26th May, 2022

Year 11 May Half Term Revision Sessions

There are a number of May half term revision sessions taking place to further support students for their next set of exams after the holiday. Please note the dates and times below.


Class Day Date Time Room
11n/Ma2 Saturday 28/05/2022 10am-1pm M3
11p/Ma2 Monday 30/05/2022 10am-12:30pm M5
11n/Ma3 Monday 30/05/2022 1pm – 3:30pm M5
11p/Ma3 Monday 30/05/2022 10am-12:30pm M8
11p/Ma4 Monday 30/05/2022 10am-12:30pm M4
11p/Ma5 Monday 30/05/2022 10am-12:30pm M7
11n/Ma1 and 11p/Ma1 Saturday 04/06/2022 11am-1:30pm Conference Room


Tuesday 31st May, 10am – 2pm: All students invited to join their Science teacher in their classroom (S1 / S2 / S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 / S8 / S9).


Wednesday 1st June, 9am – 11am: All History students invited to join their History teacher in their classroom (H3 / H5).


Wednesday 1st June, 11am – 2pm: All Geography students invited to join their Geography teacher in their classroom (H1 / H2).