11th May, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 3, Page 1

We continue to recognise and celebrate the fantasic work which our students are producing and the exceptional effort they are applying to their remote learning. Once again, the staff have been sending in praise ‘shout-outs’ and examples of the brilliant work being done at home. Well done, everyone!

Ryan Cain - History

Mr Sale is very impressed with Ryan Cain in Year 7 and his historical diary work, pictured below. Well done, Ryan!

Lewis Martland - Geography

Mr Wilson would like to praise Year 9 student, Lewis Martland for his excellent geography work on climate change which you can read below. Super work, Lewis!

Do you think the UK’s weather is becoming more extreme? Use evidence to explain you answer
(You need to decide yes or no and must use 3 pieces of evidence to support your view and 1 piece of evidence to show the alternate view – make sure you include an introduction and conclusion to structure your answer)

Yes I think the weather in the UK is becoming more extreme. The UK is having more extreme weather such as storm Dennis and storm Ciara in 2019 which made the it the wettest year on record and we also had drought and heatwaves in 2018 with July being the hottest on record. 2018 also brought storm Emma and an unusual cold wave bringing heavy snow to the UK. The cold spell was named “ the beast from the east’. These weather extremes are breaking records and are caused by climate change happening all over the world. The UK is an island and exposed to maritime polar air masses and continental polar air masses and sometimes tropical air masses which could account for interchanging weather but the fact is weather in the UK is becoming more severe.

Lyla McMorran & Molly Gunn - Photography

Lyle McMorran in Year 10 submitted this thought provoking and emotional image for her Lockdown Photo Diary Project depicting her sister and the emotional effect working on the front line is having on our amazing NHS workers. Stuuning photography, Lyla!

Molly Gunn‘s sensitive portrait photograph utilising light and shadow has really impressed. Excellent work, Molly!

Still Life Photography Stars!

Last week GCSE photography students were asked to produce a series of still-life photographs based on the work of photographer Steve Gallagher, using objects and possessions which had meaning to them during lockdown. Here’s some excellent responses to this assignment from;

Lucy Naisbitt, Taylor Durman, Abby Downing, Aniqah Ahktar, Ryan Collard- King, Gracie Lowe, Lyla McMorran and Jake Morris.


Mrs Fernside and the Inclusion team would like to recognise the following students for their effort with their remote learning last week:

Cayon Williams, Aaron Parkinson, Charlie Kirkman, Lucas Buckley, Evan Walker, Isla Franklin, Lewis Hales and Jack Hatzer.


Mr Poole’s Music Stars!

The students listed below have been amazing with their Focus on Sound tasks set by the music department. There are many pupils that could have made the list but the students listed below have gone way above what was set for them by completing other lessons on the website. WELL DONE!!

Year 7: Amelia Brown – 49 Lessons, Ryan Cain – 90 Lessons, Ethan Vieites – 40 Lessons, Oliver Phillips – 29 Lessons, Joshua Poynton – 29 Lessons and Harry Barton – 29 Lessons

Year 8: Dylan Benjamin – 43 Lessons, Charlotte Commons – 33 Lessons, Ethan Gagan – 46 Lessons and Sophia Magari – 35 Lessons

Year 9: Sophie Alston Forrester – 22 Lessons and Aston Minta – 15 lessons

Year 10
Keira Howard – 20 lessons and Lucy Grime – 18 lessons.

MFL Superstars!

Ms Fowler would like to praise the following students for the progress they have made last week. It has been exceptional to see how much they have improved in their writing skills over the last couple of weeks. Every week they have followed all my guidance and have made huge improvements. It’s brilliant to see these students develop!

Phoebe Alston-Forrester, Maddison Palin and Keira Howard.

Ms Brown would like to praise the following students for their excellent standard of work sent in last week:

Year 8 Spanish: Eshaan Yaser
Year 8 French: Oscar Moss
Year 9 Spanish: Rachel Heyes

Ms Jordan writes:

Matthew Ryall has made brilliant progress with his French writing since the start of lockdown and has been attempting higher level questions for the past couple of weeks. He has really taken on board all the feedback I have given him and has achieved fantastic scores in 32 mark writing questions.


Ms Rawstron's Science Stars!

The following students have submitted some incredible work in science this week.

Year 7: Kendrick Williams and Macie Aspen

Year 8: Lucas Anderson, Ella Goodram and Ryan Nesfield

Year 9: Tyler Barron, Aimee Bleakley, Daniel Brown, Shelby Cartwright, Jessica Chadwick, Ellie-Jo Jameson, Luke Lumley-Davenport, Bethany McGuffie, Matthew Ryall, Jessica Colgan, Macy Drennan, Charlie Eyres, Jodie Jackson, Jorga McLaughland, Lily Philbin, Daisy Wall and Jake Morris

Special mentions:
Bobbi-May Norris for an outstanding score across all tasks in science.
Spencer Thornley as the only student across two classes in year 9 to achieve a full 100% in all tasks.
Tom Hotchin for repeatedly submitting work after receiving feedback and eventually mastering his Physics equations.

Year 10: Stars of the week for near perfect scores across all tasks in Biology
Joshua Mellet, Caitlin Rhead and Lucy Naisbitt.

Year 7 – Art

These Year 7 students have been nominated because they have produced a great response to the work on Hundertwasser landscape design in mixed media.
Lily Tinker, Joshua Magnall, Ryan Cain, Chloe Mayor, Bradley Oliver, Alfie Winnard-Leighton, Millie Shepherd, Isabelle Harrison, Kyle Patel, Jessica Crofts and Ethan Blake.

Year 8 – Art

The following students have been nominated because they have produced a great response to work on a mixed media collage based on the word ‘lettering’.
Adam Taylor, Callum Green, Chelsea Monford, Elizabeth Jones, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Isabelle Norwood, Isla Jones, Jessica Butterworth, Jessica Crofts, Kelsey Oxtoby, Kyle Patel, Lilla Brown, Neve Warren, Nicole Lomas, Oscar Moss, Sophie Magari and Lucy Willett.


Year 9 – Art

Bethany McGuffie and Jade Ellis‘s art work produced in the style of Riza Pecker really impressed last week. Well done, girls!

Year 9 - Photography

Ms Sulek is nominating the following pupils who deserve praise last week as they are very consistent every week with their photography work:
Annie Wardle, Bethany McGuffie, Sienna Smith-Hamilton, Jessica Chadwick, Caitlyn Kavanah, Abbie Steele-Lesh, Amelia Cann, Tyler Barron and Hannah Openshaw.

PE Stars!

Mr Welch would like to give praise to Leo Logan and Joshua Poynton for their attempts at the 100 challenge and PE activities.

In Year 10, Ryan Collard-King, Charlie Wilson, Cayon Williams, Luke Pilling and Aaron Parkinson are to be praised for their work on everlearner over the last couple of weeks.


Ms Chew's Maths Stars!

The following students appear on the Praise Wall for completing all their Maths work to the highest possible standard & with 100% Effort. Well done!

Year 7: Toby Belfield, Erin Longworth, Kyle Patel and Lily Tinker

Year 8: Kaleb Hailwood, Grace Harwood, Dylan Benjamin, Bethany Cain, Maddison Dawson, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Ruby-May Holmes, Harley Irwin, Harley Johnson, Ella Morley, Oscar Moss, Finley Schofield, Adam Taylor and Leon Tennant.

Ms Farrimond’s Media Stars!

Year 9 and 10 Media students have been having fun these past weeks learning how to create animations using flipbooks, apps and websites. Special mentions go to the following students; their animations can be viewed by clicking on the tabs…

Holly Herrity Year 9

Holly’s Animation


Kelly Dempsey-Fallows Year 9

Kelly’s Animation


Karan Saha Year 9

Karan’s Animation

Ms Naylor's Maths Stars!

Outstanding effort and outcomes last week from Ryan Collard-King, Lewis Hales and Matthew Cowcill with all elements of their maths work. Well done, guys!

Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan - Geography

Ms Sutcliffe would like to praise Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan because last week his worked stepped up to the next level and he put an enormous amount of effort it, which was great to see.


Ms Morris's RE Stars!

Well done to Kyle Patel and Erin Longworth in Year 7 who both got 22/24 on Islam summative assessment – this was a GCSE style question!

Kelly Dempsey Fallows and Jessica Colgan in Year 10 have produced outstanding work again this week. Well done!