12th May, 2023

Year 11 GCSE Exam Season

From Monday 15th May, all Year 11s will be able to access the following morning facilities during the GCSE exam season.

  • The dining room will be open from 7.45am with a free breakfast open to any Year 11. Toast, McMuffins, fruit, tea, coffee and water are available as vital exam fuel.
  • Before the start of EVERY morning exam, 8am Pre-Exam classes will be available for any student who wishes to attend.
  • EVERY student must be on the yard by 8.30am at the latest ready to be registered and go through final exam checks before the start of the morning exams.

In addition, from Monday, we are making some changes to Year 11 break and lunchtimes, again to support students through this key time.

  • Year 11s will now have their break and lunchtimes on their own. Year 7 will have their break and lunch with Year 9. This means Year 11s can have full access to the library to study and prepare, and the dining room to refuel and refresh themselves before the start of the afternoon exams.
  • We are also extending Year 11 lunchtime from 30mins to 45mins. Lunch will start at 12.30pm to 1.15pm. However, if students have an afternoon exam, they will be asked to line up at 1pm to start their afternoon exam.

As parents/carers you can support your child by checking the night before with them which exams they have the following day (students have been given printed copies of their individual exam timetables, with times, exam room  and their seat numbers). Please also check their revision planners and that they are sticking to their two 45-minute revision sessions each day. Remember, we do have the Revision Room in school to support with this.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish every Year 11 the best of success in their exams.