Our Lockdown Remote Learning Strategy


ALL students need a laptop/PC / tablet or phone that has:

  • Access to the internet
  • Access to Google Chrome
  • Access to Google Classroom (ALL students have been trained on this)

NOTE: if you are using a phone please ensure it is using your Wifi and not your data.

ICT Help and Support

Should you have any technical difficulties please ask students to email their teacher to inform them of this and we will try to get one of our ICT technicians to support you where possible.

Alternatively, please ring the school on 01204 333300 and we will put you through to one of our ICT technicians or email them directly on;

Expectations of Remote Learning from January 2021

ALL year groups will be accessing Remote Learning from Tuesday 5th January till February half term

The following expectations of remote learning will apply:

It is expected that ALL students follow their timetable from the day they are accessing remote learning. (please click the accessing my child’s timetable pink tab below for more details on this)

Times of the Day

The following times of the day will be put into place so students and teachers can easily access their sessions.  ALL students in each year group will access session 1, 2 and 3 at the same time each day (including Wednesday).  Split breaks and lunches will not apply.

Remote sessions will be 90 minutes.  Breaks and lunch will be 30 minutes.  This is to allow students to have regular and extended breaks from screen time and working remotely.  Session times have been reduced to 90 minutes to allow adequate time to learn and complete tasks / activities but also to allow students to start later and finish earlier in the day.  We know the rate at which students learn remotely is much slower and we feel it is important to keep remote learning time to an optimum time.  We also want to give staff more time to reflect on the learning and progress students have made that day and increase the time teachers have to adjust teaching plans and delivery to maximise progress.

Mr Mckeon has provided video guidance below which talks you through in more depth about the information outlined above…

  • How will we deliver remote learning?
    • Students will be expected to log into ‘Google Meet’ at the start time for every session (please see video guidance below… ‘How to use Google Meet’)


    • Teachers will meet and greet students ‘LIVE’ at the start of each session


    • Teachers will then register the students that have logged into the session ‘LIVE’


    • Students that have not logged in to Google Meet will be recorded and a phone call home will be made to offer further help and support to ensure that ALL students can access remote learning


    • Once students have logged in and the register taken teachers will introduce the session LIVE to the students. This will give students clear instructions on what the session will be about, what the activities are and where to find those activities.


    • Teachers will set tasks that they feel will have the greatest impact in helping students learn remotely within the context of their subject… this may mean delivering the whole session live, students accessing a pre-recorded live session or students accessing work via the google classroom. The important aspect here is that it has to be an activity that will have maximum impact on helping students learn.  What we know so far is that ‘LIVE Sessions’ have the greatest impact particularly at the start of a session to explain the WALT and what is going to be completed in the session.


    • Teachers will remain ‘LIVE’ throughout the session to provide feedback and support to students no matter what the learning activity is that has been set.


    • At the end of the two-week period staff will complete engagement scores using the attitude to Learning spreadsheet as normal. (please see the ‘Monitoring student attendance and effort’ section below for further details on this)


    • Those students with low scores will be chased up and catch up programmes in Nightclub will be put in place.


    In addition, parents and carers will also be informed about our Learning Maps and the links we have established to the Oak Academy and other external resources.  This will support parents, carers and students should there be any unexpected glitches when accessing live sessions through Google Meet.

    Learning maps for every subject have been updated with Oak academy links and other external links inserted to the relevant topics and these will be made available to parents and students online via the curriculum section on our website.  This will help students and families follow a chronological order of lessons which will either re-cap knowledge that has been recently covered or will allow the students working remotely to continue to follow the curriculum /learning map we have set out.

  • Accessing your child's timetable
  • How to use Google Meet

    Students must check their Google Classroom to find out whether they have a live session or pre-recorded sessions, as well as to register with their class teacher via Google Meet.  Please click the video guidance below to find out how to do this.

  • Monitoring attendance and effort


    Students will be expected to ‘attend’ every session according to their regular school timetable, as explained in the video above. In order to do this, each student must:

    1. Log in to their relevant Google Classroom class for that session. There they will find the Google Meet link in the top banner. Click on the link.
    2. The teacher will record a register of every student who is present on Google Meet. Attendance will be recorded on the usual school SIMS classes, as we would do in normal in-school lessons.

    If a student does not ‘attend’ and register in the lesson, a phone call will be made each day to support parents/carers and students in ensuring their child is able to access lessons to ensure they don’t fall behind with their learning during this remote period.


    Teachers will not only record attendance but also award effort scores based on the quality of engagement in the live lesson and/or work produced and submitted. Using the same criteria we use for the fornightly Praise Lists, a student will be awarded scores of 1 – 5 based on their attendance and effort in their lessons. Please go to our Praise Culture page below which goes into more detail about the Praise List criteria;

    Our Praise Culture – Little Lever School (


    The video below takes you through how we collate and process Praise List scores…

    Praise List vs Nightclub Catch-Up

    Those students who score averages of 2 or better across this two week remote learning period will make a special January Remote Learning Praise List, recognising their efforts.

    For those students who have not engaged in their lessons, the school will support them in organising catch-up sessions in Year Group Nightclubs – an quiet study area in school led by staff which runs from 3.05pm – 5pm, with refreshments provided free of charge. There will be an initial period where they have the opportunity to catch-up independently over the following two weeks. If their next set of effort scores still indicate they have not caught-up with their remote learning, students will be expected to attend our Nightclubs until they do so.

  • Praise and rewards whilst working remotely
  • Our expectations of students whilst working remotely

    We ALWAYS set high expectations of behaviour and behaviour for learning at Little Lever whether in a classroom or working remotely from home.  We do this because, very simply, it helps every person achieve things they never thought they could!

    It helps teachers to teach and students to learn and EVERYONE (students, teachers and parents) takes responsibility for this.

    Given the fact we are working in exceptional circumstances through a national lockdown we expect all our students to help themselves and help others to achieve things they never thought they could in the way they act and behave whilst working remotely in live sessions.

    Students have missed enough face to face teaching this year and it is essential that no learning time is wasted. This is to ensure every student has the best chance of success!

    Whilst working remotely we expect students to continue to follow our expectations of behaviour and conduct as if they were in school. Students should be focussed, put in maximum effort and demonstrate respect and kindness in all that they do whilst in LIVE sessions.


    If students choose to disrupt learning at any point during a LIVE session, including comments made in the ‘Chat bar’, then it is exactly that… it is a choice they have made.

    If a student has made the choice to disrupt the session they will be given a REMOTE C1. This is a warning to remind them that their behaviour has disturbed the learning of others and themselves.  The student now has a chance to change their behaviour in order that they and the rest of the class can learn effectively.

    If a student again makes the choice to disrupt the session they will be given a REMOTE C2.  This is a final reminder that their choices are affecting the learning of others and themselves and if they continue to do this they will be removed from the LIVE session.

    If after two opportunities to change their behaviour the student continues to make the choice to disrupt learning they will then be given a REMOTE C3. At this point they will be removed from the LIVE session.

    An immediate REMOTE C3 may be issued by a member of staff for any behaviours that are a serious disruption to learning. This will be down to the professional judgement of the teacher.

    Due to the unprecedented times in which we are working we will be unable to issue a standard C3 detention.  However, our standards and expectations remain as high as ever and we are determined to ensure every student does not fall behind with their learning.  As a result, if students receive a REMOTE C3 they will be added to the Nightclub catch up programme for one day for each REMOTE C3 they receive.  This means if a student receives 3 REMOTE C3s they will need to complete 3 days in the Nightclub catch up programme when we return to school.  This will ensure they do not fall behind with their learning.

    Parents will be informed via a text message that their child received a REMOTE C3 and was removed from the Live Session.

    We ask that parents and carers fully support our expectations whilst students work from home and we are happy to support parents and carers should they need any assistance with this.

    Should students persistently not meet the expectations of working whilst in a LIVE session we will take more serious measures to ensure all students have the opportunity to learn and be successful during these extra-ordinary times.