17th December, 2020

Tomlinson House Christmas Gift Appeal donations

We are overwhelmed at the generosity of our students and their families and staff too for the tremendous gifts that have been donated to school as part of the Tomlinson House Christmas Gift Appeal. See the photo below.
Considering the shorter notice this year due to the Covid situation, the amount of gifts that have been brought in is fantastic.
The gifts will be delivered tomorrow to the Bolton Lions Club, who will distribute the gifts to the wider community as part of a huge charity toy event that they run each year.
For those who don’t know, Bolton Lions Club is part of Lions International, a worldwide voluntary organisation with over 45,000 clubs in more than 200 countries, and more than 1.3 million members, making it the largest organisation of its kind in the world. Lions are ordinary people volunteering in their local community raising money for good causes, and the toy appeal is just one of those causes.
After a lovely phone call with the group today, they informed the school that our gifts would be part of a gathering of more than 11,000 presents making their way to vulnerable young people this Christmas!
As I’m sure you can imagine, they are enormously grateful and shocked at this sizeable contribution from our school community, and they were very keen to pass on their thanks for our efforts. We will also be recognised in their publications and a certificate of achievement for our donation is also going to be sent.