2nd February, 2024

Year 11 Session 4s: Extending the School Day

Dear parent / carer,

I’m writing to inform you of our changes to the times of the day for all Year 11 students starting after the February half term holiday.

As a part of our Year 11 Steps-to-Success programme in supporting and preparing students for their upcoming GCSE exams in the summer, (which you can find more about here https://www.little-lever.bolton.sch.uk/our-curriculum/year-11-steps-2023-24/) we will be providing Session 4 lessons in all subjects.

This gives Year 11 students additional time in their key subjects in order to give them access to the best grade they can achieve in that subject.  We want all our students to achieve things they never thought they could, and your children have been maginificent and are working hard to do this!   We have run Session 4s for the last two years and the feedback from previous Year 11 cohorts has been overwhelming in relation to the support it has given them.

Starting the week commencing 26th February, all Year 11 students will have an extended school day on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week, starting at 3pm to 4pm on Wednesdays and 2.35pm – 3.30pm on Thursdays. This will run all the way through to their final summer GCSE exam in June.

Finishing Times from 26th February


Tuedays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
3pm 3pm 4pm 3.30pm


How do Session 4s work?

Session 4s are compulsory and are a part of their timetabled day on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Failure to attend Session 4s will be regarded as truancy and sanctions will be applied for failure to attend them.

Students will be allocated a Session 4 subject where they need additional help, time and support to achieve the grades they need to access college and post-16 destinations and maximise their Life Chances. Session 4s are derived from their core subjects (English, maths or science) or one of their option subjects. Session 4s will be taught by their subject teacher or another member of the subject’s team.

Allocation of Session 4s are based on a range of evidence; from mock results, in-class assessments and work hard scores. Each student’s progress will be reviewed on a regular basis by our Subject Leaders and Senior Leadership Team. If students are demonstrating significant progress and improvement over the Spring term, students may then move to a different subject for future Session 4s.

Students’ Session 4 allocations will appear on their timetable from 26th February onwards, and parents and carers will be able to see this on SIMS Parent App.

Session 4s are a highly effective strategy in providing students with the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to take on the challenges of GCSE exam questions so they can achieve things they never thought they could.

Yours faithfully

Mr Mckeon