24th February, 2021

The Praise Wall: Lockdown Edition 1st – 12th February

During this lockdown period, we have asked our staff to recognise and praise students who have been working brilliantly remotely at home by sending in Praise Wall ‘shout-outs’ and examples of outstanding work they have produced every fortnight. This is our third lockdown Praise Wall this year.

Many congratulations to EVERYONE who appears on the following articles. You have caught the eye of your teachers with your fantastic work and effort over the last two weeks of lockdown before half term! For every time a student appears on this page, five achievement points are awarded, contributing to their overall SIMS points totals.

Based on the number of student shout-outs below, we have awarded 3765 points!!

Mr Barry's Maths Star

Maddie Smethurst in Year 10 has impressed Mr Barry with her excellent example of a plenary to assess understanding, set out exactly as she was shown throughout the lesson.

Just excellent!

Ms Guy's Stars

Ms Guy, Year 9 Learning Leader would like to praise the following students in her year for their scores of 1 in every subject for fortnight ending 31st January.

AMBROSIUK Molly, BARBER Naomi, CAIN Bethany, CARDWELL Cameron, COMMONS Charlotte, DALE Courtney, FROST Kelsey-Jo, GAGAN Ethan, GASKELL Nathan, GOODWIN Hanna, HARRISON-SCOTT Ellis, HILL Teya, IRWIN Harley, JONES Elisabeth, LOMAS Nicole, LOVE Sienna, LOWE Eve, MAGARI Sophia, MONTFORD Chelsea, NORWOOD Isabelle, OFORI Jayden, O’HARA Phoebe, OXTOBY Kelsie, RAMSDEN Jessica, SCHOFIELD Finley, TAYLOR Adam, WALKER Michael, WILLETT Lucy, WORTHINGTON Ethan and YASER Eshaan.

In addition,  the following students achieved average effort scores of 1.1 to 1.3 for the same period. Well done to;


A special mention for Jay Cubbins for his really positive attitude and effort with learning.

An additional special mention go to these Year 9s – all nominated by their Mentors for improving their effort and engagement;

Callum Creighton, Lucy Edwards, Isabelle Greeney, Jason Wilcock, Owen Taylor and Oscar Aldersley…

…and to Olivia Lowe and Layton Burns for going above and beyond with their engagement.

Ms Fineberg's MFL Stars

Ms Fineberg writes,

I would like to nominate these students as they have shown great determination in languages and provided excellent work. They are willing to ask questions, be respectful of others and try their best – keep it up!

Year 7:  Isaac Wyatt, Lucas Haslam, Thomas Webb, Dalton Bradley-Hampson, Ellie Dale, Alex Patience and Noah Thompson.

Year 8: Finley Davies, Connor Helsby, Arzoo Khan, Oliver Charnock, Phoebe Palin, Ella-Mae Dalley, Chloe Hinsley, Ethan Turney and Csanad Csore.

Special shout out to Kyle Patel in Year 8 for consistently going the extra mile – well done!

Mr Sale's History Stars

Mr Sale is delighted with the effort seen in his history lessons this last fortnight. Well done to the following students:

Year 11: currently working on ‘The end of Vietnam War’ unit, and trying hard:

Khia-Louise Houghton and Toby Price.

Year 10: currently working on Depression in the USA & working hard:
Ahmed Abdulsaid, Ellie Fielding, Holly Herrity, Rachel Heyes, Francesca Moffat, Alix Parsons, Lily Philbin, Matthew Ryall and Spencer Thorley.

Y9 currently working really hard on Renaissance medicine:

Khudadad Akhtar, Harry Balshaw, Charlotte Commons, Mia Copeland, Jay Cubbins, Ryan Hadley, Harley Irwin, Elizabeth Jones, Fatima Konneh, Nicole Lomas, Ellie Mottershead, Harry Owens, Ali Kemal Ozturk, Aaliyan Syed Michael Walker and Libby York.

Mr Harte's Science Stars

Mr Harte would like to praise his students in the following year groups for their…..

Year 11: Moatasam Abdulsaid, Mukadas Akther, Erin Foley, Sophie Dziunka and Shannon Harrop.

Year 10:
Lisa Booth, Bobby Naylor, Ben May, Joseph Kirkham and Anthony Pilling.

Year 8: William Buggie, Jack Ridgely, Yusuf Naveed, Noah Walker, Macie Aspen, Iasha Akhtar, Arzoo Khan, Lucas Eatough and Jaime Holland.

Year 7: Aleeza Aslam, Joseph Bolger, Katie Butterworth, Phoebe Brennan, Keira Campbell, Isabella Carr, Sienna Cubbins, Kaitlyn Foster, Grace Hogg, Kinsco Kosaras, Poppy Lawrenson and Lexie Watts.

Ms Grellier's History Stars

Ms Grellier would like to praise the following historians:

Aimee Renshaw, Jack Sisson and Jess Murphy for taking the initiative to attend an online history lecture in their own time.

Billy Fothergill, Eliese Saunders, Charlie Greenhalgh, Leonie Appleby and Amy Rossington for having a brilliant attitude towards their remote learning and consistently applying themselves to the best of their ability.

Jack Sisson for working really hard to seek feedback and improve this answer which you can view below;

For consistently high levels of engagement and effort in their remote lessons:

Year 10: Macy Briggs, Daniel Brown, Beau Evans, Simrah Hussain and  Jorja McLaughlan.

Year 8: Jaime Holland, Bailey Hook, Oliver Jackson and Alisha McCrory.

Year 7: Sarah Brocklebank, Evie Gregory, James Knowles and Victor Solarski.


Ms Shaw’s Art Stars

Year 7: Well done to the following students for their digital shoe art submissions;

Amelia Hinsley, Callum Kirkpatrick, Joseph Bolger, Phoebe Brennan, Kaitlyn Foster, Brooke Higgins and Harrison Perry.

Year 8: Ms Shaw was very impressed with the celebrity portrait submissions produced in her art lessons. Well done to the following students whose work you can view below;

Ella Hill, Katrina Smaukstele, Chloe-May Jameson and Rosie Ivill.

Year 9: Well done to Lucy Willett for her excellent observed drawings of fruit.

Year 10: Well done to Beth McGuffie, Gizem Hasanova, Macy Briggs and Sophie Crook for their brilliant Day of the Dead final pieces.

Year 11: Students ‘visited’ the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) and explored their online collection. The task was to choose their favourite piece of work and create a self portrait inspired by it. They responded so well and created some brilliant responses. Well done to:

Leo Howarth, Amber Slater, Callan Hayes, Anete Freimute, Erin Fairfield, Bettina Babic, Malikah Akhtar and Bella Thompson.


Ms Ward’s Year 9 and 10 Hospitality and Catering Stars:

Congratulations to all those students who have been cooking at home to keep their practical skills up to date. In particular, well done to:

Cadie McGann, Kaleb Hailwood, Madison Durman, Ruby-May Holmes, Rachel Heyes, Rebecca Atkinson and Amee Pankhania.

Here are just a few examples of the brilliant things that have been made:

Mr Cordwell’s Art Stars

Year 7 students in art produced a second review but this time of different artist’s work, Michael Craig-Martin after their first review of Andrea Joseph’s work. They critically analysed and evaluated his modern, Pop Art style imagery which will inform their next piece of art work after half term.

The following students attained the GOLD STANDARD for their reviews and presented their work beautifully (seen below). Well done to;

7PBLAr: Natalia Bobyk, Ellie Dale, Leah Davenport, Lewis Harvey, Lucas Haslam, James Joel, Faith Lamb, Grace McGivern, Lilly Parkinson, Keeva Scarborough, Thomas Webb and Isaac Wyatt.

7NYEAr: Abigail Hampson, Grace Hogg, Jamie Jacques, Maleeha Mir, Lahtifah Onifade, Skye Shenton and Kate Wood.

Ms Stubbs’ Maths Stars

Ms Stubbs has a number of shout-outs she’d like to make for a range of students in her maths classes. She asked her students to send in work they were proud of.

“Special mention to Gracie Lowe in Year 11. She missed a lesson as she was at the dentist but caught up and exceeded the work done. Amazing!” Her submission can be seen below…

Well done to the following students, who submitted excellent examples of the revision work and lesson notes:

Jessica Murphy, Olivia Vining, Malikah Akhtar, Aniqah Ahktar, Bettina Babic, Amber Slater and Erin Fairfield.

The following students are to be praise the following pupils for exceptional work They completed all 3 papers, despite only having to do one, so they could get a working at grade. Superb effort!

Jack Sisson, Aimee Renshaw, Leonie Appleby, Bettina Babic, Amber Slater, Erin Fairfield, Gracie Lowe and Liv Vining.

Ms Farrimond’s Creative Media Stars

Students in Year 9 have been undertaking skills workshops to learn how to use Photopea to create publishing style products. It has been fantastic to see students working so hard to learn skills remotely. Special mention needs to be given to the following students who have completed all the workshops and learn a wide variety of new publishing skils: Haris Ahmed, Lucas Anderson, John Bradley, Lilly Crowther, Cassius Foley, Ryan Hadley, Alfie Howarth, Bethany Longworth, Kelsi Lynch, Phoebe O’Hara, Jessica Ramsden, Ellie-Ray Rothwell, Bethany Taylor, Lyla Wells and Lucy Willett.

Lucy Willett and Alfie Howarth also managed to recreate an existing publishing product using the skills they learnt demonstrating accomplished understanding.

Click on this link to follow along with the tutorials and learn how to create publishing products yourself using the free web based image editing software called Photopea: Sue Farrimond Tutorials – Typography in Publishing (google.com)

Ms Calvert’s English Stars

Callan Hayes (Year 11) wrote an epic analysis of how Dickens presents Christmas for his step assessment, with impressive depths and thoughtful, independent ideas.

Shannon Harrop (Year 11) is really developing her academic writing style and expressed her in depth knowledge of A Christmas Carol with flair and precision in her recent step assessment.

Mr Cornish's BTEC Music Stars

Well done to the following students for their outstanding effort in their live lessons and coursework submissions:

Year 11: Phoebe Alston-Forrester, Abby Butterworth, Zak Kirkpatrick andAimee Renshaw.

Year 10: Rebecca Atkinson, Jessica Chadwick, Danny Ireland, Sophie Martin, Lewis Martland and Jake Robinson.

Year 9: Harry Balshaw, Ethan Gagan, Matthew Merry and Kasey Wallis.

Mr Poole' & Mr Cornish's Music Stars

Mr Poole is sending out shout-outs to the following students for their excellent work with their BandLab compositions.

Year 7: Keira Campbell, Kaitlyn Foster, Harry Worswick, Noah Thompson, Freddie Winnard, Kyla Pusey, Phoebe Brennan, Alex Patience, Lewis Harvey, Dalton Bradley-Hampson, Lilly Parkinson, Faith Lamb, Thomas Webb, Grace McGivern, Leah Davenport , Isaac Wyatt, Sophie Rose, Lexi Fothergill, Jacob Hollick, Thomas Henderson, Lexie Stewart, Molly Southworth, Lexie Watts, Matilda Booth, Hayden Gee, Grace Gee and Victor Solarski.

Year 8: Ryan Cain, Lexi Hargreaves, Rosie Ivill, Jessica Crofts, Malaika Nur Sajid, Yusuf Naveed, Oliver Jackson, Ryan Jackson, Timothy Montford, Lewis Eaton, Harry Barton, Poppy Devonport, Connor Helsby, Umar Rashid, Kieran Sandham, Oliver Charnock, Madison Dumbarton, Adam Shahzad, Summer McCracken, Kane Hendry, Tyler Delroy, Kallum Bills, Bradley Oliver and Tyler Collard-King.

Mr Poole's GCSE Music Stars

Mr Poole would like to praise the following students for their fantastic work during remote learning on their BandLab compositions and theory work. Well done!

Year 9: Lola Bowen, Bethany Cain, Cameron Cardwell, Caleb Devenport, Angelina Foster, Hanna Goodwin, Lucy Lister, Nicole Lomas and Sophia Magari.

Year 10: Sophie Alston-Forrester, Keira Gallacher, Aston Minta, Sebastien Ramdeal, Maddie Smethurst, Amelia Stuchbury, Samuel Taylor and Igor Costa.

Year 11: Folarera Fasehun, Lucy Grime, Keira Howard, Thomas Ramsden, Caitlin Rhead, Niamh Turnbull-Hall, Adam Tyerman, Jacob Wiggins and Taiyah Fearn.

Mr Cordwell’s Year 9 & 10 Photography Stars

The focus for Year 9 and 10 photography students over the last fortnight’s lessons has been the depiction of shadows and reflections; edited and presented in to a diary style page as a part of their on-going Lockdown Photo Diary Project.

Some lovely work has been produced by the following students (seen below):

Year 9: Kelsie Oxtoby, Blake Baker, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Isabelle Greeney, Jason Wilcock and Kadie-Leigh Breeze.

In addition, Owen Taylor, Courtney Dale, Lucas Buckley and Jessica Leighton have all been working hard and attending and engaging really well in their lessons.

Year 10: Dylan Hurst, Joseph Kirkham, Leon Lynch and Luis Marsden.

Ms Rawstron’s Science Stars

Ms Rawstron would like to praise the following students from 9p/Sc4 for their hard work on the digestive system. Please see some work attached. Students who continuously put in effort and have worked incredibly hard in science include;

Haris Ahmed, Matthew Merry, Oscar Aldersley, Rehan Khan, Sasha Wilson, Caleb Devenport, Owen Taylor, Kieran Cordlingley, Lucas Buckley, Ethan Jones and Jessica Leighton.

Ms Rawstron would also like to praise the following students for the hard work over the last fortnight!

7p/Sc3, for their outstanding effort on their Lower-Stakes Quiz:

Courtney Daulby, Remy Shields, Ellie Stewart, Thomas Webb, Daniel Harrison, Thomas Harrison, Matilda Booth, Hayden Gee, Naya Pankhania, Southern Rigby and Bailey Woodward.

8np/Sc6, for their outstanding effort on their Lower-Stakes quiz!

Harriet Hart (top score of 7/8), Bailey Hook, Umar Rashid, Adam Shahzad, Lily Tinker, Kayden Walne, Jade Williams, Zia Rehman, Holly McLaren and Ella-Mae Dalley.

9n/Bio – The following students received FULL marks on their Biology Lower Stakes Quiz!

Bethany Cain, Maddison Dawson, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Maia Kay, Sophia Magari, Isabelle Norwood, Michael Smith, Michael Walker and Tilly Wilson.

There were also a number of students who received 7, 8 and 9 out of 10 which is incredible. Really well done to the year 9 triples!

10p/Sc2 – The following students have made outstanding progress as shown in their Radioactivity end of topic test!

Fizan Khurshid – who received 74% which is an outstanding achievement for Fizan. He has continuously worked hard and achieved the top score in the class!

Aleena Mir and Amman Iqbal, who both achieved 70%!

Ellie Fielding, who achieved 66%, again an outstanding improvement for Ellie and well deserved!

And finally, a really well done to Bronte Naylor, Maddie Smethurst, Millie Wright, Joe Kennedy, Leighton Eden-Jones, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Ahmed Hussein, Alix Parsons, Kai Melake and Molly Crompton, for their continued hard work, attitude to learning and outstanding scores!

Mr Cook's History Stars

Mr Cook has the following shout-outs t make to his historians!

Year 11: For consistently producing excellent work;

Mia Appleby, Lucy Grime, Megan Haslam, Isobel Prentice, Caitlin Rhead and Amber Slater.

Year 10: For trying hard and making excellent contributions to lessons:

Hannah Butterworth, Ben Griffin, Ibraheem Khan and Ben May.

Year 8: For producing excellent work:

Csanad Csore, Leo Logan, Kyle Patel, Ethan Turney and Katie Westwood.

For excellent effort and persistence:

Kyle Barron, William Buggie, Woody Gleeson and Lewis Wintour.

Ms Hargreaves' Science Stars

The following pupils have worked incredibly hard during the last week of the half term and have produced some fantastic work in GCSE science. They have gone above and beyond with their effort, engagement and attitude to learning and have shown incredible resilience, organisation and motivation to succeed. Well done and keep up the great work!

Year 11: APPLEBY Mia, BABIC Bettina, JONES Caden, PALIN Maddison, PRICE Toby, QAISAR Khaneen, SCAIFE Jason, GOODWIN-SHERIDAN Brandon, LANE Callum, MAY Ashleigh, BRIGGS Lucas, DURMAN Taylor, FOTHERGILL Billy and WILLIAMS Jessica-Lyn.

Year 10: CANN Amelia, GRIFFIN Benjamin, HERRITY Holly and ROBINSON Jake.

Ms Chew's Maths Stars

Ms Chew has a range of shout-outs for her maths classes. First up, well done to Natalia Bobyk from 7p1 for her excellent work on zero pairs (pictured below).

Also from 7p1 for their hard work and achievement in Maths;

Oscar Bowie, Amber Bailey, Sarah Brocklebank, Evie Gregory, Millie Humphreys, James Joel, James Knowles, Jamie Ramsden, Sophie Rothwell and Amy Stabler.

and from 7n1 for their hard work on Adding & subtracting Negative numbers;

Jenson Evans, Lucie-Lea Fielding, Abigail Hampson, Jamie Jacques, Harrison Perry, Hameez Yaser, Sophie Rose, Brooke Higgins, Callum Kirkpatrick, Sancha Hamlin-Cox, Mani Ambrosiuk and Joshua Psujek.

Mr Beaumont's Stars

Mr Beaumont, Year 10 Learning Leader writes;

I continue to be very impressed by the overall effort and attitude to remote learning by the vast majority of Y10 students. I am in no doubt that students will be in a great place to pick up learning as and when we return to the classroom.

I would like to highlight Leighton Eden-Jones, Joseph Kirkham and Kelly Dempsey-Fallows for their continued efforts in the classroom as part of the key worker cohort.

I would also like to congratulate the following students for getting it right, every day, with their online lessons:

Euan Axon, Alfie Barlow-Seymour, Tyler Barron, Hannah Butterworth, Shelby Cartwright, Kiera Gallacher, Jayden Garrity, Ben Griffin, Thomas Hotchin, Aiden Mitchell, Hannah Openshaw, Jake Robinson, Skye Smith, Kenzie Stanworth, Abby Steele-Lesh, Daisy Wall and Hayden Williams.

A special mention for 2 new starters at Little Lever School who have picked up the online learning straight away – Mohammed Shafiq and Naomi Burrows. Great start – well done!

Keep up the good work everyone and stay safe.


Ms Daynamawala's Maths Stars

Mr Daynamawala writes;

I would like to ask for a shoutout to all these students for excellent attendance, always putting in 110% in lessons despite challenging topics. Their efforts in Kahoot quizzes have been phenomenal as well. I am so proud of all these students, their confidence in Maths has greatly improved and it is because of their determination to do well. Well done to all of you for working so hard!

Year 7: Ellie Dale, Lilly Parkinson, Keeva Scarbrough, Victor Solarski, Lexie Stewart and Charlie Wood.

Year 8: Felicity Berry, Ryan Cain, Tyler Collard King, Csanad Csore, Joshua Poynton, Adam Menai, Joshua Mangnall, Daniel Lord, Ryan Jackson, Katrina Smaukstele, Keira Seddon, Sam Philbin, Rosie Ivill, Holly Dunn, Harvey Brown, 
Oliver Charnock, Jessica Crofts, Amy Downing, Madison Dumbarton, Lewis Eaton, Zahra Imitaz, Emily Lim, Ffion Marshall, Malaikah Nur Sajid, Ethan Vietes and Jayden Walker.

Year 9: Michael Bithell, Lucas Buckley, Caleb Devenport, Ethan Jones, Rehan Khan, Matthew Merry, Owen Taylor and Lyla Wells.

Year 10: Rebecca Atkinson, Abdl Atshane, Kiran Azad, Luis Marsden and Elisha O’Gara.

Ms Morris' RE Stars

Year 7: Well done to the following students for designing interesting kosher food menus as part of our work on Judaism;

Jacob Hollick, Matilda Booth, Hayden Gee, Grace McMorran, Niamh Paulson, Noah Thompson and Scarlett O`Neill.

Year 8: Absolutely brilliant work from the following students on ‘British Culture’. They each produced informative and visually impactful knowledge organisers on what it means to be British;

Bailey Hook, Alisha McCrory, Shayan Varsani, Jessica Crofts, Ryan Cain, Amy Downing, Isabelle Harrison, Ella Hill, Poppy Devonport, Zahra Imtaiz, Adam Shahzad, Tyler Collard King, Sam Philbin and Holly Dunn.

Year 9: The following students all exceeded their targets on our assessment on ‘Causes of Crime’;

Lola Bowen, Courtney Dale, Rehan Khan, Sophie Nesfield, Aaliyan Syed and Libby York.

Year 10: These students all exceeded their targets on our assessment on ‘Animal Rights’, choosing to either focus on the use of animals for food or animal testing :

Fizan Khurshid, Lauren Tobin, Daisy Wall, Maddie Parkinson, Charlie Eyres, Aimee Bleakley, Shelby Cartwright, Jessica Colgan, Subhan Abaid, Lewis Doherty and Macy Drennan.

PE Stars

Year 7: For brilliant answers to the documentaries;

Amber Bailey, Charlie Bennett, Natalia Bobyk, Matilda Booth, Oscar Bowie, Noah Briggs, Ewan Cole, Ellie Dale, Courtney Daulby, Leah Davenport, Miley Disley, Evie Gregory, Jack Hamlett, Lucas Haslam, Jack Higham, Millie Humphreys, Naya Pankhania, Lily Parkinson, Joseph Rossington, Sophie Rothwell, Keeva Scarbrough, Amy Stabler, Lexie Stewart, Charlie Wood, Lewis Harvey and Daniel Munro-Dutton.

Year 8: For brilliant answers to the documentaries;

Harry Barton, Hussam-Nadeem Aslam, Ethan Blake, Lauren Harrison and Csanad Csore.

Year 9: For brilliant answers to the documentaries;

Olivia Lowe, Eshaan Yaser, Sienna Love, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Sebastian Pickford, Elisabeth Jones, Chelsea Montford, Kelsie Oxtoby and Lucy Willett.

Year 10 Core: Good answers from the documentaries;

Abdl Atshane, Kal Melake, Thomas Hotchin, Jake Morris, Ahmed Hussein, Zsomber Rozsas, Cai Johnson, Alfie Whittle, Lisa Booth, Jessica Chadwick, Holly Herrity, Ellie- Jo Jameson, Alesha Mahmood, Bethany McGuffie, Francesca Moffat, Aya Saad, Sienna Smith-Hamilton, Tilly Buggie, Molly Crompton, Rachel Heyes, Tiegan Kirkpatrick, Lily Philbin, Meadow Rogerson, Maddie Smethurst, Amelia Stuchbury, Lauren Tobin and Daisy Wall.

Year 11 Core: Good answers from the documentaries;

Shazaib Aslam, Haroon Shagofta, Josh Dalziel, Zak Kirkpatrick, Leonie Appleby, Hamna Shahid, Amber Slater, Sophie Dziunka, Shannon Harrop and Lucy Naisbitt.

Option Year 9: Great work on their outdoor adventurous activities descriptions;

Marley Fisher, Scott Booth, Jack Cubbin, Owen Taylor, Jobe Williams, Layton Burns, Sienna Love, Harley Irwin, Eve Lowe, Eshaan Yaser, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Isla Jones, Isabelle Norwood, Jessica Butterworth, Libby York, Lillia Brown, Oscar Moss, Grace Harwood and Ellie Mottershead.

Option Year 10: Producing good work in their PE option;

Aimee Bleakley, Jade Ellis, Charlie Eyres, Lucie Farrington, Ellie Fielding, Jayden Garrity, Jodie Jackson, Harvey Leech, Kieran Litherland, Charlie McAliister, Lily Philbin, Georgia Ridings, Matthew Ryall, Skye Smith, Elena Whyment and Hayden Williams.

Option Year 11: Producing good work in their PE option;

Callum Taylor, Abi Maxfield, Bailey Tildsley, Shazaib Aslam, Mohammed Naveed, Luke Pilling, Andrew Kirkham, Mukadas Akther, Keane Ashworth, Cayon Williams, Tegan Evans, Marcus Morrison and Logan Jackson.

Everest Step Challenge

Year 7: Jamie Jacques, Evie Openshaw, Kate Wood, Charlie Wood, Charlie Bennett, Matilda Booth, Ewan Cole, Leah Davenport and Sancha Hamlin-Cox.

Year 8: George Roberts, Oliver Philips, Charlie Heath, Joshua Smith and Jade Williams.

Year 9: Eshaan Yaser, Naomi Barber, Adam Taylor, Kelsey- Jo Frost, Hanna Goodwin and Sienna Love.

Year 11: Billy Fothergill.

Ms Hughes’ English Stars

Ms Hughes writes,

Year 7: Before half-term, we completed our assessment looking at how Sherlock Holmes was presented as a complex character. Here is a brilliant response from Honor McMahon:

Sherlock Holmes is a friendly character. “Good-morning, madam,” said Holmes cheerily. “My name is Sherlock Holmes”. This suggests that Sherlock is welcoming to anyone who he speaks to. The adverb ‘cheerily’ suggests he is happy to hear the details of a new case. The reader might initially like the main character as he seems kind and eager to help.
I think Sherlock is an angry character. This is shown in the line “Holmes shook his head like a man who is far from being satisfied”. This shows us that Sherlock is not pleased with something and he is disappointed. The adjective “satisfied” has connotations off happiness and being impressed, however Sherlock Holmes is being a little bit moody and unhappy. The reader might feel worried because Sherlock is upset and therefore something bad might happen.

Also, Haseeb Ahmed has been working tremendously hard on his comprehension skills and I would also like to praise Abi Lonsdale, Ithar Hussein, Patrick Gibbons and Grace Gee for giving 100% effort in every lesson!

Year 8: Before half-term, we completed our assessment looking at how Sherlock Holmes was presented as a complex character. Here are some snippets from a handful of our amazing responses:

Bella Candler:

Sherlock Holmes is also presented as a very curious character here’s my evidence “There are a thousand details which I should desire to know before I
decide upon our course of action”. This suggests he wants to know everything to be fair and to hear all sides of the story. This could also suggest that Sherlock is a hard-working character. The noun ‘details’ shows that Sherlock is quite obsessive as he needs to have all of the knowledge for the investigation. This might make the reader feel like Sherlock is a very good detective because he covers all bases before he decides.

Arzoo Khan

Sherlock Holmes is also shown as a big-headed character. This is shown in the line ‘fancy him having the insolence to confound me with the official detective force’. This shows that Sherlock is annoyed and insulted at being associated with the police because he thinks he is above them. The verb ‘confound’ suggests that Sherlock is angry with being confused with the police force. The noun “insolence” emphasises that Sherlock is rude and he finds it offensive and disrespectful to be associated with the police. This might make the reader question whether they like Sherlock Holmes because he is coming across as a selfish person.

Yusuf Naveed:

Sherlock Holmes is also shown to become foul tempered really quickly if he does not get everything right. This is shown in the quote “Holmes shook his like a man far from being satisfied”. This suggests he has a mixed personality and he can become from a happy detective to an annoyed detective very quickly. This also shows he has a short fuse and can get angry very quickly. The adjective “satisfied” emphasises that Sherlock wants to feel good about his work all the time. The reader might feel confused with Sherlock because he seems to have a mixed personality and we don’t understand what type of person he is.

Year 9: Before half-term, we completed our descriptive writing assessment looking. Here are some snippets from a handful of our amazing responses:

Jess Butterworth:

Clouds drift peacefully across the azure sky in different directions like they are playing a game of tag. It’s calm and tranquil and the animals are minding their own business and getting along. Slowly, the tiger orange beaming orb rises along the horizon making the bold blue sky now a peaceful peach. Trees wave in the gentle breeze cooling them slightly from the scorching weather. It was just a normal morning for the animals of all shapes and sizes. They all were willing to be friendly and get along and didn’t want to start any trouble.

As the animals dive into the murky, rippling water, a ghastly cloud of darkness appears beyond the horizon. It seemed that the contagious darkness was submerging the sun. The animals did not take notice of the catastrophe occurring in the distance as if it was ready to destroy anything in its way. It was a monster. It was colossal. It was nightmarish. There was fear in the air, but still the animals didn’t seem bothered. What was it? It looked like more than just a dark cloud. It looked powerful. It looked harmful.

Alfie Howarth:

The distant sun slowly retreated from the snow like sky, the glistening watering hole was surrounded by all types of animals waiting to sip on the water GOD sent down from heaven. You could hear the weeping of some animals and you could smell the blood that burst out of the unfortunate victims. The trees were glazing at all the animals while they slaughtered each other without a tear or mercy.

Lurking under the glass layer of the watering hole where crocodiles are waiting for the next poor animal to step foot into his domain of DEATH. The blood of the innocent splattered over the rocky land almost making it rain. On the other hand, the zebra was gulping the water but along that was fear. The utter second the animals went to drink they have to watch their every corner as predators are getting hungry and patience is not enough food for them to devour. As fast as Zeus’s lightning bolt, the deer leaped with fear engraved into his eyes while the monstrous crocodile lunged at its neck piercing it with its hell forged teeth. Even though carnage was summoned upon these fragile creatures, some of them stuck together and helped each other to achieve their goals.

Year 10 –

I would like to give shout-outs to the following students for always giving 100% in every session, getting involved in our class debates and continuing to develop their analytical writing even in such uncertain times:

Leighton Eden-Jones, Ellie Fielding, Taylor Hart, Gizem Hasanova, Rachel Heyes, Tom Hotchins, Jodie Jackson, Aleena Mir, Bronte Naylor, Alix Parsons and Maddie Smethurst.

Well done!

Mr Woodward’s Science Stars

Year 11 Separate Science researched Darwin and the theory of evolution by natural selection. Their research covered a wide area, from bats and moths to giraffes and fish and had excellent descriptions and explanations. Well done to our future scientists!

Year 10 Separate Science are studying reactions in equilibrium and researched the Haber process as a practical example. Their presentations were well thought out, comprehensive and covered this important reaction from start to finish. Excellent work!

Year 7: Mr Woodward would like to say well done to 7p/Sc1 who did their own research on the difficult area of energy and produced some exciting posters as an introduction to the topic. Well done!