17th July, 2022

Arrangements for September 2022

Dear Parent / Carer

What a wonderful year it has been at Little Lever! The school is moving from strength to strength and at speed!

Your children have been magnificent! We are incredibly proud of the resilience and dedication they have shown since returning to school from the pandemic. The work they are producing in classrooms is phenomenal and they epitomise our values in all that they do. They are kind, they work hard, and take responsibility and it’s a joy to be able to work with them and see them flourish every day.

We are receiving many accolades as a school both locally, regionally, and nationally and we are being asked to support many schools across the region who are intrigued to know what we do and how we do it. It is exciting times ahead at Little Lever School!

Start Times for September 2022

We have updated the times of the school day on our website for all parents and carers to view in the link below.

Our School Day 2022/23

Whilst there are no significant changes to the school day, our start time for all students is now 8.30am. The government white paper has stated that the minimum expectations for children to be in school is 32.5 hours per week from September 2023 and we will be transitioning to this over the course of the academic year. More details about this can be found on our School Day webpage.

Return to School in September

The return to school date in September for new Year 7 students is Tuesday 6th September. Students will be expected to arrive at school before 8.30am. School gates open at 8.00am.

The return to school date in September for all other Year groups is Wednesday 7th September. Students will be expected to arrive before 8.30am. School gates open at 8.00am.

Uniform and Expectations

We wanted to remind parents and carers of our uniform and expectations via our webpage below.

FAQs – Uniform

Please scroll down the page to ‘What is the school’s uniform policy?’.

If your children are going to have piercings, we would recommend they do this early in the summer so there is sufficient time for piercings to heal and children to remove their piercings before they start school in September. Similarly, false nails and eyelashes should be removed before your child returns to school.

Finally, I wanted to pass on my thanks for all your support and dedication as parents and carers, you too have been magnificent and continue to help Little Lever School move from strength to strength!

Thank you, have a great summer and we look forward to seeing your children in the new academic year!

Kind regards,

Mr Mckeon