27th April, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 1; Page 2

Staff have been sending in lots and lots of praise shout outs and examples of some of the fantastic work produced by students over this week. Every student who appears on The Praise Wall gains 5 reward points and their name goes into the hat for the weekly prize draw for a £10 Amazon voucher. The school is very proud of everyone listed below…keep up the great work!

Lockdown Photo Diaries - Year 9 and 10 Students

The following students have been nominated for the Praise Wall because they have produced a great response to work on producing work on their Lockdown Photo Diaries:
Year 9: Tyler Barron, Zara Bates, Lewis Bolger, Amelia Cann, Hannah Openshaw and Abby Steele-Lesh.
Year 10: Bettina Babic, Erin Foley, Charlie Kirkman, Amy Rossington (see the recycled boots planted with flowers photo) and Corey Riding.

Daniel Brown - Business

Ms Moore, Assistant Vice Principal writes;

“It is wonderful to see Daniel applying his business knowledge and key terms whilst using the marking key to check he has met the gold standard. Well done!” See Daniel’s work below…

Analyse the impact on KFC of operating in a competitive environment.

One impact on KFC of operating in a competitive environment is possibly lowering their prices to still be competitive against their main rival McDonalds (P). Doing this would mean that they would have to lower their cost to still have the same profit, for example buying their chicken from a different company (1). This could result in the chicken being lower quality (2) and therefore their burgers wouldn’t be as good as McDonald or Burger King (3). This would mean that customers would switch to their competitors (4). Having reduced customers would result in less revenue and therefore lead to a reduced profit (5). Having a reduced profit could lead to some of their branches closing and meaning there will be less fast food chicken shops over the country (6).


Year 7 Art – Hundertwasser Foot & Hand Prints

Ms Sulek would like the following Year 7 students recognised for their excellent Fritz Hundertwasser inspired design work:

Maddison Dawson, Csanad Csore, Chloe Mayor, Katie Westwood, Ethan Blake, Felicity Berry, Ryan Cain, Harry Barton, Mia Hart, Dylan Herrity, Jack Ridgley, Kiera Seddon and Lily Tinker.


Year 8 Art – History of Art Timeline Assignment

Ms Sulek would like the following Year 8 students recognised for their super effort and work on the modernist art element of their History of Art Timeline assignment:

Jessica Butterworth, Caleb Devenport, Ella Goodram, Ruby-Mae Holmes, Sophie Magari, Ella Morley, Ellie Mottershead and Ellis Harrison-Scott (pictured creating his piece).


Year 8 Art – Graphic Art

Ms Sulek would also like the following Year 8 students recognised for their great reponses to the Paul Thurlby graphic art assignment:

Isla Jones, Lucy Willett, Jack Holt, Nicole Lomas and Kelsey Oxtoby.

Year 10 Fashion – Messages

Ms Sulek’s Year 10 fashion and textiles students have been nominated because they have produced a great response to work on producing a mind map about ‘Messages’:

Halle Waring, Ami Scott, Amy Rossington, Khaneen Qaisar, Hamna Shahid, Catherine Walker and Jessica-Lyn Williams.

Amber Slater & Elina Velicka – Art

Amber and Elina have been nominated by Ms Sulek because they have been consistent with their art work during Lock Down so far. Well done, girls!

Shannon Harrop - English & Photography

Ms Calvert, Assistant Leader of English writes:

I would like to add Shannon Harrop to the Praise Wall this week, she is absolutely SMASHING her English work. I am so proud of her!

Mr Cordwell writes:

I’m very impressed with Shannon’s work on her Lockdown Photo Diary project, her use of focal distances in her shots show great maturity. You can see this in her diary below:

Shannon Harrop: My Lockdown Photo Diary

Ami Scott, Laila Phillips & Molly Walkden - MFL

Ms Fowler, Leader of MFL writes:

Please can we praise Ami Scott, Laila Phillips and Molly Walkden for their excellent effort in their Remote Learning last week.

Year 7 & 8 PE

Mr Welch would like to praise the following students for their excellent completion of PE practical and theory work:

Year 7: Daniel Lord & William Buggie

Year 8: Jessica Butterworth, Ruby May- Holmes , Haley Johnson, Isla Jones , Sophie Nesfield , Isabelle Norwood, Adam Taylor , Lucy Willet and Eshaan Yaser.

Caden Jones Year 10

Mr Chamberlain, Key Worker writes:

Caden Jones has been completing his work to a very good standard, whilst also using lots of his time to support his mum and his siblings. Over the past two weeks, Caden’s mum has been singing his praises for the role that he has taken upon himself to support he family; in his parents words words Caden is ‘going over and above’.
I believe that Caden is not only rising to the responsibility, but truly exhibiting the attitudes and behaviours we want to see in our students, modelling the Little Lever Way.

Paige Warren Year 7

Mr Wilson, teacher of Maths would like to recognise Paige Warren for the Praise Wall for her constant effort and perseverence in all her remote learning tasks.

Ethan Blake Year 7

History Diary Work

Ethan Blake – History

Ms Mortimer, teacher of History would like to praise Ethan for his excellent diary work which can be viewed in the tab above. Well done, Ethan.

Maths – Year 7 & 8

Ms Chew, teacher of Maths would like to recognise the following students for achieving 100% in all their Hegarty Maths tasks last week:

Year 7: Charlie Crompton, James Hinks, Erin Longworth, Chloe Mayor, Kyle Patel, Kirsten Scaife and Lily Tinker.
Year 8: Finley Schofield

Excellent work everyone, well done & keep it up!

Maths – Year 10

Ms Costello and Mr Morris are very impressed with the work for their top set Year 10 maths class students listed below. Included are examples of their work. Well done, everyone.

Harrison Evans, Thomas Hamlett, Amy Rossington, Bella Thompson, Hallie Waring, Megan Haslam, Charlie Greenhalgh, Abby Downing and Caden Jones.