23rd February, 2022

The Praise Wall – Spring Term 2022

The Praise Wall is a showcase of the outstanding work which students have achieved and produced in class or in enrichment opportunities.

Across a term staff from all areas of school submit examples of student work which has gone ‘above and beyond’ or highlight exceptional student achievements. Please enjoy our Praise Wall from this Spring Term and many congratulations to everyone who appears here.

Owen Taylor, Year 10 has been awarded a certificate from the Army Cadet Force for his assistance with a man who had collapsed outside his house. A wonderful recognition for a marvellous act of kindness.

Haseeb Ahmed, Year 8 was incredibly proud of his Halloumi Kebabs and did amazingly in class. Those kebabs look really tasty!


Teegan Spooner, Year 9 and her amazing Formal Element photography work. The first two are repeat pattern edits based on a mannaquin’s hand and skull and then a macro photo of a snow flake decoration.

Lexi Hargreaves, Year 9 and her wonderful Formal Elements photography work. The first is a tone photograph of fabric and the poppy photo is based on the element of shape.

Anthony Muzkya-Zmudzki, Year 7 for R.E work. The class had to design a leaflet about a Synagogue. He impressed with his research and the detail he added to his work. Anthony is originally from Poland and has limited English at the moment, but always tries.

Year 11 are working really hard on their essay planning skills in their form-time English booster. Joshua Peake (11A) has made incredible progress and put exceptional effort into these opportunities. Well done Josh!

Courtney Daulby’s work (Year 8) on fractions of an amount showed resilience & perseverance. Well done, Courtney!

7pGO Maths have done amazing work on negative numbers, showing resilience and getting pretty much all the questions on the worksheet correct. Negative numbers is a hard concept to understand, but these students showed, and continue showing perseverance using counters and a number line throughout our negative numbers work. Well done to;

Charlie Ainsworth, Charlie Alwill, Kai Barlow, Luke Bolton, Ava Broadhurst Amelia Dyer, Kara Ford, Tom Hartigan, Harlee Houlihan, Olivia Isherwood, Mylie Kilcoyne, Callum Murphy, Anthony Muzyka – Zmudzki, Amelia Walne-Settle and Ben Williams-Lacy.

Harlee Houlihan, Year 7 has produced an excellent piece of PEAZEL based work on Romeo and Juliet. Great effort, Harlee!

Pictured is the fantastic work that Bailey Hall, Year 8 has produced so far in his Technology lessons. Bailey has learned lots of new skills including using a soldering iron and a saw to produce a table lamp, gaining lots of confidence along the way. Bailey was able to work independently throughout, showing a fantastic attitude to his learning!

Atta Rehman, Year 11 and his strong portrait album cover design he has produced in photography is professional in appearance and concept.

A very creative photography portrait album cover produced by Dylan Hurst, Year 11.

Paige Warren, Year 9 and her creative Formal Elements still-life photography.

Harriet Hart, Year 9 and her wonderful Formal Elements sleeping cats photograph of texture.

Jade Evans, Year 11 and her superb art work based on the Day of the Dead fesitival and iconography.

Kelsie Oxtoby, Year 10 and her superb Formal Elemnets photography based on Shape, Form and Texture.

Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Year 10 and her highly creative Urban photography symmetrical compositing work based on the work of Helder Santos.

Owen Taylor, Year 10 and his brilliant interpretation for his Urban photography project inspired by the artwork of John Squire.

Here are some masks made by year 7 and 8 pupils in Culture Club for the French carnival Mardi Gras. Well done to Harlee Houlihan, Libby Disley, Thomas Webb, Emilie Myres, Sancha Hamlin-Cox, Thomas Taylor, Noajh Briggs and Maz Bishop. A special thanks to Ella Morley for volunteering to help out!

Aimee Bleakley, Year 11 English. Aimee’s English revision notes are not only striking to look at… but the also make an impressive read. She is really challenging herself to explore thoughtful and insightful ideas, making links between the writers’ methods and evaluating the patterns they create. Outstanding Aimee!

Euan Axon, Year 11. Euan has been working very hard in the lead up to his English exams and it is certainly paying off. The precision in his analysis, and his ability to develop his ideas in a relevant and eloquent manner is impressive. Furthermore, his has a fantastic work ethic; the responsibility he takes over his own learning exemplary. Fantastic effort Euan!

Jack has really impressed Miss Calvert with his ability to structure his extended writing and develop his ideas. He has also really challenged himself to adopt a convincing persuasive tone, embedding a range of punctuation accurately! A fantastic achievement!

Tyler is a real natural when it comes to analysing works of Literature. He makes links between references consistently, drawing insightful interpretations from their usage. He is also a very reflective learner, who has used feedback to build on his success every day. He is working exceptionally hard to prepare for his GCSEs and deserves every success.

Year 9 student, Isla Franklin has created a speech based on why we should put “current” music in Room 101 as a part of her English persuasive language lesson. You can sense the passion she has for this subject! Well done, Isla.

Lucy Willett, Year 10 and her superb Art Day of the Dead sketchbook work.

Maddison Dawson, Year 10 and her beautiful Art Day of the Dead sketchbook work.

Mollie Slack, Year 10 and her lovely Art Day of the Dead sketchbook work.

Elizabeth Jones, Year 10 and her stunning Art Day of the Dead sketchbook studies.

Imogen Moores, Year 10 and her fantastic Art mixed media skull study.

Chelsea Montford, Year 10 and her confident Art mixed media skull study.

Kaitlyn Tunstall, Year 10 and her very well observed mixed media skull study.

Kane Rostron, Year 10 and his excellent mixed media skull study.

Katie Wilkins, Year 10 and her super effort in the use of mixed media techniques.

Khudadad Akhtar, Year 10 and his excellent skull mixed media art.

Sasha Wilson, Year 10 and her superb mixed media skull art.

Sophia Capperelli, Year 10 and her lovely quality mixed media skull study.

Abbie Whitworth, Year 9 and her great Art still-life mixed media drawings.

Aayan Khan, Year 9 and his lovely pastel still life study.

Carson Nealson, Year 9 and his brilliant pastel still life drawing work.

Chloe-May Jameson, Year 9 and her water colour study work of floral forms.

Chloe Mayor, Year 9 and her vibrant expressive ink drawing work.

Daniel Marsden, Year 9 and his mature use of pastel still life observed drawing.

Macie Owen, Year 9 and her super mixed media still life study.

Rosie Ivill, Year 9 and her great use of water colour paint to draw floral observed drawing.

Scarlett Booth, Year 9 and her excellent sketchbook still life study work.

Josh Smith, Year 9 has produced a fantastic piece of work on the Static Mix in Music Tech and in particular Josh’s work on Volume Automation, he’s really grasped this!

Connor Helsby, Year 9 has produced excellent Music Tech work on Software Instruments showing his level of detail, focus in class & successful application in GarageBand, well done!

Oliver Barnes, Year 9 was quick to learn the input methods for GarageBand & did some fantastic work particularly on his synth part!

Harry Balshaw’s, Year 10 Music Tech work is always extremely detailed & meticulous, his research is always well thought out & provides fantastic evidence, great work!

Kasey Wallis’, Year 10 Music Tech coursework is always beautifully formatted & contains thorough research on each topic, she really puts the effort in!

Chloe Tague, Year 10 produced fantastic artwork on the theme continuation, she has replicated this throughout her promotional materials, stellar work!

Rebecca Anderson’s, Year 11 Music Tech coursework is always full of detail, showing her focus & determination in lessons, well done!

Jessica Chadwick’s, Year 11 effort in Music Tech class is impeccable, this is clearly shown with every piece of work she hands in, fantastic effort!

Kai Melake’s, Year 11 coursework is extremely detailed, explaining the use of certain effects & potential applications, great work!


Year 10 Stars

Ms Guy, Learning Leader for Year 10 would like to thank all the following students in Year 10 for their continued excellent engagement in lessons, enthusiasm for learning and the maturity they are all showing.

Sophia Magari
Ali Kemal Ozturk
George Watts
Alyssa Hall
Phoebe O’ Hara
Lyala Khan
Michael Walker
Adam Taylor
Bethan Colgan
Subhan Rashid
Umar Shagofta
Ellis Harrison Scott
Chloe Tague
Finlay Dewhurst
Kane Rostron
Isla Jones
Kelsie Oxtoby

Rehan Khan
Michael Smith
Harley Irwin
Arran Sherlock
Nathan Gaskell
Oscar Moss
Lillia Brown
Harry Balshaw
Nicole Lomas
Ellie Ray Rothwell
Isabelle Norwood
Lucy Willett
Millie Slack
Ethan Gagan
Jessica Ramsden
Lucas Buckley
Sienna Live
Daniel Saunders