15th July, 2021

Year 7 letters welcoming our new Year 7s

This week in our Life Chances lessons, Year 7 students have been asked to reflect on their first year with us and compose a letter addressed to our new Year 7s starting in September, welcoming them and providing advice and guidance on starting their new life at Little Lever.
Some have beeen posted on our Transition page on our website and also can be enjoyed below…


We asked our current Year 7s to write welcome messages and provide some advice for our new Year 7 students starting in September…

Dear New Year 7s,

Little Lever School is a place full of fun and ambition. At first you may be shy and/or nervous but just by the end of your 7 your confidence will have grown immensely. The teachers are all willing to help you the best they can as they want everyone in school to thrive in exams and have a great future. Obviously, you will have to put maximum effort into your lessons because it is a team effort just like always. But most importantly, make sure you have fun because the last thing we want to know is that you are stressing or worrying over things that you could ask for help with. Little Lever is a great place and you will soon find out that it is amazing.

Yours sincerely,

Dear New Year 7,

Little Lever is a great school. There’s a lot of great teachers here! The timetable is simple and very easy to read. I even memorised it. It is easy to make friends just be kind. If you get lost in the school the teachers will help you to find your lesson. My favourite lesson is History, tell me yours. I thought I was not going to make any friends but it turned out I did. And when I got my first badge I was so proud. I thought I was on top of the Universe. Then I got another badge and I have 5 badges, which I really am proud of. I couldn’t get happier with myself.

Year 7 went fast and I bet your Year 6 probably went fast too. I hope you have a good year in Year 7, I might see you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dear future Year 7s,

Most of you will be nervous to join Year 7 as you’re moving to a new school and meeting new people, but after a while it isn’t that scary. Meeting new people is just a part of life because you all didn’t know your friends until you met them. When you start Little Lever school we have the perfect climate, STAR and more to help you be great learners!

A new thing when you join high school is the room names like M4 or H1 which all stand for different things. In primary we all did Science, English and Maths but in high school you have more choices like art, drama, history, geography and more! Each year groups have different lunch and break times but you will share your lunch and break with year 8s (us). My advice is to be organised and try to get all your homework done because trust me it will help.

In Little Lever we have the perfect climate system: perfect climate 1 stands for being silent and not speaking unless asked too, perfect climate 2 stands for speaking in pairs or groups and perfect climate 3 stands for listening to the one person in class who is speaking.

If you ever feel like you need to speak to someone about something, go to a teacher who will try and help you because they all will try their best to support every student.

From Poppy

Dear New Year 7s,
Most of you will feel anxious, nervous, shy and all sorts of mixed up feelings when starting a new school, but there is nothing to worry about! Even though the school is big and you may think you’ll get lost, in reality it’s not as big as it seems. It’s actually quite easy to find your way around the corridors. If you did get lost make sure you either find a teacher or have your planner. On pages 3-4 there’s a map!

You should always feel free to talk to any of the teachers, they will listen and help you achieve things you never thought you could. Anything you put your mind to, you can do it.

Kind Regards, Phoebe

To Year 7s,

Starting a new school can be scary, but it’s also exciting. The reason it can be exciting is because you can make new friends, learn new things and you can meet new teachers.

In Little Lever School trying your best is always essential, as it can lead to badges and even the Praise List. The Praise List is a list you can go on for good behaviour and hard working. If you are on the Praise List 3 times in a row you are rewarded with a badge.

P.E. is very good sometimes because you do all sorts of activity’s such as: Football, basketball, netball, tennis and badminton. After school there are also different activities to get involved in.

Break time is good because it gives you time to speak to your friends, eat food and have a drink. You can get food from the canteen which is next to the boys toilets. In the morning you can get waffles, bacon, pancakes, teacakes and much more and at lunch time you can get pasta pots, sandwiches, subs (meatball, chicken tika, chicken) and many more delicious items.

I hope this was a helpful guide to help you new year 7’s at Little Lever School.

Dear new Year 7,

When I came to LIttle Lever I was very nervous and had a lot of anxiety. It’s completely normal. There are a lot of classes that you might not of have done in primary school like: Life Chances and Catering. Life Chances is about teaching you what citizenship is and assumptions that we have about people like you might have an assumption about year 11s. Catering is about teaching you about food hygiene and how to cook.

Your classes will be very different from primary. It will be harder and more challenging but as long as you push yourself to your limits you will succeed in life because it’s these years that count these years that will determine your future. I know this sounds scary but it’s the truth. You need to try because if you don’t try you will look back at your life and think I should’ve tried harder. I know this is a lot but don’t forget make friends because they will help you, and remember don’t stick with your primary school friends, spread out to people from different schools.

Remember the Little Lever motto; help every person achieve things they never thought they could.


Dear new Year 7,

As part of the SCL (student leadership council) you don’t have to be anxious when starting school. Teachers help you around the building if you are lost. By the time you have been in school for a month you will know the place so well! Every year you students get to try to join the SLC (student leadership council).  You have to apply for it, have an interview and if selected you can help the school become an even better place.

Hope you do well, enjoy it here.

From Noah

Dear New Year 7s,

I understand how scary it might sound going to a new school but I can promise you it’s not that bad! When I first started I was worried about: transport, friends, subjects and the idea of going to a brand new school.

Friends – honestly just don’t overthink it! Stay with your primary friends at first but go make new ones as well, see who is in your lessons and talk to them, don’t be shy; they are probably feeling the same way as you.

Subjects – there are English, Maths, Science, Computing, Geography, History, Art, RE, PE, Tech / Food Tech and Life Chances, the lesson I am in writing to you right now. Not only do you learn all of your basic subjects in school but with this lesson you learn about things that school would teach you like banks, money, houses and things to prepare you for the real world. A lot of these subjects you haven’t done in primary school but I can tell you they’re pretty fun. In technology we got to make rulers and keyrings but then in food tech we made fruit salads and jam buns.

The School – when I first started I thought the building was huge but now I dont think its that big at all. When you don’t know where anything is and don’t know where you are going it can be quite scary. I got lost on the first few days but these really kind Year 8 girls helped me find my way to the English department.

Tips – If you were too worried and conscious about time in the morning to eat breakfast then that’s fine, in the school canteen they serve breakfast from 8- 8:50am with: waffles , toast , bagels , pancakes and so much more. Tip 2: when you first get your timetable, write it at the back of your planner, your Edge tutor will definitely tell you this! Tip.3: Don’t have your phone past the blue line! This school has a very strict phone policy and you should switch your phone off before you get to the line.

My first day – The first day we were the only students in school, we stayed in our Edge form and learnt about the rules, perfect climate, etc. I made so many new friends and made a lot of memories. It sounds crazy saying I’m going to be in Y8 in September because it goes so quick so just remember to enjoy it!

Good Luck, Latifah

Dear new Year 7,

Going from primary to high school is a pretty big thing but there is nothing to worry about. Little Lever is a great school they will make you feel welcome. What you will need to bring: pencil, pen, ruler, rubber, sharpener and a reading book in your school bag. The teachers are really nice and if you dont know where to go they will always look at your timetable and give you the directions or even take you there no matter what.

We have a workshop and its really cool, I made a key chain in there yesterday. We also have a food room it’s very fun your teacher will guide you through the cooking you will learn how to make, and then you can eat it when you get home!

Hope I see you in school, good luck!


To our new Year 7 students,

My name is Mrs Le Blanc and I’m a teaching assistant here at Little Lever School. I imagine you are all really nervous about your transition into high school in September and that’s to be expected. This time last year, like you, I moved from a primary school to work in our high school and even as an adult, it was nerve racking, but the staff and students here are all brilliant and I soon settled in.

At first, the building felt really big and I got lost a few times before I learnt my way around but you’ll be given a planner which contains a map and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, I promise we don’t bite!

Here at Little Lever we use ‘The Perfect Climate’ in all of our classrooms to create a working environment for everyone. Perfect climate 1 means you are to be silent and focused on your own work, perfect climate 2 is where you can work in pairs or small groups and perfect climate 3 is when the class listens to one person speaking. Don’t worry though, your teacher will always make it clear which climate you are working in.

I am really looking forward to meeting you all and having lots of fun at our summer school. If you aren’t attending, I’ll see you around school in September and will be in some of your classes.

Mrs LB x