6th June, 2023

Our School Day 2023/24

The start time for all students from September 2023 will be 8.30am. The finish time for all students from September 2023 will be 3.00pm.

Students in Year 7 – 10 will finish at 3.30pm every Thursday as part of our Enrichment Thursday offer.

This is in response to the government’s statutory guidance that all students must be in school for a minimum of 32.5hours per week. We have tried to use the time intelligently to give our students the best opportunities.

We have dedicated time for reading every morning in PREP time where students follow our guided reading programme. Equipment checks are also completed to ensure every student is ready to learn

Students then access three ninety-minute academic sessions through the day. This gives them access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

For full information about the times of the day for each year group, please visit Our School Day 2023/24 webpage via the link below.

Our School Day 2023/24