12th May, 2023

Year 11 Prom Auction

We are excited to announce today our special Year 11 Prom Auction! Please see below information about how it will work, and the prizes on offer.

Please note the reward points students use to bid for prizes will not impact on the Prom Ticket discounts previously advertised.

On Friday 26th May, at 2.45pm we will be hosting a Year 11 Prom Auction on the rear yard, weather permitting.

Form tutors will inform students the day before of how many NET points they have earned over the two and a half terms of Year 11!

The auction is a ‘blind’ auction. Students can bid for any of the prizes on offer by writing down their maximum points bid for that item based on how many points they have and posting it in the bid-box next to the item. The highest bid wins the prize!