Welcome to Little Lever School.

This website will give you an insight into the work of our school as a learning community and why we are passionate about the education we offer all our young people.


  1. Behaviour for Learning Policy for Parents /carers Behaviour_For_Learning_par_car_pol_Sep_14.pdf
  2. Student Contract Behaviour_For_Learning_student_contract.pdf
  3. PE Department Practices - PE Department Practices
  4. Boys Sports Update - Boys Sports Update
  5. ESAA English Schools Track and Field Cup 2014 - ESAA English Schools Track and Field Cup 2014

Sports and Enterprise Centre


A Local Centre for Sport and Business


Useful Links

Click the link below for a list of useful links relating to Little Lever School, such as uniform requirements and term dates.


Little Lever Sports and Enterprise Centre

Little Lever School Sports and Enterprise Centre provides a wide range of leisure and business related facilities for the local community.


School TV

Visit our online TV platform, Little Lever SchoolTV and watch the latest videos about our school and the work we do with our partners. School TV allows our students to show our parents and visitors what makes Little Lever such an exciting school community.


Little Lever TV