6th March, 2024

Year 11 Parents’ Evening – Wednesday 27th March: Getting Ready for GCSE Summer Exams

On the new date of Wednesday 27th March we will be hosting an in-school Year 11 Parents’ Evening for all parents/carers of Year 11 students. You will have the opportunity to speak face-to-face with your child’s subject teachers about your child’s current GCSE performance based on their recent Mock Exam 2 results and in-class assessments and what key areas they need to focus their studies on in the run up to their GCSE Summer Exams

You will be provided with a wealth of materials, resources and support to help support your child’s revision and preparation for the GCSE Summer exams. This will include;

  • a copy of your child’s Revision Planner which they will be completing earlier in the week in school;
  • a subject specific CGA (curriculum gap analysis) sheet for every subject your child studies, with personalised topics identified which your child must focus their revision around;
  • and a home study equipment pack containing pens, highlighters, flash cards and post-it notes.

We realise that Year 11 students will be finishing their Session 4s at 4pm and then returning home only to come back to school straight away. Therefore, we will be opening up our dining room and library for students to remain in school until your arrival. Again, hot food will be available to them if they wish to stay and have their tea. The library will be open for them to continue to study if they so wish.

The evening runs from 4.30pm to 7.30pm in the Sports Hall with entrance via our main reception opposite Bowness Primary School.

Appointments with your child’s teachers can only be made using our School Cloud account, which you can access via the link below. Appointment lengths are five minutes.

Little Lever School Cloud

Bookings can be made from Monday 11th March until Wednesday 27th March at 12pm, where they will close in readiness for the evening.

We look forward to seeing you there.

For those parents/carers which are new to school and the School Cloud appointment system, please click on the link below on how to log in and make appointments.

How to book appointments using School Cloud

School Cloud Guide