1st June, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 5, Page 1

After a brief hiatus over the half term break, our Remote Learning Rewards Strategy starts again. The staff have been sending in their nominations for the exceptional work students have produced the week before (and during) the half term holiday. Well done to everyone who appears below!

Ms Guy's Stars

Ms Guy, Learning Leader would like to praise Bobbi May Norris, Bronte Naylor, Jake Morris and Lily Philbin for their exceptional effort and engagement in general with their remote learning. Well done!

Jessica Crofts - Technology

The technology department have been really impressed with all the project work being submitted so far a head of the due date. Special mention goes to Jessica Crofts for a very eye catching and informative knowledge organiser on Biomimicry. Well done, Jessica!

Year 7 Drama Stars

The following Year 7 drama students from Ms Fernside’s class have been working so hard with their Drama Presentations and continued effort over the last half term of learning:

Adam Menai, Chloe Mayor, Daniel Lord, Erin Naisbitt, Harry Barton, Holly Dunn, Joshua Mangnall, Joshua Poynton, Kirsten Scaife and Lewis Eaton.

Year 8 Graphic Art Stars

The students listed below have produced brilliant responses to the Jasper Johns style overlapping lettering task. Well done to, Chelsea Monford, Elizabeth Jones, Isla Jones, Kelsie Oxtoby, Lucy Willett, Nicole Lomas and Ruby Mae Holmes.

Year 9 Photography Stars

Ms Sulek has nominated Annie Wardle, Jake Morris and Abigail Steele-Lesh for their fantastic alphabet style photography in which they were tasked in creating a positive lockdown message. Well done!

Year 10 Photography Stars

The following students have been nominated for their fantastic alphabet A-Z photography collages and lockdown messages;

Amy Rossington, Bettina Barbic, Lewis Hales, Raja-Iza Ullah and Erin Foley.


Jade Evans - Art

Jade Evans in Year 9 has been nominated for her super work inspired by David Lozeau. Well done, Jade.

Year 7 Art Stars

The following students are on the Praise Wall for writing really good reviews on ‘Irinaland’ by Fritz Hundertwasser;

Harry Barton, Toby Belfield, Felicity Berry, Ryan Cain, Daniel Lord, Kyle Patel, Keira Seddon and Joshua Smith.

Bella Thompson - Art

Bella has produced some lovely pattern art based on the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Well done, Bella.

Year 9 Design & Technology

Ben Higson, Ellie-J Jameson, Lewis Martland and Spencer Thornley have been working really hard investigating and modelling mechanisms. Here are some examples of the great home modelling happening.

Year 10 Design & Technology

There has been some excellent modelling and revision by Year 10 as well. Special mentions go to Charlie Greenhalgh, Billy Fothergill, Haider Rehan, Amber Slater and Lilly Phillps.


Olivia Lowe – Personal Learning of Makaton

The school is very proud to hear of Olivia’s effort in not only doing her school work but also taking it upon herself to learn the Makaton sign language. She has created some videos of songs she has converted in to Makaton, which you can view below. Olivia now aims to study the full courses. Brilliant work, Olivia!

Olivia Lowe: Makaton – George Ezra’s Me & You

Olivia Lowe: Makaton – The Greatest Showman


Year 9 & 10 Media Animations

Before half term, media students created animated GIFs. You can view these below on a new website specially created for them.

Little Lever Media

Media students Jade Evans, Kai Malake, Kelly Dempsey-Fallows, Leah Bentham, Lola Ryan and Joe Kennedy created some very cool stop motion studio animations before half term. You can view Joe’s below:

Year 9 & 10 Drama Stars

The following students have ‘handed in’ every task on Google Classroom since Week 1 of Remote Learning. Therefore they have made the Drama praise list for excellent effort. Well done!

In Year 10, Aimee Renshaw, Gracie Lowe, Khia-Louise Houghton, Megan Baxendale, Mia Conway and Tegan Daley.

In Year 9, Ben Tinker , Bronte Naylor, Gizem Hasanova, Hannah Cherry, Louie Evans, Lucy Jones, Luis Marsden and Zara Bates.

Year 8 Drama Stars

The following Year 8 students have ‘handed in’ every task on Google Classroom since Week 1 of Remote Learning. Therefore they have made the Drama praise list for excellent effort. Well done!

Ryan Nesfield, Bethan Colgan, Billy Corless, Lucas Anderson, Oscar Moss, Aaron Rowland, Adam Taylor, Bailey Duncan-Rogers, Ethan Gagan, Keelan Mulligan, Madison Durman, Sophie Nesfield, Charlotte Commons, Harry Owens, Isabelle Norwood, Kelsie Oxtoby, Lucy Willett, Michael Walker, Molly Ambrosiuk, Nathan Gaskell, Olivia Dougill, Sophia Magari, William Rainey, Alyssa Hall, Bethany Cain, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Leon Tennant, Lucy Edwards, Olivia Lowe, Ruby-May Holmes, Eve Lowe, Jack Martin-Toomey, Jessica Butterworth, Jobe Williams, Michael Bithell, Ryan Worden, Caleb Devenport, Lucas Buckley, Rehan Khan, Elisabeth Jones, Hanna Goodwin, Isla Jones, Jessica Ramsden, Naomi Barber, Scott Booth and Sienna Love.

Year 7 Drama Stars

The following Year 7 students have ‘handed in’ every task on Google Classroom since Week 1 of Remote Learning. Therefore they have made the Drama praise list for excellent effort. Well done!

Adam Menai, Chloe Mayor, Erin Naisbitt, Holly Dunn, Joshua Mangnall, Joshua Poynton, Keira Seddon, Kirsten Scaife, Lewis Eaton, Harry Barton, Daniel Lord, Amelia Brown, Csanad Csore, Dylan Jarrold, Kyle Barron, Kyle Patel, Brianna Knight, Ella Hill, Jessica Crofts, Joshua Smith, Ryan Cain, Samuel Magari, Scarlett Booth, Bailey Hook, Lauren Harrison, Adam Shahzad, Bradley Oliver, Ethan Vieites, Jack Dugdale, Jake Lane, Kane Hendry, Tyler Collard-King, Aaron Lewis, Erin Hill, Isla Franklin, Jack Ridgley, Lily Tinker, Erin Longworth, Ethan Blake, Felicity Berry, George Roberts, Jake O’Shaunghnessy, Lucas Eatough, Macie Owen, Rebecca Webster, Haseeb Hussain, Pheobe Palin and William Walne.