18th May, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 4, Page 2

Well done to everyone who has made week 4 of the Praise Wall. You have produced exceptional work last week and your teachers and the school are very proud of you.

Here’s page 2…

Year 10 - DIT

A huge congratulations to the following Year 10 DIT students for massively improving their exam technique. It has paid it off and has been seen through last week’s online assessment where grades shot through the roof! Keep it up!!

Bettina Babic, Samantha Bithell, Lucas Briggs, Ryeleah Cartwright, Liam Doran, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan, Megan Haslam, Isabel Prentice, Umar Ahmed, Ryan Collard-King, Billy Fothergill, Louie Higgins and Sol Love.

Year 7 & 8 Computing Stars

The Computing department would like to congratulate the following pupils in both Year 7 and Year 8 for coming in the top 5 in their year groups on the Kahoot Low Stakes Quiz. Keep up the hard work!

Year 7:
1st: Jessica Crofts
2nd: Katie Westwood
3rd: Holly Dunn
4th: Alfie Winnard-Leighton
5th: William Buggie

Year 8:
1st: Eshaan Yaser
2nd: Nicole Lomas
3rd: Lois Walker
4th: Oscar Moss
5th: Harley Johnson


The following Year 9 photography students have really impressed Ms Sulek with their brilliant work on Alphabet photography last week, which can be viewed below;
Abbie Steele-Lesh, Amelia Cann, Amy Rossington, Annie Wardle, Bethany McGuffie, Bettina Babic, Ethan Shields, Jake Morris, Jessica Chadwick, Tilly Buggie, Tyler Barron and Zara Bates.

Year 8 PE Stars!

These students have achieved fantastic results on their Everlearner work this week. They have watched 100% of the video set this week and achieved over 75% on the test that they have completed.

Lillia Brown, Jessica Butterworth, Charlotte Commons, Elisabeth Jones, Isabelle Norwood, Adam Taylor, Lucy Willet, Isla Jones, Sophia Magari, Cadie McGann and Ryan Nesfield.

Year 9 PE Stars!

These students have achieved fantastic results on their Everlearner work this week. They have watched 100% of the video set this week and achieved over 75% on the test that they have completed.

Tyler Barron, Harvey Leech, Lily Philbin, Matthew Ryall, Alfie Barlow-Seymour and Macy Dreenan.

Alongside Everlearner students have been completing written leadership tasks. The following students have been doing fantastic in these tasks and are placing lots of effort and detail into their work.

Brooke Corbett, Lucie Farrington, Lily Philbin, Jodie Jackson, Georgia Ridings, Aimee Bleakley and Molly Crompton.

Year 10 PE Stars!

These students have achieved fantastic results on their Everlearner work this week. They have watched 100% of each of the videos set this week and achieved over 75% on the tests that they have completed.

Mia Appleby, Keira Howard, Sol Love, Bailey Tildsley, Elina Velicka, Erin Fairfield and Ryan Collard-King.

Alongside Everlearner students have been completing written tasks relating to outdoor activities. The following students have been doing fantastic in these tasks and are placing lots of effort and detail into their work.

Bailey Tildsley, Sol Love, Mia Appleby, Keira Howard, Olivia Vining, Pheobe Alston- Forrester and Noah Barrington.

Ms Rawstron's Year 7 Science Stars

Well done to Mia Kirkman, Oscar Seal and Kendrick Williams for excellent work submitted last week.

Special recognition to the following students in year 7 who also received 100% in their science work this week:
Kyle Barron, Daisie Rogers, Chloe Hinsley and Nathan Hughes.

Ms Rawstron's Year 9 Science Stars

Well done to Tyler Barron, Aimee Bleakley, Daniel Brown, Jessica Chadwick, Aleshba Hussain, Bobbi-May Norris, Matthew Ryall, Hayden Williams, Lauren Tobin, Charlie Eyres, Abby Steele-Lesh, Jodie Jackson and Spencer Thornley for super work last week.

Special recognition to Xander Hargreaves who received 100% in science this week and to Lily Philbin, Macy Drennan, Daisy Wall and Rachel Heyes who continue to hand in near perfect work weekly.

Ms Rawstron's Year 10 Science Stars

Special recognition to Bella Thompson who received 58/60 on her grade 9 work on monoclonal antibodies.

An outstanding achievement, Bella. Well done!


Year 7 Technology Stars

Ms Ward would like to praise the following Year 7 students for their absolutely excellent work on the Fish Project.
Ethan Turney, Felicity Berry, Harry Barton, Joshua Poynton, Joshua Smith, Keira Seddon, Kirsten Scaife, Kyle Barron, Kyle Patel, Laura Melbourne, Matthew Elleray and Ryan Cain.

Year 8 Technology Stars

Ms Ward is really impressed with the excellent work on the Healthy Eating project produced by the following students;

Adam Taylor, Bethany Cain, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Kelsie Oxtoby, Lillia Brown, Lucy Willett and Sophia Magari.


Year 9 & 10 Technology Stars

Year 9 students, Rachel Heyes and Aaliyah Fogg showed excellent effort and achievement on the Nutrition assignment.

Year 10 students, Maddison Whitelaw, Ami Scott and Kady Leigh Sellers produced excellent Special Diets assignments and demonstrated great effort.

Well done to you all!


Catering Superstars!

The following students have been cooking away a home and practising their Catering skills with great success.
Year 7: Ryan Cain, Ethan Blake, Felicity Berry and Toby Belfield

Year 8: Bethany Harrison Taylor, Kaleb Hailwood, Ellis Harrison Scott, Ruby May Holmes and Adam Taylor

Year 9: Millie Wright.

Keep sending us photos of your food – we love to see them!

Ms Mistry’s Science Stars

Year 8 students, Joe Holt, Keelan Mulligan, Lilly Crowther, Sophie Nesfield and Blake Baker all showed excellent resilience and effort for having a real good go at some challenging work!

Year 8 students, Amee Pankhania, Abby Murday, Olivia Lowe – fantastic!, Daisy Greenwood, Lucy Edwards, Taya Arthur, Jack Cubbins, Madison Durman and Ethan Gagan completed two sets of challenging questions and giving it a good shot!

In Year 9, Bronte Naylor, Kelly Fallows Dempsey, Gizem Hasanova, Fizan Khrushid and Alix Parsons had some issues with accessing classroom but yet still wrote work by hand and posted a picture of it…brilliant effort!
Also Year 9 students, Amaan Iqbal and Maddie Smethurst showed outstanding effort in their tasks last week.

Mr Cook's History Heroes

The Year 10 historians listed below produced outstanding work on the Korean War last week;

Caitlin Rhead, Megan Haslam, Mia Appleby, Skye Nicholson, Amber Slater and Jack Walton.

Bailey Tildsley in Year 10 is also making a really strong effort with his work and deserves recognition.

The following Year 8 historians produced excellent work on the Causes of WW1;
Molly Ambrosiuk, Lillia Brown, Mia Copeland, Olivia Lowe, Chelsea Montford, Finley Schofield, Adam Taylor and Lucy Willett.

Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars

These students have worked amazingly hard in science and Boost science this week. We are very impressed with the work they are producing as this is some very difficult content that they are grasping remotely and putting in lots of effort to really try and understand.


Ms Chew's Maths Stars

All the Year 7 and Year 8 students below completed their all their online Maths Tasks with 100% effort. Well done!

Year 7: Toby Belfield, Csanad Csore, Lucas Eatough, Matthew Elleray, Erin Longworth, Daniel Lord, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Poynton, Joshua Smith, Lily Tinker, Ethan Turney and Katie Westwood

Year 8: Naomi Barber, Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Billy Corless, Madison Durman, Erin Frankum, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Nathan Gaskell, Ella Goodram, Callum Green, Alyssa Hall, Joe Holt, Elisabeth Jones, Abdul Khan, Nicole Lomas, Sienna Love, Kelsi Lynch, Sophia Magari, Chelsea Montford, Ellie Mottershead, Finley Schofield, Corey Stevens, Bethany Taylor, Lois Walker, Lucy Willett, Ryan Worden and Eshaan Yaser.


Ms Hopkinson's Design Stars

All the students below have been working exceptionally hard on their Design & Technology work during the last week. Well done!

Year 9: Cai Johnson, Lewis Martland and Kenzie Stanworth

Year 10: Aniqah Akhtar, Catherine Whittaker, Charlie Allwood, Aaron Purdie and Laim Doran.


Ms Brown's MFL Stars

Ms Brown was really amazed by the fantastic work which was handed in last week for French and Spanish! Students had to research a French/Spanish city and make a presentation and some students also made some NHS posters in different languages. Well done to;

Year 8 French: Ryan Nesfield, Lucas Anderson, Bethany Cain, Maddison Dawson, Keelan Mulligan, Aaron Rowland and Adam Taylor

Year 8 Spanish: Michael Bithell, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Elisabeth Jones, Isla Jones, Ellie Mottershead, Lyla Wells, Ryan Worden, Lucy Willett, Kelsie Oxtoby, Harry Owens, Sophia Magari, Sienna Love, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Hanna Goodwin, Jessica Butterworth and Scott Booth

Year 9 Spanish: Jacob Anderson, Kelly Dampsey-Fallows, Louie Evans, Rachel Heyes, Kieran Litherland, Jessica Colgan, Gizem Hasanova, Simrah Hussain, Jake Morris, Lily Philbin and Lauren Tobin.

Maths Challenge - Years 7, 8 & 9

Fantastic effort week in, week out from those continuing to complete the Maths Challenge! Top 3 last week:

1. Luke Lumley-Davenport (9C)
2. Charlie Bateson (7C) and Lewis Eaton (7A)
3. Csanad Csore (7A)

Congratulations and well done everyone! The Week 8 challenge is now on Google Classrooms for you to have a go at.

English Praise Wall Video

Finally, the English team has once again created their Praise Wall video. Congratulations to everyone who is featured.