Train to Teach


Is the programme for me?

This programme is for future teachers looking for full-time, ‘hands-on’ training in at least two schools that are close to your home. You’ll be in the classroom from September 2024 and benefit from the support of a trained mentor throughout your training. 

At the end of the programme, you will achieve a PGCE (from our partner university) and Teach First will accredit your QTS.

You will be registered as a full-time student throughout the programme so have access to lots of student benefits, as well as a student loan to cover your fees. Depending on your subject and qualifications, you may also be eligible for a bursary or grant to support you throughout your training.

What subjects does the programme include?

Our training programme covers the secondary phase, with a broad range of subjects offered:

  • Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry)​
  • English​
  • Maths​
  • History​
  • Geography​
  • Religious Studies​
  • Computing​
  • Business Studies​
  • Music​
  • Modern foreign languages (MFL – French and/or Spanish)

What will I learn?

Our research-led course will give you plenty of practical experience. Our curriculum focuses on supporting you to put learning into practice and places you in school four days a week from early September until the end of June. The programme balances excellent subject specific expertise with a deep understanding of effective teaching methods and includes an emphasis on teacher wellbeing.

Our programme also includes a six-week placement in a second educational setting later in the year to ensure that you qualify with broad teaching experience.

You will undertake six modules across the year – one per half term. In each module you will have self-directed study sessions, live seminars and time to collaborate with other trainees within your placement teaching school hub. The modules cover all areas of the Core Content Framework providing an integrated understanding of common teaching practice and subject / phase methodology. Each module will provide you with opportunities to practise and apply your learning in the classroom.

What are the training commitments?

Before you enter the classroom, we’ll give you two weeks of intensive training which focuses on areas of core pedagogy such as behaviour management and working with pupils with additional needs. You will have a further two weeks of intensive training later in the year.

Once you start your placement you will have weekly training sessions with us – designed by Teach First’s expert curriculum designers – and sequenced to make sure you are focused on the areas of teaching that are most relevant to that point in the academic year. These weekly sessions will be a mixture of online and in-person training, supported by online self-directed study content.

What support will I receive?

As an unsalaried trainee you will ease into teaching by shadowing other teachers, before leading your own lessons with guidance from your more experienced colleagues. You will work with a range of skilled and knowledgeable colleagues (known as subject mentors and lead mentors) who will ensure that you are well supported across your training. Your mentors also receive support and training from us and Teach First to ensure that they are briefed on the latest research and can tailor their coaching to suit your needs.