11th January, 2021

The Praise Wall: Lockdown Edition 5th -18th January

During this extended lockdown period, we have asked our staff to recognise and praise students who have been working brilliantly remotely at home by sending in Praise Wall ‘shout-outs’ and examples of outstanding work they have produced every fortnight.

Many congratulations to EVERYONE who appears on the following articles. You have caught the eye of your teachers with your fantastic work and effort over the first two weeks of lockdown! For every time a student appears on this page, five achievement points are awarded, contributing to their overall SIMS points totals.

Mr Bell's Computer Science Stars

The following Year 11 students have worked extremely hard in their Computer Science lessons, particularly in the run up to their mock exams in December and have been rewarded with some excellent grades. Well done!


Ms Naylor's Maths Stars

Ms Naylor would like to praise Kyle Cutts for his outstanding effort with his maths remote class work and his Hegarty scores. Well done.

Ms Fowler's MFL Stars

Ms Fowler would like to nominate Year 9 students, Neve Warren, Elisabeth Jones and Erin Frankum for exceptional work in Spanish.

Meadow Rogerson and Seb Ramdeal in Year 10 also deserve praise for excellent contributions in French.

Finally, Hallie Waring, Gracie Lowe and Malikah Akhtar have made a fantastic start to the term in Spanish.

Well done, everyone!

Ms Guy's Stars

Ms Guy, Year 9 Learning Leader was highly impressed the consistent work ethic shown by William Rainey and Aaron Rowland in Year 9 when they had to self-isolate for an extended period of time last term. Well done, boys!

Overall, a big well done to all the Year 9s with their remote learning, keep up the dedication and effort, she is very proud of them all.

Ms Stubbs' & Mr Isherwood's Maths Stars

Ms Stubbs has been really impressed with the start her Year 10 maths students have made to remote learning. They have been so focused, asked and answered really good questions and have worked really hard. Well done to,

Anthony Pilling, Brandon Totten, Dylan Hurst, Lisa Booth, Corey Bailey, Joe Kirkham and Ben May.

Mr Isherwood would like to praise Thomas Hotchin (Year 10) for giving his all in his Maths lessons and fully participating with all questions asked. Well done, Thomas!

Ms Fineberg's MFL Stars

Ms Fineberg would like to praise the following students for their excellent start to online learning.

Year 7: Charlie Wood , Jack Higham , Joseph Rossington , Martha Gerrard, Joshua Psujek , Molly Southworth, Noah Armstrong and Sophie Rothwell (a picture of her work is below).

Year 8: William Buggie , Csanad Csore , Kyle Patel, Mason Millington, Felicity Berry , Gabriella Rushmore, George Roberts, Jade Williams , James Hinks, Rebecca Webster and Travis Woodland.


Mr Cordwell’s Art Stars

Mr Cordwell has been very impressed with the ink based drawings Year 7s have been producing in their first remote art lesson this term. They had to produce their own study of British artist, Andrea Joseph’s Converse trainer drawing, using different pen mark making techniques they practised in their art lesson last term.

Natalia Bobyk, Thomas Webb, Anna Harrison, Ellie Dale, Lilly Parkinson, Southern Rigby have produced excellent responses which can be viewed below. Well done!

Mr Cordwell’s Year 11 Photography Stars

Mr Cordwell has been very impressed with the Formal Elements photo shoots his Year 11 students have been producing. Students were asked to plan and carry out a range of shoots looking at the qualities of Line, Shape/Form, Colour/Tone and Texture in a range of subject matter of their choosing. Particular praise goes to the following students who produced exceptional shoots;

Well done to Shannon Harrop, Samantha Bithell, Abi Maxfield, Gracie Lowe, Josh Dalziel and Amelia Kenworthy.




Mr Cordwell’s Year 9 & 10 Photography Stars

Students studying GCSE Photography in Years 9 and 10 have begun a new project specifically designed to be produced and worked on at home whilst in lockdown – A Lockdown Photo Diary. Students have been asked to produce a diary entry in each live lesson displaying a newly shot and edited photograph and written diary extract which reflects their experiences, mood or thoughts that day. We have already seen some great diary pages submitted by:

Year 9: Kelsie Oxtoby, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Abbie Westerman-MacDonald, Blake Baker and Sienna Melake.

Year 10: Joe Kirkham, Dylan Hurst and Luis Marsden.

Ms Henshall-Davies' Stars

Firstly Ms Henshall-Davies would like to praise Katie Westwood in Year 8 for creating a super drama mask challenge (pictured).

In addition, well done to her 7PEn1 class for the attendance and effort this week. In Year 8, Ashleigh Ashworth, Oliver Barnes and Leo Logan have attained a full two weeks worth of attendance and excellent effort.

Finally, Year 9 students Phoebe O’Hara, Chloe Whelan, Jake Campbell and Joshua Pennington have also achieved full attendance and shown excellent effort in their English lessons as well.

Ms Ward's Technology Stars

Year 7: The following students worked really well during our remote lesson and submitted excellent work. Well done!
Sancha Hamlin-Cox, Owen Fielding, Madison Motram, Alisha Majid, Aiden Chapman, Lexi Fothergill, Jake Rogers, Momin Shahzad and Kate Wood.

Year 8: The following students worked really well during our remote lesson and submitted excellent work. Well done!
Thomas Ashworth, Joshua Mangnall, Oliver Philips, Jaime Holland, Erin Longworth, Alfie Winnard-Leighton, Lewis Eaton and James Hinks.

Year 9:  The following students worked really well during our remote lessons, contributed lots of comments and submitted excellent work. Well done!
Naomi Barber, Ruby May Holmes, Cadie McGann and Scarlett Wilson.

Year 10: The following students have shown great resilience and hard work during the remote lessons:
Hannah Butterworth, Sophie Alston-Forrester, Ben Griffin, Courtney Siddall and Rebecca Atkinson.

Keira Gallacher and Rachel Heyes have submitted superb, detailed and comprehensive pieces of work. Very well done, girls.

Year 11: The following students have worked consistently hard in the remote lessons and submitted high quality work. Well done.
Megan Haslam, Lewis Howard, Jessica Murphy, Ami Scott, Elli Dunn, Lyla McMorran, Sam Percival, Eliese Saunders and Khaneen Qaisar.

Mr Reynold's English Stars

Aniqah and Malikah Akhtar, Year 11, have both been doing additional exam papers and submitting them since we came back.  They both wrote detailed and insightful essays analysing extracts from Macbeth.  The level of sophistication in their writing has developed phenomenally in recent months and has been shown to pay off in recent exams.  Here’s a snippet of their analysis, “These both juxtapose each other to show Lady Macbeths transformation from the start of the play to the end which concludes in her death and “gall” can be used to foreshadow this. “gall” could be an allusion to Jesus’s crucifixion. Before he died, roman soldiers offered him wine laced with gall and this links to how Lady Macbeth is also allowing these substances to be welcomed into her”

Aaron Parkinson, Year 11, has made some great progress analysis poetry in his English Boost class.  Here is some of his analysis of the poem ‘In Oak Terrace’: The poet presents loneliness when he speaks about the old lady. This is evident in the words “she dreams of life spent in one house” We infer from this that the rest of the people in the house have either died or moved away. If we zoom in on the word “dream” shows that she is not happy with her life now and she wants everyone back in her life. The reader may feel sympathy for the old women at this point as they figure out she had nobody in her life. This links closely to how old people in our society feel it is supported by the quote “old and alone”.

Ellie-Jo Jameson, Year 10, is just one of a number of students who have produced some haunting creative writing: “As she walked along the grassy path, she could feel her it getting darker and darker and colder and colder. She had to carry on now; if she stayed out who knows what would happen. The mist was settling onto the grass as she walked….The dark trees loomed over her as she wandered through the countryside. The trees never seemed to leave her; something was always lurking one step behind her.”

Isabel Hair continued the description: Forcing us to retreat to the company of our deranged relatives. My uncle always seemed to insist the village was haunted, or at least what was left of it. That the house was accompanied by the spirits of past relatives murdered in brutality. The mysteries seemed to have driven my family to insanity; retelling the ancient tails like some kind of ritual to summon the truth.”

Ms Brown's Maths Stars

Ms Brown would like to give a ‘shout-out’ to the following students from her 11n/Ma1 class who have worked really hard over Christmas working on Mock Feedback tasks to address topics identified as areas to work on from the 3 Maths Mock exams they completed before Christmas. They have actually completed 9 Hegarty tasks over a 2 week period, superb effort!!

Harvey Bebbington, Harrison Evans, Lucy Grime, Molly Gunn, Thomas Hamlett, Keira Howard, Lucy Naisbitt, Skye Nicholson, Luke Partington, Samuel Percival, Haider Rehan, Caitlin Rhead, Harry Rushmore and Bella Thompson.

Mr Welch's PE Stars

Mr Welch writes;

For the Praise Wall I would like to thank, on behalf of the department, everyone who has been on and completed the work. Your attendance has been brilliant and the work excellent. Thanks for Sophie Rose sending in some photos of the workouts. Don’t forget to send in yours!

Special mention to our Year 11 Sports Studies students who in all this adversity and the unknown over the last year have been brilliant and should be proud of yourselves in the work we have sent off to the moderator. Well done. #youvegotthis #finishstrong

Ms Chew's Maths Stars

Ms Chew would like to include the following Year 7 students on the Praise Wall for their excellent Maths work and achieving the highest possible standard in every task, over the last 2 weeks. Well done to;

Faith Lamb, James Knowles, Ewan Cole, Evie Gregory, Jamie Jacques and Sophie Rose.

Ms Rawstron’s Science Stars 

Ms Rawstron’s 8np/Sc6 did an at home practical lesson on Friday where they made their own red cabbage indicator to test household acids and alkalis. It was a great success, as seen in the photos below. Ms Rawstron would like to praise to the entire class that participated as it was great fun and we had excellent engagement.

She would also like to shout-out to the following year 10s in 10p/Sc2 (listed below) for their continued hard work and resilience with their science work during lockdown, despite having barriers thrown at them, which they’re overcoming them massively. In particular, Tiegan Kirkpatrick, Elle Timmins, Alix Parsons, Molly Crompton, Millie Wright and Finlay Begg have worked particularly hard have shown great resilience to achieve results on topics they haven’t found so easy.


Finally, Ms Rawstron would also like to shout out to the Year 9 and Year 10 Biology Triple Science classes for their outstanding scores on their first Biology tests this year. In Year 9 they did Cells and in year 10 they did infection and response.
In the Year 9 triple science Biology the highest score was 90% (46/51) achieved by Jayden Ofori and in Year 10 triple science Biology the highest score was 85% (43/51) achieved by Sebastian Ramdeal. Both absolutely outstanding scores!!!!

Ms Hughes’ English Stars

Firstly, Ms Hughes would like to praise the following Year 7 students for their outstanding effort in every single session so far and a brilliant display of confidence in sharing ideas:

Patrick Gibbons, Ithar Hussein, Blake Howarth, Grace Gee, Abi Lonsdale, Dan Munroe-Dutton, Luke Othen and Leyton Warbuton.

In Year 8, Noah Walker and Tabitha Murray have impressed with their informal letter writing work (pictured below). In addition, Mr Hughes would like to praise the following students for 100% attendance and effort in every session so far:

Will Buggie, Oscar Seal, Jack Ridgley, Yusuf Naveed, Eron Huskings and Dylan Jarrold.

In Year 9, Ms Hughes was very impressed with Jessica Butterworth‘s creative writing submission (pictured below). Honourable mentions for 100% effort in every session also go to:

Mesha Heuze, Naomi Barber, Michael Bithell, Callum Creighton, Hanna Goodwin, Sienna Love, Lois Walker and Daniel Roberts.

Finally, in Year 10 Ms Hughes would like shout-outs going to Esme Murphy and Alix Parsons for their creative writing submissions which can be viewed below. In addition, notable mentions for 100% effort, attendance and being remote learning whiz kids goes to;

Rachel Heyes, Leighton Eden-Jones, Ellie Fielding , Cai Johnson and Ollie Wright.

Ms Hargreaves’ Science Stars

The images below contain fantastic work on Atmospheric pollutants from Year 11 Chemistry by Aimee Renshaw. Well done, Aimee!

Some outstanding and very creative work from Megan Haslam and Caden Jones, Year 11 on Sustainable Development and Using the Earth’s resources. Well done, Megan and Caden!

Ms Hargreaves would also like Praise Wall shout-outs to go to Tegan Evans, Billy Fothergill, Callan Hayes and Jade Pengelly for fantastic contributions and chemistry recall in their first science Boost lesson for these students. Well done and keep up the great work.

Finally, for their fantastic contributions and consistently outstanding work in remote GCSE science so far this term, praise goes the students listed below. To ensure progress is made consistently and every ounce of content is covered, learnt, demonstrated and applied in these remote lessons takes an incredible amount of organisation, motivation, resilience and determination and I am very proud of these students for making a phenomenal start.


Ms Ely's PE Stars

Ms Ely writes;

Year 9 Core: Grace Harwood, Jessica Butterworth, Lucy Willett and Hanna Goodwin have all completed the work set to a high standard and have placed in a great amount of effort, keep up the great work.

Year 9 Option: Jayden Hayes has placed a lot of effort and hard work into his theory pieces of work. He has been asking questions when needed which has led to him producing some fantastic paragraphs based upon different leaders in sport.

Jobe Williams, Ethan Bates and Alyssa Buckley have all produced some great work within their theory work. They have made sure to follow the correct structure and have completed their work with a great amount of effort.

Year 10 Option: Charlie Eyres, Lucie Farrington, Jodie Jackson, Harvey Leech, Shahzaib Younas and Elena Whyment have all worked extremely hard to research and produce detailed work within their coursework.

Year 11 Option: Shazaib Aslam, Mukadas Akther and Luke Pilling have all worked hard in order to get a great amount of detail within their leadership work. They have placed a great amount of effort and research into this work and have managed to produce some excellent detailed paragraphs as an outcome.

Mr Cook's History Stars

Mr Cook would like to give a Praise Wall shout-out to the following members of his Year 10 History Class who have engaged really well in remote lessons. Well done to;

Kiran Azad, Ben Griffin and Ben May.


Mr Beaumont's Stars

Mr Beaumont, Year 10 Learning Leader writes;

A massive well done to the vast majority of Year 10s who have really engaged well with the new online learning system. Considering it’s a new way of learning, people have embraced it from day one. A special mention also to Leighton Eden-Jones and Joseph Kirkham who have worked relentlessly in school, every day.

Keep up the good work!


Ms Sulek’s Art Stars

Ms Sulek has a number of shout-outs she’d like to make across her art classes. Included are some examples of the work they have submitted.

Year 7: First off, Ms Sulek was very impressed with the excellent shoe drawings in the style of Andrea Joseph created by the following students;

Ewan Cole, Millie Humphreys and Miley Disley.

Year 8: Excellent work-in-progress effort in the celebrity mark making portraits by.

Kyle Barron, Csanad Csore, Ella-Mae Dalley, Eron Huskings, Kyle Patel, Ethan Turney, Rebekah Wilson, Zia Rehman, Felicity Berry, Ethan Blake, Jade Williams, James Hinks, Gabriella Rushmoore and Chyna Yih.

Year 9 Art & Design: Good effort and participation during the remote lessons by:
Chelsea Montford, Imogen Moores, Khudadad Akhtar and Teya Hill.

Year 10 Photography: For good participation in remote lessons in photography for the ‘ Lockdown diary project’ by;

Veer Blassi, Jessica Chadwick, Sophie Crook, Bethany Mc Guffie, Ethan Shields, Sienna Smith-Hamilton, Tyler Barron, Zara Bates, Amelia Cann, Abigail Steele-Lesh and Bobbi-May Norris.

Year 11 Fashion and Textiles:Good participation in remote lessons for the paper sculpture dresses project so far by;

Halle Bates-Robinson, Demi-Lei Dumbill, Erin Foley, Sophie Dziunka, Amy Rossington, Hamna Shahid, Halle Waring and Jessica-Lyn Williams.

Year 11 Photography: Good participation in remote lessons in editing ‘The Element’.

Amy Rossington, Leo Howarth and Bettina Babic.

Ms Crook's English Stars

Ms Crook has a number of Praise Wall shout-outs to hand out!

Year 7:  Crime and Detective Stars:
Scarlett O’Niell , Jack Mulliner, Jack Lee, Ruby Weatherby, Alex Patience, Andrew Butler and Keiana Shipman.

Year 8 Crime and Detective Stars:
Felicity Berry, Ryan Cain, Csanad Csore, Katrina Smaukstele, Joshua Poynton, Joshua Mangall, Adam Menai, Lexi Hargreaves, Tyler Collard-King, Ella Hill and Rosie Ivill.

Year 9 Creative Writing Stars:
Millie-Sue Kenyon, Sasha Wilson, Matthew Merry, Lyla Wells, Jamie Lias , Jessie Macdonald and Jack Martin-Toomey.

Year 10 Descriptive Writing Stars:
Amelia Stuchbury, Daisy Wall, Rachel Ogden, Ella Davidson, Charlie Eyres, Jake Morris and Jessica Colgan.

Ms Morris' RE Stars

Ms Morris has a number of Praise Wall shout-outs she’d like to make for her RE classes;

Year 7: Well done to Jamie Jacques, Maddison Mottram and Latifah Onifade for producing excellent work on the ‘Torah’ and for designing beautiful Torah scroll covers.

Year 8: Absolutely brilliant work from Holly Dunn, Charlie Bateson, Joshua Magnall and Ffion Marshall in their research into endangered animals.

Year 9: I am really proud of the effort and enthusiasm the following students have put into their remote learning; Molly Ambrosiuk, Courtney Dale, Sophie Nesfield and Aaliyan Syed. Well done!

Year 10 : The following students did themselves proud with exceptional essays submitted with regard to the issue of abortion; Subhan Abaid, Aimee Bleakley, Jessica Colgan, Brooke Corbett, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Lewis Doherty, Macy Drennan, Charlie Eyres, Bethany Haughton Hayes, Shazma Imtaiz, Dhanyal Khan, Fizan Khurshid, Madeline Parkinson, Neve Rothwell, Taila Rothwell, Jack Thornley, Lauren Tobin, Daisy Wall and Finley Whittaker.

Ms Grellier's History Stars

Ms Grellier has been very impressed with the efforts and contributions to remote live lessons in History the past fortnight;

Maddison Dawson: Always giving 100% effort and producing work of an exceptionally high standard in History.

Chelsea Montford: Taking a lead in helping the rest of the class with google classroom.

Grace Gee: Taking a lead in sharing her screen and helping the rest of the class with google classroom.

Priscilla Adu Donkor: Revising exceptionally hard for her mock exams, including learning brand new content independently.

Charlie Greenhalgh and Codey Rule: Revising really hard for your history mock exam, and applying the skills guidance from within lessons to achieve some great marks.

Hannah Slater: Achieving an incredible grade in her USA History Mock paper.

Ms Calvert's English Stars

Ms Calvert is so proud of her Year 11 English classes. The students have shown tremendous commitment and resilience and she can’t wait to see them again in person. She would like to give a shout out to the following students, who have made exceptional efforts so far:

Jess Murphy, Andrew Kirkham, Callan Hayes, Luke Whitworth, Logan Jackson, Erin Foley, Romily Nel Gallagher, Fola Fasehun, Billy Fothergill, Sophie Dziunka, Kaitlyn Totten, Jack Sisson, Mikados Akther, Bailey Tildsley, Shannon Harrop, Jessica Lyn Williams, Ryeleah Cartwright, Keane Ashworth, Bettina Babic, Priscilla Adu Donkor, Abi Maxfield, Demi Dumbill, Chantelle Morris, Luke Pilling, Callum Taylor, Ellie Dunn, Tegan Dalley, Sophie Gorman and Charlie Allwood.

She is so proud of you all and is looking forward to adding to the list next week! 🙂

Ms Givens' Computing Stars

Ms Givens’ has a multitude of Praise Wall shout-outs to make for her classes across all years and courses she teaches.

Year 7 and Year 8 Computing: “I am really proud of every single year 7 and 8 pupil from all classes who have engaged really well in all remote learning since it started two weeks ago. Work submitted has been of a very high standard and I am very proud of all pupils. Keep up the hard work!”

Year 9 Digital Information Technology:  ‘There has been an outstanding effort from all pupils who have signed in and work completed has been fantastic! A shout-out to the following pupils who have consistently gone above and beyond in every single piece of work set:
Michael Bithell, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Callum Creighton, Jack Martin-Toomey and Aaliyan Syed.”

Year 10 Computer Science: “Every single computer science pupil deserves a huge congratulations and thank you for their hard work and effort throughout this period of remote learning so far. Work produced has been brilliant and concentration in preparation for a mock exam has been outstanding. I appreciate all their efforts!! Special shoutout to: Shelby Cartwright, Rosie Galley, Beau Evans, Danny Ireland, Paige Atkinson, Callum Hailwood and James Kilday.”

Year 11 Digital Information Technology: “A huge thank you to the following Year 11 pupils for their engagement and continued effort with their studies and coursework over the past few weeks: Ryeleah Cartwright, Liam Doran, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan, Megan Haslam, Keegan Hatton, Aaron Purdie, Umar Ahmed, Josh Dalziel, Billy Fothergill, Louie Higgins, Sol Love and Jessica Murphy.

Ms Daynamawala's Maths Stars

Ms Daynamawala would like the following students to be on the Praise Wall as their engagement and the work they have completed has been fantastic. She am so proud of how they have adapted to this remote learning period.

Year 7: Ellie Dale, Lilly Parkinson, Jack Higham, Keeva Scarbourough, Victor Solarski and Thomas Henderson.

Year 8: Harry Barton, Charlie Bateson, Felicity Berry, Ryan Cain, Tyler Collard-King, Csanad Csore, Rosie Ivill, Daniel Lord, Joshua Mangnall, Adam Menai, Joshua Poynton, Katrina Smaukstele, Joshua Smith, Travis Woodland, Jessica Crofts, Lewis Eaton, Ffion Marshall, Malaika Nur Sajid and Alfie Leighton Winnard.

Year 10: Rebecca Atkinson, Kiran Azad, Leon Lynch and Luis Marsden.


Ms Higgins’ Drama Stars

Ms Higgins would like to praise the following drama students;

Year 7: Excellent character masks (see the photos posted below)
Jake Rogers, Tristan Swindles, Sophie Rose, Grace Hogg, Emmie Evans, Thomas Wells, Martha Gerrard and Mayleigh Keigher.

Year 7: Excellent effort with remote tasks

Alice Lim, Toby Waldram, Reece Winter-Hardman, Charlie Broome, Thomas Davis, Abigail Hampson, Jamie Jacques, Madison Mottram, Latifah Onifade, Liam Totten, Kate Wood, Layla Patel, Matilda Booth, Sarah Brocklebank, Evie Gregory, Daniel Harrison, Thomas Harrison, James Knowles, Jamie Ramsden, Emily Schofield, Victor Solarski, Natalia Bobyk, Dalton Bradley-Hampson, Ellie Dale, Leah Davenport, Brook Fearn, James Joel, Hussnain Khaliq, Lilly Parkinson, Keeva Scarbrough, Thomas Webb, Mani Ambrosiuk, Poppy Beswick, Jenson Evans, Lexi Fothergill, Sancha Hamlin-Cox, Tyler Lomax, Momin Shahzad, Keiana Shipman, Charlie Barton, Katie Butterworth, Kaitlyn Foster, Jamie Greenhalgh, Brooke Higgins, Ellie Mates, Alex Patiencem, Harrison Perry, Lily Pickford, Charlotte Sandiford, Harry Worswick, Hameez Yaser, Charlie Bennett, Oscar Bowie, Ewan Cole, Thomas Henderson, Jack Higham, Ithar Hussein, Naya Pankhania, Charlie Wood and Bailey Woodward.

Year 9: Excellent effort in recording monologues

Jaydon Williams, Josh Idowu, Lyla Wells, Nathen Gaskell, Sienna Love, Jessica Ramsden, Ethan Gagan (performed live on camera to the class) and Maia Kay (performed live on camera to the class).

Year 10: Excellent effort in recording monologues

Bronte Naylor, Ben Tinker, Daisy Wall, Louie Evans, Lucy Jones, Luis Marsden and Hannah Cherry (performed live on camera to the class).

Year 11: Excellent effort with coursework and responding to feedback

Lois Bourn, Casey Caudwell, Mia Conway, Tegan Dalley, Kelsey Fearn, Khia-Louise Houghton, Aimee Renshaw, Gracie Taylor, Gracie Lowe, Zak Kirkpatrick, Megan Baxendale, Alisha Machin and Rhiannon McQuillan-Jones.

Ms Farrimond’s Media Stars

Year 9 and 10 Media students have been completing their Instagram Triptych project at home these past two weeks. Students have completed the planning stage to this project. Some students have begun to create their final piece using Photopea.

Special mention goes to the following students who have produced some wonderful plans: Lucy Willett, Jessica Ramsden, Bethany Taylor, Kelsi Lynch, Madison Mitchell, Alfie Howarth, Lilly Crowther, Lola Ryan, Alix Parsons, Aleena Mir and Holly Herrity.

Ms Blight's Technology Stars

Ms Blight would like shout-outs going to the following students;

Olivia Vining in Year 11 has followed her NEA guidance exceptionally well and worked hard to produce a really good range of drawings with annotation which will earn her valuable Credits for her GCSE.

Ellie-Jo Jameson in Year 10 has excellent product modelling on Friday for an inclusive design idea for kitchen tools for people with arthritis.

Ryan Nesfield in Year 9 always works hard, I was impressed on Friday by his presentation which demonstrated product analysis comparisons. This standard of work will prepare him well for GCSE.

Mr Barry's Maths Stars

Mr Barry writes;

Can I have a shout out to 2 students! Even during the lockdown, they have taken part and completed the challenges in the “Virtual Maths Club”. It made me smile looking over the efforts of both this morning.

They are Adam Menai in Year 8 and Anna Harrison in Year 7.


Ms Sofokleous’ English Stars

Ms Sofokleous is very impressed with the Dickens’ A Christmas Carol analysis work produced by Chelsea Montford and Lucy Willett in Year 9. Their pieces can be read below. Well done, girls.

Compare how Dickens’ presents the character of Scrooge in Staves One and Five of A Christmas Carol.

Dickens presents Scrooge’s character as redeemed in Stave Five by presenting his attitude throughout the Stave as the complete opposite of his character in Stave One. Scrooge is shown as being considerably more generous due to his new understanding of how his wealth can be used to help others.
This can be seen in the line “Not a farthing less. A great many back payments are included in it” From this we can see that Scrooge has clearly changed his views on the poor as well as donating to charity especially when we compare it with the line “Nothing… I don’t make merry myself and I can’t afford to make idle people merry.”
This demonstrates how Scrooge no longer believes poor people are “idle” and that he now acknowledges how he can contribute to helping those in need. Dickens could also be trying to show us that Scrooge is no longer cold towards others by the change in the way he addresses the charity collector. We can see this by the way Scrooge speaks to the gentlemen in the beginning of the novella being interpreted as very blunt and stubborn whereas in Stave Five he comes across as a lot more friendly and good-natured.
The use of his promise “…back payments are included in it” tells us that Scrooge’s redemption is permanent and not just a temporary moment of realisation. It shows us how Scrooge is ready for an indefinite change which not only means acknowledging his wrong doings but to make sure his actions are life-long.
Dickens successfully makes the reader convert their opinion on Scrooge by making them see him in a new and more positive light after seeing such a big character development.
During the Victorian Era many people held similar views to Scrooge but they also saw Christmas as a time to be charitable and to give to those in need of generosity. Seeing Scrooge giving to others will not only have influenced them to do the same but it will have also made them see Scrooge as a very likeable character and been effective in making his audience change their opinion on him.

By Chelsea Montford 9p/EN1

Compare how Dickens’ presents the character of Scrooge in Staves One and Five of A Christmas Carol.

Dickens presents Scrooge as a redeemed character in Stave Five by showing the readers the complete transformation in Scrooge’s attitude and behaviour. Scrooge is an entirely different man than he was at the start of the novella; he is generous, happier and grateful because the Spirits showed him and made him realise that it isn’t too late to change.
The quote “Not a farthing less. A great many back payments are included in it. I assure you. Will you do me that favour?”, is an example of where Scrooge has proven to the readers in particular that he is a ‘changed man’. In this quote, where Scrooge is portrayed donating an unknown yet clearly enormous amount of money to charity, he shows how he has transformed from an old man with an ‘oyster like’ personality, to a kind man who is open to helping those in need.
This demonstrates the dramatic transformation in Scrooge as a person because in Stave One, Scrooge was reluctant to give away any of his money to help the poor and when asked what he would like to give, he replied “Nothing…I don’t make merry myself and I can’t afford to make idle people merry.” This quote from Stave One shows Scrooge’s ignorance and disrespect towards the poor people during the Victorian Era because he refers to them as ‘idle people’ which means a person who is ‘lazy’ and avoids work. Consequently, this quote mentions another key word which is “Nothing”, this word contrasts with the phrase from Stave Five “Not a farthing less”.
The word “nothing” has connotations of emptiness and blankness, Scrooge was completely empty inside and had almost ‘no feelings’ furthermore, Scrooge was certain that he was not going to give anything to the poor. Whereas, in Stave Five Scrooge was content and jovial, he experienced happiness again; Scrooge willingly gave to the poor without a thought. The quote “Not a farthing less” shows how full of pleasure Scrooge was, it demonstrates how he is at his happiest state at this point- he is extremely similar to that of a philanthropist- a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others.
Dickens could also be trying to show us that Scrooge believes he ‘owes’ it to the poor people to donate to a charity which supports them. The question “Will you do me that favour?” proves this point because he is asking if the charity men will do him this favour of giving away a large sum of money to the charity. Consequently, Dickens could also be trying to suggest that Scrooge is a much more fragile and emotional character compared to what he was is Stave One because he truly cares about the poor people now that he has been educated on why the poor are poor and shown that is not because they are “Idle”, it is because their wealthy bosses give them very little wages and Scrooge understands this now.
The use of the word “favour” has been deliberately used to show how Scrooge is now selfless and believes that the Charity men are doing him a favour by accepting this money. This makes the reader feel incredibly happy towards Scrooge because he has completely transformed his life and the lives of many poor people in this case. The reader has been on a journey with Scrooge and the Spirits for most parts in the novella, they have ‘seen’ every aspect of the journey through images painted in their head. The readers have ‘seen’ Scrooge at his worst and are now ‘seeing’ him at his best in Stave Five. This creates a sense of fulfilment among the readers. Additionally, the reader may feel a sense of relief that Scrooge has genuinely changed and is a better man. Dickens successfully achieves this by adding this scene where Scrooge donates a large amount of money to a charity supporting poor people into his novella, because it shows Scrooges willingness and dedication to helping the poor in any way he can.
In the Victorian Era, Christmas was a special time where wealthy Victorians were encouraged to give to those less fortunate, it was considered their Christian duty. One of the reasons was because in the Bible God speaks often about the poor and needy, he commands us to give generously to less fortunate and to speak up on their behalf. People were very religious in the Victorian Era, they wanted to avoid ‘angering’ or ‘going against’ God’s wishes because it was thought that God would be aware of your Sins and when you pass, you will be punished.

By Lucy Willett 9p/En1