29th June, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 9

Once again, staff have been sending in their nominations of those students who have really impressed them with their effort, enagagement and quality of work submitted last week. A brilliant effort by everyone featured on this page. Well done from all the staff!

Leah Johnson Charity Fundraising

Leah Johnson in Year 10 has taken part in the BoltonHospice Pyjama Memories Walk in memory of her Nanna last week. She has raised just short of £200. A fantastic achievement, Leah. We are very proud of you!

Rosie Ivill

Year 7 student, Rosie Ivill already has an interest in studying GCSE Photography. In addition to her studies, Rosie has working on the GCSE Lockdown Photo Diary project in her own time and has produced a brilliant response, which you can view in the tab below. We are very impressed with the fantastic effort, dedication and enthusiam shown!

Rosie Ivill's Lockdown Photo Diary


Year 7 Art Stars

The following Year 7 art students have produced excellent responses to the mandala art design task last week. Well done to;

Bradley Oliver, Felicity Berry, Harry Barton, Holly Dunn, Jade Williams, Joshua Smith, Isabelle Harrison and Kyle Patel.

Their work can be seen below.


Bella Thompson's Art

Bella Thompson in Year 10 has produced an excellent final draft piece for her Alice In Wonderland art project.


Year 9 Art Stars

Beth McGuffie has produced excellent mask designs for her Day of the Dead project. Alannah Holden has also been producing some excellent research on her chosen artist. Well done, girls!

Year 8 Art Stars!

The following Year 8 students have produced excellent responses to Lock down messages in the style of Andy J Miller which you can view below. Well done to;

Ellis Harrison-Scott, Oscar Aldersley, Lucy Willett, Lillia Brown, Kelsie Oxtoby and Ryan Nesfield.


Hamna Rashid - Business

Hamna has produced an  excellent response that demonstrate secure understanding of the topic and examination technique – great application of the task’s recipe for success, the marking key and highlighted context to support self-reflection – just brilliant!

Analyse the impact on Tesco of operating using a decentralised organisational structure. (6 marks)

One benefit of this supermarket operating in this way means that their store managers workers would feel more motivated because they would feel more trusted by making some of the decisions.(p) Motivated employees means that they will provide better service for their local shoppers.(1) Providing better service will lead to happier and satisfied customers who will be willing to give good reviews towards this retailer.(2)Good reviews will attract more shoppers who will want to come grocery shopping.(3) Therefore,Tesco will have a competitive advantage over Asda.(4)

Having a competitive advantage means that they will have an increase in revenue and will be able to pay off their fixed costs ,such as rent, sooner.(5)This means that they can then use their profit to develop Tesco even further by trying new ideas or bringing in more a wider stock of their food.(6)


Noah Barrington - Business

Noah Barrington in Year 10 has also produced an excellent response to his business task which you can read below;

Analyse the impact on Tesco of operating using a decentralised organisational structure. (6 marks)

One impact will be that their management will mean they can make decisions to match the shoppers’ needs (P). If they match the families’ needs this will make them repeat purchase at the supermarket (1). If they repeat purchase this will sustain their leading market share (2) in the very competitive market with new lower priced competitors like Aldi or Lidl (3).

Another impact is that the supermarket will not be able to bulk buy. This will result in higher costs (P). If the grocery store has higher cost this will mean they will have to increase the price of their fruit and veg (1). The price sensitive families will want to buy from new lower priced competitors like Aldi (2). Resulting in a lower market share in the competitive market (3).


Computing Stars

Students in Years 7 and 8 have been working incredibly hard to create stop motion animations in Computing last week. The work submitted has been astounding! So much so it is impossible to choose our favourites. So here they all are collectively in a video. Sit back, grab a brew and enjoy the magical wonderful world of animation taking place all over Little Lever in our students’ homes.

Music Stars!

Mr Poole and Mr Cornish are delighted with the following pupils for gaining full marks on this weeks work ‘Civil rights and Protest Music’. The work selected was very topical for some of the world issues at present. Well done.

Olivia Lowe, Jessica Ramsden, Charlotte Commons, Jessica Butterworth, William Rainey, Sienna Love, Keelan Mulligan, Dylan Benjamin, Kelsie Oxtoby, Ryan Worden, Ethan Gagan, Isla Jones, Sophie nesfield, Sebastian Pickford, Lucy Willett, Tilly-Anne Wilson, Alyssa Hall, Naomi Barber, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Hanna Goodwin, Aaron Rowland, Sophia Magari, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Michael Smith, Michael Walker, Darcie Sutcliffe Platt, Scott Booth , Daisy Jo Greenwood, Nicole Lomas, Jayden Ofori and Bethany Cain.

Mr Cook's History Stars

Mr Cook is highly impressed with the excellent work carried out on the causes of the Second World War by the following students;

Charlotte Commons, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Miai Kay, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Ellie Mottershead, Lexie Parker, Lucy Willett and Ryan Worden.

Year 8 Maths Stars

Mr Morris would like to congratulate the following students from his Year 8 Set 1 class for their “continuous exceptional effort with their Maths Work, showing real effort and an outstanding work ethic to strive for the best outcomes”.

Lillia Brown, Charlotte Commons, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Nathan Gaskell, Ellis Harrison Scott, Isla Jones, Nicole Lomas, Sophie Magari, Jayden Ofori, Michael Walker, Lucy Willett and Eshaan Yaser.

In addition, Bronte Naylor, Ruben Worthington, Subhan Abaid, Illyaas Sowunmi, Sienna Smith-Hamilton, Aimee Bleakley, Amelia Rose, Laiba Hussain, Simrah Hussain, Lucie Farrington, Jess Chadwick and Georgia Ridings have shownr superb effort in Maths, showing really good determination to continue their skill development in Maths using Google Classroom effectively.

MFL Stars

Ms Fowler writes;

Cameron Purdie has made an exceptional effort to get caught up on previous work – keep it up! Well done to all of Year 10 French who have massively increased their engagement as a class this week!


Ms Mistry's Science Stars

Ms Mistry sends out praise for the following the students;

Year 8:
Sophie Nesfield – excellent effort
Kieran Mulligan – tries very hard every week
Joe Holt – excellent use of Science keywords

Year 10:
Lucy Grime – really good effort
Joshua Mellett – made a big improvement in completing all his work


Ms Sutcliffe's Geography Stars

Ms Sutcliffe would like to nominate the following Year 10 students for the Praise Wall, they have all produced some great answers when looking at the impact of lockdown on our climate;

Charlie Allwood, Shazaib Aslam, Ryeleah Cartwright, Taylor Durman, Fola Fasehun, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan, Sol Love, Maddison Palin, Luke Pilling, Khaneen Qaisar, Codey Rule, Sarah Rushton, Hamna Shahid and Elina Velicka.

Mr Welch's PE Stars

Mr Welch would like to praise the following PE students for their continued hard work in all their PE tasks;

Year 10: Charlie Wilson, Keane Ashworth, Luke Pilling and Ryan Collard King

Year 9: Tyler Barron, Owen Mulan, Jack Thornley, Ben Griffin, Dougie Taylor, Alfie Barlow Seymour, Lewis Bolger, Charlie Eyres, Jayden Garrity, Kayden Hayes, Harvey Leech, Kieran Litherland, Matthew Ryall, Hayden Williams and Shahzaib Younas.

Mr Roper's PE Stars

The following Year 9 PE students has continued to show excellent effort and work in Option PE. Well done to;

Jodie Jackson, Lily Philbin and Lucie Farrington.

Ms Givens's Computer Science Stars

A huge well done for another massive improvement in GCSE Computer Science work this week. Outstanding work has been handed in and Ms Givens is really proud of everyone’s commitment!

Annie Wardle, Finley Whittaker, Millie Wright, Tom Hotchin, Hassan Ali, Callum Hailwood, Beau Evans, Danny Ireland, Illyaas Sowunmi, Karan Saha, Spencer Thornley, Zsombor Rozsas and Xander Hargreaves.


Mr Poole's Music Stars

Mr Poole would like to recognise the hard work on last week’s task by the following students in Key Stage 4. Well done for your hard work on the Music remote learning.

Year 9: Sophie Alston Forrester, Keira Gallacher, Aston Minta, Maddie Smethurst and Amelia Stuchbury

Year 10: Lucy Grime, Caitlin Rhead, Fola Fasehun, Adam Tyerman, Niamh Turnbull Hall and Keira Howard.


Ms Ward's Catering Stars

The following Year 7 and 8 students have been working really hard this week on their Catering work. Keep up the brilliant effort.

Year 7: Jake O’Shaughnessy for his brilliant strawberry sundaes (pictured below).

Year 8:  Kelsie Oxtoby, Charlotte Commons, Lucy Willetts, Ethan Gagan and Ryan Worden.

Well done to Jack Wright in Year 9 who has been working on developing his high level practical skills at home and made some brilliant Patel de Nata following Ms Ward’s You Tube video.


Elisha O'Gara - History

Elisha O’Gara in Year 9 has been working consistently hard in history and has really impressed her teacher, Mr Davies. Well done!


Design Technology Stars

Some amazing work completed this week by Year 7. They were watching popular movies and then designing in answer to a Big Question about the theme. Ms Ward have absolutely LOVED looking at the designs and seeing the models that students have built. BRILLIANT!!
Well done to the following for some awesome work:

Bradley Oliver, Joshua Mangnall, Kyle Barron, Kyle Patel and Ryan Cain.

Ms Morris's RE Stars

In Year 7 RE last week, Erin Longworth came first in the year group in the Buddhism end of unit assessment, scoring 22/24. Noah Walker came second with a score of 17/24 and Joshua Smith and Bradley Oliver came joint third with 16/24.

In Year 8, Sienna Love, Lucas Buckley, Ethan Gagan and Lucy Willett all produced thoughtful work with their interpretation of the environmental poem `If the Earth was small`.

In Year 9, Aimee Bleakley, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Jess Colgan and Lauren Tobin all made a great effort with the 12 mark essay question on `Life after Death`.

Ms Ely's PE Stars

Ms Ely is really impressed with the following students for completing their online leaning showing outstanding effort last week.

Abi Maxfield , Shazaib Aslam , Bailey Tildsley and Sol Love.

Ms Mortimer's History Stars

The following students have all demonstrated excellent effort in Ms Mortimer’s history remote learning tasks last week. Well done to;

Year 7: Erin Longworth, Ethan Blake, Ethan Vietes, Rebecca Webster, Summer Baldwin, Toby Belfield, Travis Woodland and Tyler Collard-King

Year 9: Aimee Bleakley, Harvey Leech, Hannah Cherry and Jessica Chadwick.


Ms Guy's Superstars

Ms Guy would like to nominate the following for the Praise Wall as they continue to show effort, dedication and motivation with their learning each week. Well done to;

Year 7: Sam Philbin

Year 8: Alfie Howarth, Rehan Khan, Jamie Lias and Ethan Worthington

Year 9: Aston Minta, Jake Morris, Esme Murphy, Bronte Naylor, Lily Philbin, Ruben Worthington and Shazaib Younas


Mr Bell's Computer Science Stars

The following students in Year 10 Computer Science have made the Praise Wall for their consistently high levels of effort and very good quality of work:

Caden Jones, Luke Partington, Joshua Mellett, Codey Rule, Lucas Briggs, Abby Downing, Catherine Whittaker and Andrew Kirkham.


Ms Chew's Maths Stars

The following students have all have put in huge amounts of effort to complete every Maths task to the highest ability. Well done to;

Year 7: Leo Logan, Lily Tinker, Noah Walker, Harry Barton, Charlie Bateson, Toby Belfield, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Csanad Csore, James Dickinson, Lewis Eaton, Lucas Eatough, Matthew Elleray, Jack Hansom, Lauren Harrison, Dylan Herrity, Rosie Ivill, Daniel Lord, Chloe Mayor, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Poynton, Joshua Smith, Teegan Spooner and Travis Woodland

Year 8: Naomi Barber, Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Madison Durman, Cassius Foley, Ethan Gagan, Nathan Gaskell, Callum Green, Alyssa Hall, Harley Irwin, Nicole Lomas, Sienna Love, Sophia Magari, Finley Schofield, Michael Smith, Lucy Willett, Ryan Worden, Eshaan Yaser and Ella Goodram.

Ms Hopkinson's Design Tech Stars

Year 9 are taking part in a marble run challenge inspired by James Dyson over the next few weeks and we are already beginning to see so great planning from Xander Hargreaves, Cai Johnson, Lewis Martland, Esme Murphy, Illyaas Sowunmi and Lauren Tobin ahead of the big build in the next two weeks.

Year 10 DT students have begun investigating their NEA context which forms 50% of the GCSE this week, with students showing some great resilience and initiative as they plan for the year ahead. Those who have have shown outstanding effort are Aniqah Akhtar, CHarlie Allwood, Billy Fothergill, Charlie Greenhalgh, Lily Philips, Amber Slater and Cathrine Whittaker.


Ms Costello's Maths Stars

Ms Costello wants to praise her maths students from the following classes;

Year 10 Remote Learning Task: All going above and beyond to make sure they understand the work and not settling for a score below 100%
Jack Walton, Caden Jones and Megan Baxendale

Year 10 in school: Amazing work in class, just jumping straight in and giving 120%
Toby Price, Josh Dalziel, Taiyah Fearne, Hallie Warring, Tom Hamlett and Mason Parry

Year 9: Completing all tasks and being maths superstars
Hassan Ali, Zara Bates, Tilly Buggie, Jayden Garrity, Lucy Jones, Sophie Martin, Owen Mullan and Elena Whyment

Year 7: Completing all tasks and getting scores of 100%. Fantastic effort.
Scarlett Booth and Matthew Ellery.

Ms Higgins's Drama Stars

The following drama students have really impressed Ms Higgins last week with their outsyanding effort on the Blood Brothers exam questions. Well done to

Year 10: Mia Conway, Gracie Lowe and Khia-Louise Houghton

Year 9: Ben Tinker, Bronte Naylor, Lucy Jones, Gizem Hasanova, Louie Evans and Hannah Cherry.

Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars

Ms Hargreaves would like to nominate the following students for their fantastic work in science last week; these students have really gone above and beyond with their effort and resilience.

Rebecca Atkinson, Lewis Martland , Elisha O Gara, Phoebe Alston-Forrester, Megan Baxendale, Charlie Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Caden Jones, Callum Lane, Maddison Palin, Mason Parry, Lily Phillips, Aimee Renshaw, Any Rossington, Elina Velicka, Ryeleah Cartwright, Taylor Durman, Sol Love, Isabel Prentice, Jack Sission and Jessica-Lyn Williams.


Ms Bannister's PE Stars

The following PE students have produced excellent work in their PE tasks last week. Well done to;

Kiera Howard, Elina Velicka, Jason Scaife, Mia Appleby, Jessica Williams and Pheobe Alston-Forrester.

Ms Crook's English Stars

Ms Crook’s English remote learning tasks asked students to completed a media project last week. Students have all created their own film storyboards using fantastic PEAZE paragraphs explaining why they would choose to use specific special effects and great film reviews persuading the public to watch their film!

Well done to;

Aimee Bleakley, Jessica Chadwick, Veer Blassi, Daniel Brown, Hannah Cherry, Jessica Colgan, Jade Evans, Callum Hailwood, Holly Herrity, Alannah Holden, Laiba Hussain and Danny Ireland.


Mr Cornish's Music BTEC Stars

The following students have produced excellent responses to the Music BTEC remote learning tasks last week. Well done to;

Year 9: Danny Ireland, Jessica Chadwick and Lewis Martland

Year 10: Abby Butterworth, Aimee Renshaw, Louie Higgins and Phoebe Alston-Forrester.