11th May, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 3, Page 2

We continue to recognise and celebrate the fantasic work which our students are producing and the exceptional effort they are applying to their remote learning. Once again, the staff have been sending in praise ‘shout-outs’ and examples of the brilliant work being done at home. Well done, everyone!

Here’s page 2!

Ms Mistry's Science Stars!

Kelsi Lynch in Year 8 is to be praised not only for her continuous effort but also for questioning her answers.

Keelan Mulligan in Year 8 is making a huge effort tackling questions he is unfamiliar with.

Ethan Worthington continues to show exceptiona effort in everything he does.

In Year 10 Physics Isabella Thompson, Molly Gunn, Caitlin Rhead, Skye Nicholson and Lucy Naisbitt continue to demonstrate brilliant effort and working well independently.


Ms Hopkinson's Design Tech Stars!

A brilliant standard of work was produced last week in Design Technology by Charlie Greenhalgh, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan and Halle Bates-Robinson in Year 10 and Subhan Abaid and Isabel Hair in Year 9. Well done, everyone!


Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars!

The following Year 10 students have achieved  fantastic end of topic assessment results last week on Infection and Response;

Megan Baxendale, Charlie Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Lily Phillips, Amy Rossington, Hannah Slater and Elina Velicka. Well done!


Ms Mortimer's History Stars!

Year 9 students, Brooke Corbett, Harvey Leech, Georgia Ridings, Milly McGlynn and Hannah Cherry have produced exceptional work last week. Well done.

In Year 7, Alfie Winnard-Leighton, Bradley Oliver, Ethan Bates and Erin Longworth have really excelled in their tasks! Super work!


Ms Craven's Super Scientists!

Some amazing work and effort from the following students in Science 7P1 – they work consistently well every week and have produced some excellent work, usually going above and beyond and always getting in contact should they need anything!

Archie Johnson, Bradley Oliver, Ella Hill, Jessica Crofts, Joshua Smith, Katrine Smaukstele, Rosie Ivill, Ryan Cain, Sam Philbin and Tyler Collard-King.

They’re all ace and have been doing brilliantly – keep it up!

Drama Stars!

Ms Higgins would like to praise the follow drama students for their outstanding response to practice exam question:

Year 9: Zara Bates, Hannah Cherry, Gizem Hasanova, Bronte Naylor and Lucy Jones

Year 10: Megan Baxendale, Mia Conway, Tegan Dalley, Khia-Louise Houghton, Gracie Lowe and Aimee Renshaw.

Year 10 – Maths

Mr Isherwood and Ms Stubbs have been so impressed with many of the students in their Year 10 maths classes. There were lots of 1s for effort. A shout out this week to these students who have produced some fantastic work and submitted clear working out. Keep up the great work!!

Erin Fairfield, Jack Sisson, Leonie Appleby and Umar Ahmed. In addition, Charlie Allwood and Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan for superb effort with their maths work last week.

Ms Ely's PE Stars!

The following Year 8 students achieved 100% of the video and over 75% on the Everlearner activity this week:
Lillia Brown, Charlotte Commons, Kelsey- Jo Frost, Elisabeth Jones, Adam Taylor and Ryan Worden.

The following Year 9 students achieved 100% of the video and over 75% on the Everlearner activity this week:
Alfie Barlow Seymour, Tyler Barron, Jayden Garrity, Harvey Leech and Georgia Ridings.

The following Year 10 students achieved 100% of the video and over 80% on the Everlearner activities this week:
Mia Appleby, Keira Howard, Elina Velicka and Bailey Tildsley.

Mr Cook's Super Historians!

Year 10 historians, Mia Appleby, Lucy Grimes and Megan Haslam have consistently been producing high quality work.

Jason Scaife in Year 10 also deserves praise for the effort he has been making with his History work.

Year 8 student Sasha Wilson asked Mr Cook if he could set her some extra work for History. She ended up doing some research and some tasks relating to VE Day in 1945. Amazing, Sasha!

VE Day Catering and Design Stars

The following students have worked really hard this week to produce brilliant food and decorations for VE Day celebrations, which can be viewed below.
Year 7: Jessica Crofts, Ryan Cain, Harriet Hart, Joshua Magnall, Kirsten Scaife and Joshua Smith

Year 8: Callum Green, Ethan Gagan, Hannah Goodwin, Isla Jones and Beth Harrison-Taylor

Year 9: Elisha O’Gara and Ben Griffin.

The English Praise Wall Video

Well done to everyone appearning in the video!