18th May, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 4, Page 1

Well done to everyone who has made week 4 of the Praise Wall. You have produced exceptional work last week and your teachers and the school are very proud of you.

Kelsie Oxtoby - PiXL Edge

Kelsie Oxtoby in Mr Barry’s Year 8 Edge form is still working on her PiXl edge qualification. Most of 8E have been asking about it too; Mr Barry loves the enthusiasm and always proud of them!


Ms Guy's Stars!

Ms Guy, Learning Leader and mentor has put forward for the Praise Wall Aston Minta, Bronte Naylor, Hannah Openshaw and Lily Philbin as as they are working well each week with high engagement scores. Well done!


Jaydon Garrity - Year 9

Jaydon Garrity has not only been working exceptionally well with his school work, he is also involved with some pretty intensive DIY renovation work at home as well. Super effort, Jaydon!

Year 10 – Photography

Last week GCSE photography students were set the challenging task of finding and capturing the alphabet letter forms A-Z, through still life arrangements or found letters in the environment. We are very impressed with the following students’ efforts, who have produced some exceptional responses;

Abby Downing, Ryan Collard-King, Gracie Lowe and Lucy Naisbitt.

PE Game Designers

Ms Bannister would like to praise the following students for their excellent submissions in the design your own outdoor activity game, set as a PE task last week. Well done to:

Year 7: Lewis Eaton and Kyle Barron

Year 8: Ryan Worden

Year 9: Brooke Corbett and Jacob Anderson.

Design Technology Stars

Mr Lambert is highly impressed with the achievements of:

Ellis Harrison Scott, Isla Jones, Kelsie Oxtoby and Neve Warren.

They all achieved 100% in their assignment ‘Workshop Equipment’. Superb work, everyone!

Year 10 - Lockdown Art Stars

Year 10 Art students Ami Scott and Hallie Waring have produced an excellent standard of mixed-media art for their lockdown themed art assignment last week which you can enjoy above and below. Well done, girls!

Sophie Crook - Art

Sophie Crook in Year 9 has made the Praise Wall for her excellent piece of work producing a portrait in the style of Patrushka.



PE Superstars!

Mr Roper, teacher of PE has been impressed with the fantastic work by the following students in putting together playing squads for the Fantasy Football Challenge, including player stats, analysis and great reasons why they had picked the player.

Year 7: William Buggie, Noah Walker and Alfie Winnard-Leighton

Year 8: Scott Booth, Lucy Lister and Ryan Worden.


Ryan Collard-King - Maths

Ms Naylor is super impressed with Ryan Collard-King‘s exceptional attitude in maths, he is going above and beyondl resulting in high scores in all his maths tasks.

Well done, Ryan!

Year 8 – Art

Year 8 art students, Bethany Taylor, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Isabelle Norwood and Ruby May Holmes have produced some brilliant Jasper Johns style overalapping lettering pieces last week which can be enjoyed below. Well done, everyone!

Year 7 – Art

Year 7 students last week were tasked with producing imaginery landscapes inspired by the artist Fritz Hundertwasser.

Toby Belfield, Felicity Berryl, Isabelle Harrison, Harry Barton and Oliver Phillips all produced exceptional work for this which can be seen below;

Media Stars!

Last week, Media students were tasked to learn how to use Pixilart.com to create an animated GIF. The students listed produced some excellent examples;

Kelly Dempsey-Fallows, Alishba Hussain, Isabel Prentice, Jade Evans, Kai Malake, Karan Saha and Leah Bentham.

RE Stars!

Year 7: Well done to Jessica Crofts, Kyle Patel and Keira Seddon who all submitted amazing work this week for RE. In particular their storyboards describing the life of Buddha were excellent, as were their own representaions of different aspects of their own personalities.

Year 8: The work submitted by Lucy Willett stood out with her detailed and impassioned evaluation of `stewardship` and whether she thought humans were doing a good enough job of caring for the environment.

Year 9: Aimee Bleakley, Shelby Carwright, Jessica Colgan, Charlie Eyres and Kelly Dempsey Fallows all designed brilliant knowledge organisers containing the main key words and quotes for use in the topics ‘Peace and Conflict’ and ‘Crime and Punishment’.

Ms Fowler's MFL Stars!

Ms Fowler writes;

‘Please can I praise Thomas Hamlett and Harrison Evans for having a great attempt at their first speaking session.

Phoenix Bates and Priscilla Adu Donkor have also showed great maturity this week with their independent Spanish work.

Can I take this opportunity to thank all Year 10 MFL students for their commitment and engagement. It has been brilliant to see them all develop over the last few weeks and I’m looking forward to our next few weeks of speaking tasks!’

Ryan Cain – Spanish

Ms Jordan writes;

‘Ryan Cain in Year 7 has produced outstanding work throughout the duration of lockdown. I have been so impressed with his Spanish work and this week he blew me away with his powerpoint about Barcelona (which he chose to translate in Spanish) and his Spanish letter. Ryan always tries his hardest and goes above and beyond to exceed any challenge I set him. His work this week is of year 9 standard and is the best I have ever seen from a year 7 pupil.’