Callum Parkinson and Liv Vining for remarkable Macbeth essays.

10n/En2: Sebastian Ramdeal for his insightful contributions in class. Alesha Mahmood, Harvey Leech, Sienna Smith Hamilton, Laiba Hussain, Tyler Barron, Taila Rothwell, Keira Gallacher and Illyaas Sowunmi for exceptional effort with written tasks.

9p/En2: Fynnley Anderson, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Lexie Grant, Nathan Gaskell, Callum Green, Isla Jones, Amee Pankhania, Sophie Nesfield, Lily Crowther, Ellie-Ray Rothwell, Maia Kay, Olivia Lowe, Nicha Miller and Finlay Dewhurst for great contributions in class, excellent groupwork, and quality writing.

8np/En6: Zia Rehman, Lily Tinker, Jo-ann Wallworth, Kayden Walne, Cohen King, Daisie Rogers, Niamh Ashworth, Bailey Hook, Ethan Turney, Umar Rashid and Adam Shahzad for consistent effort and focus.

Ms Hargraves's Science Stars

Ms Hargreaves would like to praise the following science students for their fantastic end of topic test results;

Wahib Butt, Harrison Evans, Louie Higgins, Joshua Mellett, Lucy Naisbitt, Luke Partington, Samuel Percival, Haider Rehan, Bella Thompson, Adam Tyerman, Jack Walton, Hallie Waring, Jacob Wiggins, Matthew Aniello, Bettina Babic, Megan Baxendale, Samantha Bithell, Tegan Dalley, Taiyah Fearn, Megan Haslam, Caden Jones, Maddison Palin, Mason Parry , Lily Phillips, Khaneen Qaisar, Aimee Renshaw, Amy Rossington, Ami Scott, Hannah Slater, Elina Velicka, Rebecca Anderson, Lucas Briggs, Folarera Fasehun, Kian James, Jessica-Lyn Williams, Luke Barlow, Amelia Cann, James Kilday and Catherine Whittaker.

Ms Ward's Technology Stars

Ms Ward would like to add the following catering students to the Praise Wall;

Year 10: Rachel Heyes for consistently high quality work both remotely and in class.

Year 11: Sam Percival, Jack Walton, Lily Philips, Eliese Saunders, Molly Walkden, Josh Dalziel, Lyla McMorran, Khaneen Qaisar and Ami Scott for producing excellent, original and interesting menus using all the knowledge and understanding gained from this term’s classwork.

Mr Bell's Computer Science & DIT Stars

Well done to the following Year 11 GCSE Computer Science students for ensuring that completion of the online homework was done on time and to a good standard:

Moatasam Abdulsaid, Matthew Aniello, Lucas Briggs, Abby Downing, Lewis Fallon, Caden Jones, Andrew Kirkham, Adam Marshall, Joshua Mellett, Luke Partington, Codey Rule and Catherine Whittaker.

In additon, well done to the following Year 10 DIT students for always making great effort with their classwork and completing their online home learning on time:

Coby Jackson and Elena Whyment.

Mr Woodward's Science Stars

Mr Woodward would like to nominate the following pupils for the praise wall. All of the nominations are for 100% scores in homework.

Year 10: Shahzaib Younas, Sebastein Ramdeal and Illyaas Sowunmi.

Year 11: Lucy Naisbitt, Bella Thompson and Leah Lewis.

Ms Bannister's PE Stars

Ms Bannister would like to add the following PE students to the Praise Wall;

Year 11: Kiera Howard, Mia Appleby and Jason Scaife for excellent effort in their practical coursework.

Year 9 for a great start to their PE option coursework and fantastic effort in practical lessons;
Maneeb Ahmed, Taya Arthur, Harry Balshaw, Mia Copeland, Jay Cubbins, Millie-Sue Kenyon, Tyler Lovell, Olivia Lowe, Harvey May, Corey McGuiness, Ryan Nesfield, Ali Kemal Ozturk, Joshua Pennington, Keira Strickleton, Owen Taylor, Evie Thwaites, Kaitlyn Tunstall, George Watts, Jaydon Williams and Ryan Worden.

Mr Roper's PE Stars

Mr Roper has high praise for a fantastic start to the following Year 9 Option PE course students through both Remote Learning and classwork:

Ellie Mottershead, Lexie Grant, Harley Irwin, Isla Jones, Sienna Love, Eve Lowe, Isabelle Norwood, Lexie Parker, Michael Smith and Jessica Butterworth.

Ms Ely's PE Stars

Ms Ely is really impressed with the following PE students;

Year 11: Shazaib Aslam, Luke Pilling and Lewis Howard have done some great work in their coursework which is in a great amount of detail and shows some great improvements in the standard of work they are producing.

Year 10: Molly Crompton, Lucie Farrington, Lily Philbin, Elena Whyment, Farhan Khan, Matthew Rydall and Harvey Leech have done some great work in their coursework which is in a great amount of detail and shows some great improvements in the standard of work they are producing.

Year 9: Scott Booth, Ethan Bates and Megan Ward- Scott have made a great start to the course and have put a great deal of effort into their work so far.

Mr Chadwick's PE Stars

The students listed in the table below achieved the highest score in the ‘Bleep Test’ during their PE lesson. Well done, everyone!

Multi Stage Fitness Test  ‘Bleep Test’
  N Score P Score
Year 7 Kehinde Ologunye 7.1 Jack Hamlett 8.3
  Tristan Swindles 6.4 Lincoln Brown 9.8
  Lewis Harvey 8.1
Year 8 Mason Millington 7.4 Archie Johnson 8.7
  Dylan Jarold 7.7 Sam Philbin 8.2
  Alfie Winnard-Leighton 7.7 Luke Fallon 7.2
Year 9 Billy Corless 9.1
  Jack Cubbins 9.5
  Joshua Pennington 9.1
  Leon Tennant 11.1

Ms Guy's Stars

Ms Guy would like to recognise the superb start to Year 9 which the following students in her year have made. Well done to;

Khudadad Akhtar, Alyssa Hall, Ellis Harrison Scott, Isla Jones, Nicole Lomas, Eve Lowe, Sophia Magari, Kelsie Oxtoby, Eshaan Yasar, Oscar Aldersley, Molly Ambrosiuk, Harry Balshaw, Michael Bithell, Lola Bowen, Lucas Buckley, Finlay Dewhurst, Maia Kay, Isabelle Norwood, Leo Clarke, Lois Walker, Madison Mitchell, Raja-Raees Ullah and Chelsea Montford.

Ms Costello's Maths Stars

Ms Costello would like to praise the following students in her different maths class for the great start to the new acadamic year;

11P1 – Caden Jones, Khaneen Qaisar, Demi-Leigh Dumbill, Megan Haslam, Abby Downing, Amy Rossington, Taiyah Fearne and Megan Baxendale – for getting an 8a or 9c in their Maths Test!

9P3 – Callum Hill for trying every extension question in class this week and being a super star!

10p3- Terry Nelson for settling into set 3 really well and giving 110% every lesson.

8np4- Ava Curley and Jack Crompton for giving 150% in every maths lesson this half term.

7n3 – Alisha Majid for always getting involved in class discussion and being willing to give an answer.

Ms Ahktar's Science Stars

Ms Ahktar would like to praise Billy Corless, Jack Cubbin, Callum Green and Daisy Greenwood for making an excellent start to their Science GCSE’s. Well done, everyone.


Katie Wood, Year 7

Ms Mistry was very impressed with Kate Wood in Year 7 as she made this super model of an atom over half term break….absolutely fab!

Mr Reynolds' English Stars

Mr Reynolds would like to recognise the following students for their excellent work in English so far;

Sophie Alston-Forrester (10n1)
A fantastic commitment to the subject from lesson one. Sophie has worked hard to ensure she understands every detail of the exam and how to squeeze the most marks out of each answer. Her book is meticulously presented to show the different structures she uses and her hard work is paying results in the marks she is getting.

Lucie Farrington (10n1)
Lucie’s efforts in lessons to reflect on her own work and see how she can improve it are fantastic. She is clearly understanding the key skills she needs to target using the WT and RT codes in her work and producing some exceptional paragraphs and answers. She has put 100% effort into every lesson and this will pay huge results for her in the next couple of years.

Ben Tinker (10n1)
Ben has quietly gone about achieving some great results in English this year. His book is a clear demonstration of the hard work he puts into every single task without fail. His last assessment has shown the progress he has made since Year 9, despite all the external factors that have been happening in this time. A fantastic start to Year 10.

Denay Openshaw (9n3)
Denay’s creative writing has been spectacular this term. The progress she has made in the last few weeks has come from hard work, listening to feedback, and a passionate desire to improve. Her last assessment showed some of the best improvements in this skill I have seen. She has worked to craft some beautiful language with wonderful sensory imagery and a range of language techniques.

Ms Brown's Maths Stars

Ms Brown would like to praise the following students in her maths classes;

7N/Ma1 and 7P/Ma1 – All working really hard in Maths Mastery lessons, well done!!

9N/Ma4 – Imogen Brogan, Bethany Longworth, Ryan Nesfield and Phoebe O’Hara – Always working really hard and being 100% focused!

10N/Ma2 – Aston Minta, Hayden Williams, Euan Axon – Excellent work on recurring decimals!
Amelia Cann, Hannah Cherry, Lewis Doherty, Jade Ellis, Louie Evans, Isabel Hair, Ellie-Jo Jameson, Alesha Mahmood, Aya Saad and Benjamin Tinker – Constant hard work and effort every lesson

11N/Ma1 – Amazing effort to the whole class but especially to those listed below as they are always 100% focused in school. Remote learning has been outstanding, and homework done to a phenomenal level! Super proud of every one of you, keep up the hard work!!
EVANS Harrison
GUNN Molly
HARVEY Courtney
REHAN Haider
RHEAD Caitlin

Ms Grellier's History Stars

Ms Grellier would like to praise the following historians for their consistently high quality written and verbal answers in lessons;

8nHi3: Oliver Jackson and Ffion Marshall

9BHi1: Molly Ambrosiuk, Kelsi Oxtoby, Sasha Wilson and Jayden Ofori

10BHi1: Hammad Rehan and Jess Colgan

11BHi1: Caden Jones and Codey Rule.

Maia Kay, Year 9 English

Mr Lloyd was very impressed with Maia Kay‘s English creative writing piece. Here it is below for you to enjoy;

Alone, isolated, abandoned: trapped in a place in the unknown trying to survive. Snowflakes danced through the air as they each embedded the ground below, forming a blanket of white crystals that sparkled in the moonlight. The coldness of the air travelled up your spine, the tingling sensation on the tips of your fingers as you felt the icicles melt down your frozen fingers.

A chilled misty air fills the lungs, creating a tightness and fear to breath. The hills covered in a thick layer of mist, a hazy fog was setting in. There was just one light flickering in the distance, dancing in tune with the cascading snowflake; apart from a fire, burning in the shelter, giving off a warm glow and an invitation to enter – a complete contrast to the world outside.

Not a sound could be heard, an eerie silence echoed all around.

There was nothing.

Mr Welch Thank You

Mr Welch would like to say a big thankyou to EVERYONE during their PE lessons for adapting to the new COVID PE procedures with such positive and mature attitudes.