21st October, 2022

Year 11 Tuesday Boost Classes

Starting after the half term break, we will begin our weekly Tuesday afternoon Boost classes for all Year 11 students, starting at 2.45pm to 3.30pm.

These will appear on your child’s timetable at the start on the new Autumn half term. You will be able to see this on your SIMS Parent app. Attendance is compulsory and registers will be taken at the start of each session.

The aim of the Tuesday Boost classes is to provide additional time and support to students in the subjects where they may be finding work difficult, need time to catch-up up with the taught curriculum, go deeper into more challenging topics or complete coursework component work.

Students have been given a Tuesday Boost class in one of their option subjects OR allocated an English, maths or science Tuesday Boost class. This will be reviewed on a regular basis. Students may move to a different subject during the course of the term if they have made significant progress or improvements. Timetables will be updated a week before if a change is made.