1st June, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 5, Page 2

After a brief hiatus over the half term break, our Remote Learning Rewards Strategy starts again. The staff have been sending in their nominations for the exceptional work students have produced the week before (and during) the half term holiday. Well done to everyone who appears below!

Here’s page 2!

PE Praise Video

MFL Stars

Kady-Leigh Sellars has been a fantastic team player in French and Cameron Purdie has been making great progress with his speaking in French.

In Spanish Malikah Akhtar has made incredible progress in her speaking sessions. Well done to all!


Year 8 Science Excellence

The following Year 8 students have achieved perfect scores in all their work before half term, a superb achievement;

Bethany Cain, Maddison Dawson, Chelsea Montford, Adam Taylor and Bethan Colgan.

History Stars

The following students have produced exceptional work for Ms Mortimer in the history assignments. Well done to:

Year 7: Travis Woodland, James Hinks, Felicity Berry, Ethan Vietes and Ethan Bates.

Year 8: Olivia Lowe, Sasha Wilson, Ryan Nesfield, Sienna Love, Lucas Anderson, Jessica Ramsden and Hannah Goodwin.

Year 9: Aimee Bleakley, Hannah Cherry and Harvey Leech.

Jo-Ann’s Baking

Along with working hard with her remote learning, Year 7 student, Jo-Ann Wallworth-Lomas has been baking these delicious cookies. Well done, Jo-Ann!

Year 10 Maths Superstars

Miss Costello and Mr Morris continue to be amazed by the hard work and determination shown by top set Year 10. The effort put into completing the tasks by the majority of the class is astounding, they are really putting themselves in a great position for when we return to school.

Students that went the extra mile and/or asked for help to make sure they completed the tasks to their best ability are:
Megan Baxendale, Lilly Phillips, Ami Scott, Jason Scaife, Halle Bates-Robinson, Noah Barrington, Harry Rushmore, Aaron Purdie, Jack Walton and Caitlin Rhead.

Ms Naylor is really impressed with the brilliant work produced by Matthew Cowcill and Ryan Collard-King in her maths class. Keep it going!


Lucy Willett - History

Mr Cook would like to nominate Lucy Willett in Year 8 for the praise wall.

She has produced excellent History consistently, week after week. She has shown a real commitment to producing her best work at all times – demonstrating historical knowledge and skills of the highest quality.

Well done, Lucy!

Year 9 English Stars

Ms Crook would like to praise the following Year 9 students for their consistently excellent work they submit in the English tasks;

Aimee Bleakley, Daisy Wall, Cara Bannister, Jessica Colgan, Macy Drennan, Beau Evans, Rachel Heyes, Alishba Hussain, Laiba Hussain, Simrah Hussain, Ellie-Jo Jameson, Bethany McGuffie, Lily Philbin and Georgia Ridings.

Catering Stars

Ms Ward would like to praise the following students for their excellent effort in Catering work;

Year 7: Jessica Crofts

Year 8: Callum Green, Lillia Brown and Lucy Willetts.

The following students have shown excellent effort and produced outstanding outcomes in their Hospitality and Catering work;

Year 9: Aaliyah Fogg and Courtney Siddall

Year 10: Antony Pilling and Megan Haslam.


Ms Hargreaves’s Science Stars

The following students have been added to the Praise Wall for fantastic work in science and science Boost. These students have put in maximum effort and completed some very tricky Chemistry and Physics work successfully.

Year 9: Lewis Martland

Year 10 Boost: Keira Howard and Elina Velicka

Year 10: Halle Bates-Robinson, Megan Baxendale, Abby Downing, Charlie Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Caden Jones, Lily Phillips, Aimee Renshaw, Amy Rossington, Hannah Slater, Elina Velicka, Billy Fothergill, Jessica-Lyn Willams and Charlie Wilson.

Ms Craven’s Science Stars

The following students from 7pSc1 created some amazing submissions for their “Alternative Energy” work before half term:

Archie Johnson, Bradley Oliver, Ella Hill, Jack Hansom, Jessica Crofts, Joshua Smith, Kallum Bills, Katrina Smaukstele, Rosie Ivill, Ryan Cain, Sam Philbin and Tyler Collard-King.

The work is detailed and brilliant, clearly describing the different energy resources and a good deal of effort has been put in. Well done to them for another week of consistently excellent work!


Scarlett Booth - Art

Scarlett in Year 7 has joined in with an initiative called Portrait Artist of the Week and has had a go at producing a pencil study of Will Young. Well done, Scarlett – a super effort!

Ms Chew's Maths Stars

The following pupils have completed all their Maths work to the highest standard, gaining 100% in every task. Well done all!

Year 8: Naomi Barber, Lillia Brown, Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Nathan Gaskell, Callum Green, Alyssa Hall, Harley Irwin, Elisabeth Jones, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Finley Schofield, Michael Walker, Lucy Willett, Ryan Worden and Eshaan Yaser.

Year 7: Harry Barton, Toby Belfield, Felicity Berry, Ethan Blake, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Saul Cartwright, Charlie Crompton, Csanad Csore, Finley Davies, Lewis Eaton, Lucas Eatough, Matthew Elleray, Jack Greene, Jack Hansom, Charlie Heath, Dylan Herrity, Ella Hill, Rosie Ivill, Archie Johnson, Brianna Knight, Erin Longworth, Daniel Lord, Chloe Mayor, Summer McCracken, Alisha McCrory, Timothy Montford, Kyle Patel, Oliver Phillips, George Roberts, Keira Seddon, Joshua Smith, Oliver Taylor, Ethan Turney, Evan Walker, Katie Westwood, Travis Woodland, Jack Ridgley and Lily Tinker.

Ms Stubbs’s Maths Stars

Codey Rule, Umar Ahmed, Bettina Babic and Charlie Wilson have all produced brilliant work with some challenging material. Well done, everyone!