15th July, 2020

Parent / Carer Praise Wall

This special feature celebrates the brilliant things students have been doing at home with their remote learning which their families are really proud of. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their nominations – it’s lovely to see so many proud and happy families during what has been, at times, a challenging period. The resilience and determination to succeed of our students expressed in the comments makes the school very proud.

Leo Logan - Year 7

Leo’s mum writes,

Since lockdown I have watched Leo struggle with his learning but he is slowly getting to grips with what he needs to do.

Myself, his dad & his sister are super proud of him.

Ethan Worthington Year 8 & Ruben Worthington Year 9

Ethan and Ruben’s mum writes,

I’d like to nominate Ruben Worthington in Year 9. He has been trying really hard with his school work and in Maths he has ‘re done work he has struggled with multiple times to improve his results.

I’d also like to nominate Ethan Worthington for consistently being on the praise wall/list since working from home started.

Both boys have done this with only a little encouragement and guidance from me as I work from home full time. I am so proud of both of them and their efforts.

Isabelle Norwood - Year 8

Isabelle’s mum writes,

She has worked so hard over this period has completed her work with pride. She came First in the KM inter House challenge for year 8 Tomlinson. She has been named on the praise list every week and has been on the praise wall too showing her amazing work in computing, English and many other subjects for completing 100% of her tasked work. She also revised and sat a test remotely for her seperate science options. She passed and got her choice of science which means a happy Izzy.

She has got involved in lost of things extra like baked at home and sent it pictures. She also won the 100% attendance for the term. She’s achieved 1s in her grading and we’ve had some great conversations with Miss Blight about her commitment and amazing progress. Isabelle constantly gets feedback from her teachers about the work she has submitted which makes her strive to do more. I’m so proud of how commited she has been and got through all this like a champ!

Kayden Walne - Year 7

Kaydens’ mum writes,

I would like to nominate my son Kayden Walne in 7T as I am very proud of Kayden, even though he has struggled through lockdown and is now back in school.

He gets up and tries every day, even on his hardest days.

Lily Tinker Year 7 & Ben Tinker Year 9

Lily and Ben’s parents write,

I would like to say how incredibly proud we are of both Ben (9I) and Lily (7I). They have both done their work without complaint, been ready to help at home and generally just got on with it.

This week has been slightly different with Ben being rushed into hospital for emergency surgery. Any sudden event, I feel, brings out the best in people. When Ben was discharged from hospital Lily had put her catering to good use and made a quick meal for when we got home, something I appreciated after being at the hospital from 2.30am. The day after his discharge Ben was back at his laptop not wanting to let his work slip in the last few days of school.

I think they have both showed great dedication not just to school work but supporting each other in different times.

Daniel Brown - Year 9

Daniel’s parents write,

Very proud of Daniel throughout this time. He has given 100% to his home learning. He has had the same routine, day in and day out, following his usual timetable everyday.

Some days have been harder than others to keep motivated but not doing the work was never an option for him. He has handled it all in a very mature way and we are so proud of him!


Scarlett Booth - Year 7

Scarlett’s mum writes,

I’d like to nominate my daughter Scarlett Booth from Year 7 for the Parent / Carer praise wall. She has not complained once during lockdown. She has completed all work set to the best of her ability, earning her a place on the praise wall each week.

She has also worked hard at putting together an art portfolio with some fantastic portraits done for Sky Portrait Artist of the Week. She has watched documentaries and learnt about the Pendle witch trials, the Picts, Socialism and the War of the Roses. We have engaged with some brilliant stage performances, A Monster Calls and Hamilton being our favourites. Scarlett has also done a lot of baking and writing during lockdown.

For a child that doesn’t handle change well, this happening in her first year of high school, her Dad and I could not be more proud of her. Well done Scarlett!

Ryan Cain - Year 7

Ryan’s dad writes,

I would like to nominate Ryan Cain in Year7  for the praise wall as he has completed all his work throughout lockdown to a high standard. He has also completed extra work in his free time making a fantastic time line of German unifacatation, practiced his Spanish using the apps duolingo and quizlet and even made a horror movie trailer for English.

Throughout lockdown he has also served up delicious cakes and other treats to all the family.

Harley Irwin - Year 8

Harley’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate my son Harley Irwin for the praise wall. Harley has consistently completed his work at a high standard throughout lockdown gaining a place on the school’s weekly praise list every week and receiving outstanding feedback.

As well as keeping up with his own school work he has helped his younger siblings with theirs. Harley has also been out in the garden everyday in all weathers doing his football training.

We are really proud of Harley and how he has dealt with lockdown. It hasn’t always been easy but he’s made it work!


Jack Ridgley - Year 7

Jack’s parents write,

We would like to nominate our son, Jack Ridgley in Year 7.

We are really proud of Jack as he has worked extremely hard in what has been very tough and strange times. He found it difficult at first but worked at it every day with great support from his teachers who helped him to get on track.

He’s created some wonderful pieces of Art , Cooking , Design Tech and has personally worked hard to understand Maths , Science and English a lot better.

He won’t tell you himself but he has missed school and the pupil to teacher relationships he built up before lock down.

We as parents would like to thank all you teachers for pushing and making sure Jack has not only enjoyed homeschooling but has improved himself during this time.


Noah's Grandma

Noah writes,

Hello sir, my name is Noah Walker and I am in Year 7.

I would like to nominate my Grandma, Julie Fraser who has helped every week, Monday to Thursday with my work. She is also a key worker who has worked as a nurse during lock down.

Jessica Colgan - Year 9

Jessica’s mum writes,

We are immensely proud of all the effort Jessica has put into all her remote learning during this time away from the classroom.

Jessica has gone above and beyond and has achieved encouraging feedback from teachers which has built her confidence which has enabled Jessica to aim higher the next time.

She has also fitted in time to enjoy cooking lessons at home, allowing some light relief to the volume of work that she has been set via remote learning.

Despite the time away from the classroom and seeing other pupils, Jessica has continued to ensure her education has been her priority and as we are so proud of her.

Jessica herself should also be very proud of what she has accomplished as it has been a really hard few months.

Elisha O'Gara - Year 9

Elisha’s dad writes,

Please can I nominate my daughter Elisha Sara O’Gara (Year 9) for the parental praise wall.

The dedication and commitment to increasing her knowledge, based on her previous attendance at Elms Bank High School, Elisha has shown great fortitude in perseverance.

For herself, Elisha being an under achiever because of her learning difficulties, truly has proved that with a little help and encouragement, you can (with the right attitude) do anything you put your heart into.

Even with David coming to your school, myself and Emma (Mum) have been truly warmed by your staff and the educational environment you form around your children.  Although only a couple of months have passed from joining your school upto lockdown, we still believe Elisha’s achievements are just a hint at what she could do.

The transition from non mainstream schooling to mainstream schooling, Elisha has had to step up and show what she is made of – a feat I think (thus far) Elisha has proved more than capable of completing.

Words truly fail me when it comes to amplifying how well Elisha has been doing at home learning with me and Mum.

We are overjoyed and extremely proud, keep it up Elisha, you can do anything you put your heart into.

Keira Seddon - Year 7

Keira’s mum writes,

From day one Keira has worked really hard on her home learning. Not only has she put an enormous amount of effort into her own work, she has also found the time to help her younger brother with his home learning.

I have received numerous phone calls and texts from school regarding the work she has submitted and I couldn’t be prouder.


Bradley Oliver - Year 7

Bradley’s parents write,

Bradley has shown great determination and had an amazing attitude with all aspects of his learning. He has produced some outstanding work and has been on the praise wall every week since lockdown. He’s had some great feedback from his teachers and during all this myself and his Dad have been working on the frontline whilst he’s been at home with no support. We are incredibly proud of him and feel he thoroughly deserves this praise and recognition.

Thank you to Little Lever School for all the support during what has been a difficult time for all.

Jessica Crofts - Year 7

Jessica’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate Jessica Crofts in Year 7. She has put 100% effort into all her work during the remote learning. She has completed all tasks set and has took initiative in her own learning, including learning to grow vegetables in the garden and developing her cooking skills.

I have included some photos of some of her amazing work.

I am very proud of her during what has been a challenging time.


Teegan Spooner - Year 7

Teegan’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate Teegan for the praise wall.

These last few months have been a struggle with remote learning, having problems with her laptop but these last few weeks she’s really pulled it back and has had amazing feedback from teacher’s.

She’s tried her hardest with all subjects, she’s really missed her friends and socialising but were all proud of her and can’t wait to see her progress when she moves up to Year 8.


Ben Griffin - Year 9

Ben’s family writes,

Ben has amazed us by attending school from 6 weeks into lockdown. He has consistently worked hard showing commitment to his learning and the appreciation to the hard work of his teachers.

We have had amazing feedback from his teachers and other staff regarding his work, behaviour and attitude. It’s an amazing turnaround, which we know he will continue into Year 10.

Well done Ben, we are so proud of you!

Amber Slater - Year 10

Amber’s mum writes,

Amber has worked extremely hard under these trying times and has produced a range of outstanding work for all her teachers.
She has achieved perfect scores of 1 from all her teachers most weeks and has been on the Praise Aall every week since week 1. This is an amazing achievement as she has been recognised by her teachers for the 110% effort she has put in during these difficult months.

Amber has been self-motivated and has never given up – a real tribute to her determination to pass her GCSE’s with flying colours. As her parents, we are extremely proud of her and her ability to overcome obstacles and she realises that the effort put in now will be of huge benefit in Year 11.

Amber is a real credit to your school and I am pleased that she has been recognised for her massive efforts by all her teachers. She has received some lovely comments by her teachers which have been valued by Amber and helped her to improve and succeed even more in her chosen subjects.

A massive thank you to Amber for being the epitome of a model student during lock-down. One you at Little Lever School, can be proud of.

Also a huge thank you to all her teachers and the school for all the hard work they have put in during lock-down. We have appreciated the work and support given to Amber by the staff and Miss Coope too. Keep up the good work and good luck in September. We hope you have a restful Summer break as you all massively deserve it!!

Kyle Patel - Year 7

Kyle’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate Kyle Patel who is in year seven.

The reason for Kyle’s nomination is because of his perseverance and determination to still achieve during his remote working months. Even when he has found his work difficult and challenging, he still carried on and used the support at home positively.

He has been on the Year 7 praise list every week as well as appearing on praise list for individual subjects regularly in subjects such as maths, English, science, computing, RE, history, art, DT and catering.

We just want to say well done to Kyle for continuing to work hard during this difficult period!

Erin Fairfield - Year 10

Erin’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate my daughter, Erin Fairfield (Year 10) for the Parents’ praise wall.

Erin has approached her at-home learning with a great deal of maturity and organisation, I am really proud of her. I am a key-worker so have been away from home a lot, especially at the start of lockdown when we were struggling with staff shortages. Home has been a busy place with Erin, her dad, sister and brother all working from home.

Erin has structured her days independently, getting up early for some exercise walking our dog before returning to start her school work. Along with working hard on her studies, she has also been a massive help to me, regularly planning and preparing meals when I have been on night shifts. She has been doing lots of baking which she has shared with family and friends. She has been a big help to her Nana, who is nearly 86 years of age and has needed to be shielded.

Teenagers often get such a bad press and I feel this pandemic has shown how proud we should be of the pupils at Little Lever, I certainly am.

Hannah Cherry - Year 9

Hannah’s mum writes,

The reason I am nominating Hannah is that throughout this lockdown period she has worked hard each and everyday to complete her work to same standards she produces when in school, even when she wasnt always feeling upto it and it hasn’t always come easily. She has appeared in every praise list and has also been recognised within house team for her work. She has achieved this while both her parents have been out to work.

She has been an inspiration to us all in our family as she has never let the currant situation damper her spirits and has always provided us with a laugh and good humor.

As well as doing all her school work, she has been a constant comfort and support for her Grandma who is over 70 and has been isolated from her normal routines. Hannah has baked for her, aswell as Hannah’s own household to lift the spirits and cheer everyone up.

Hannah is and has been brilliant through all of this pandemic and as a family we are extremely proud of her for her hard work and dedication.

Coby Jackson - Year 9

Coby’s mum writes,

Unfortunately on Good Friday Coby’s paternal grandad passed away quite suddenly. As we were in lockdown Coby made the decision to go and live with his dad for a month as in our household we have someone who is classed as high risk from Covid so he wouldn’t have been able to come and go as he pleases as usual.

Despite all this Coby continued to do his school work and has consistently achieved 1s and 2s in all subjects.

We are so proud of him.

Abi Maxfield - Year 10

Abi’s parents write,

Just wanted to say how proud we are as parents, Abi’s been mostly on her own at home throughout the lockdown. She kept herself motivated with her school work and had a positive attitude.

My weekly phone calls have constantly been excellent and full of praise. She’s made the praise wall every week even having some special mentions for her efforts.

Well done Abi x

Jessica-Lyn Williams - Year 10

Jessica’s mum writes,

During this entire lockdown Jess has remained positive, cheerful and helpful at home, as well as being 100% focused on her school work. She has approached her remote learning in a methodical and well organised manner, ensuring all tasks set have been completed to the very best of her ability.

Jess has appeared on 10/11 praise lists and been on at least one praise wall for different subjects every week. She has also achieved 2 gold award badges. We are so proud of you Jess-Lyn-well done xxx

I have attached some of Jess’ work in fashion over the last few weeks-titled ‘messages’. Which in our opinion reflect her attitude 100%.

Lucy Willett - Year 8

Lucy’s mum writes,

I would desperately love to nominate my daughter Lucy Willett. She has amazed us how she has embraced her remote learning and her attitude and dedication has been outstanding throughout. She is up and logged on by 8am every day without fail and she is still hard at work when I return from work at 4pm. I work in a school and I know how hard it is to keep the challenge and inspiration going! I have attached some of her learning for you to see.

Lucy has appeared on the praise wall every single week and has had special mentions in all of her subjects. This has meant the world to her and has given her the confidence that her hard work and effort hasn’t gone unnoticed. I feel the praise wall has been a fantastic tool to use to keep the drive going for these children.

Lucy has surpassed any of our expectations and says she is quite sad that the remote learning is coming to an end…….this says it all!!!

We are so proud of her and her constant dedication she holds but also to her teachers that have not let her down whatsoever throughout her journey.

Thomas Ramsden - Year 10

Thomas’s mum writes,

I would like to say how proud we are. Thomas has shown a great enthusiasm for his school work whilst also wanting to help his community. Thomas has volunteered to distribute food parcels to the most vulnerable of the Bolton family. He has done this with good grace and humility. Well done Thomas for caring about others.

Olivia Lowe - Year 8 & Gracie Lowe - Year 10

Olivia and Gracie’s mum writes,

Gracie’s outstanding level of work through lockdown has made a huge impact on her grades and in every subject we’ve had feedback from she has clearly improved her grades. Her attitude towards learning has been impeccable, she’s even managed to be moved to set 1 in English which she is thrilled about. She has been on the praise wall every week without fail and remained positive throughout this time.

Olivia has taken to home schooling extremely well, we have received some fabulous feedback. We are incredibly proud that on top of all the uncertainty and adapting to the new style of learning, Olivia took it upon herself to learn sign language. She has a real natural ability and received in excess of 1k views/comments. She started this to help a friend of ours who’s child communicates via sign to cheer them up and its certainly done that! She has been a credit to have at home learning all sorts of hands on jobs with her dad too.

I’m extremely prod of both my girls and feel they deserve this recognition.

Caleb Devenport - Year 8 & Jacob Devenport - Year 10

Caleb and Jacob’s mum writes,

I’ve never once had to worry about Caleb or that he wouldn’t do his best, he’s completed every task and he’s planned his own working timetable, I’m so very proud.

Despite the difficulties he faces with learning, Jacob has never once complained throughout this lockdown period, he’s completed his  tasks to the best of his ability with maturity & resilience, I’m so very proud.

Sophie Gorman - Year 10

Sophie’s mum writes,

Since Sophie is been at home for the last four months she has been doing all her work in the morning and afternoon. I have watched Sophie do her work and I was very impressed, especially with English, maths and fashion.

I am mostly impressed with her mental health journal page which you can see below.

Ethan Turney - Year 7

Ethan’s mum writes,

Ethan has worked extremely hard, constantly trying his best each day and had a good attitude to the remote e-learning.

He has received positive comments from his teachers and featuring on various praise walls encouraged him to keep going.

Well done Ethan, we are very proud of you.

Rosie Ivill - Year 7

Rosie’s mum writes,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to nominate our eldest child, Rosie Ivill, for the Praise Wall. We feel that for a Year 7 student, Rosie has shown real determination and resilience in her approach to this difficult period of on-line learning. She has shown a quiet maturity in prioritising her work and completing tasks.

Being the eldest of three, Rosie has had much more work than her younger siblings whilst enduring many distractions. We are really proud of Rosie’s responsible attitude to learning and the way she has risen to the challenge as well as making a great veggy spag bol.

We wish you all the best for the summer and thank the school the support offered over the past few weeks.

Joshua Mangnall - Year 7

Joshua’s mum writes,

Joshua has had an great first year at high school, especially during lockdown he has each week consistently achieved a score of 2 or better in his remote learning tasks and has also received the Gold award both terms for appearing on the year group Praise Lists on three or more occasions.

The work Joshua has produced through lockdown, which I am sure you will agree is superb!

He has also continued his favourite out of school activities on zoom and graded to a purple and white belt in karate!

I’m super proud of him, the other students, the teachers and staff who have all achieved amazing things over the last two terms!

Joshua Poynton - Year 7

Joshua’s dad writes,

We are so impressed with how well Joshua has took to home school learning and the whole Covid era.

From day one he has been dedicated to getting his school work completed to the best of his ability and in a timely manor. We have noticed that week in week out,  he has not missed a week of being nominated and praised on the praise wall by his teachers. We have seen numerous pieces of of his work posted on Facebook and received calls weekly to let us know how he is getting on.

We do not have to push him to do his work. He gets up every morning and just gets on with it with no moaning, questioning whatsoever. He has every week so far since lockdown made sure he has completed all of his tasks for that day and week.

He also has stepped in on many occasions with help for his younger sister with her primary work and IT issues.

Both myself and Anita are extremely proud of him and can not praise him enough for what he has done and achieved during this uncertain and tested period.

I would also like to extend a massive thanks to yourself and your colleagues for keeping everything going during this time and can not congratulate you enough on how you have kept the school year going for the students.

Below are two pieces of work from DT that he produced and was very proud of his work.

Daniel Lord - Year 7

Daniel’s dad writes,

I would like to nominate Daniel Lord for the praise wall.

Daniel has shown maturity well above his age throughout the lockdown, has got on with his home learning and tried his best in everything he has done.

Amelia Cann - Year 9

Amelia’s mum writes,

Amelia has coped with studying from home really well, she has got up every day and completed all the work which has been set for her, she has just got on with it and never complained. There are somethings which she has found challenging, she tackled the challenge and completed the work.

I am really proud of all the hard work she has put in over this very difficult and challenging time.

Bailey Hook - Year 7

Bailey’s mum writes,

Bailey has worked so hard from day one working from 8.30pm till 3pm alot of days, she’s been amazing all the way through this remote learning from home.

She’s had down days thinking she can’t do the work then surprises us with the phone calls we’ve received, I’m so proud of her I think many deserve a good pat on the back this year, but she’s been amazing.

Keira Gallacher - Year 9

Keira’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate Keira Gallacher in year 9 for the praise wall.

Throughout lockdown she has worked hard and completed all of the work set. She had a few weeks where she didn’t work to her potential but took in the feedback from Mr Beaumont and myself and more than made up for it.

This was on top of helping me around the house and garden, having 6 drama lessons a week and a few drama masterclasses.

She hasn’t let lockdown get to her, hasn’t moaned that she can’t go out and even put on a few dance shows for the neighbours before and after the Thursday claps with a couple of her friends (socially distant obviously).

Eshaan Yaser - Year 8

Eshaan’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate my amazing son Eshaan Yaser for the praise wall please.

During this trying time, Eshaan has been through quite a rollercoaster of events and emotions. His dad endes up in hospital, earlier on in the lockdown when everything was very new and very scary, he had to have an emergency op and we were all very scared. However, eshaan showed so much bravery and still managed to get on with school work too. Thank God, dad is now ok.

After that, is little brother Hameez then ended up in hospital and again Eshaan soldiered on, although very worried and upset. Thank God, Hameez is now on the mend.

We then almost lost our kitten as she sustained some kind of awful injury and we were told she may need to be put to sleep. I think this was the icing in the cake for Eshaan as literally broke and this was heart breaking to see but again he still managed to keep up with school work and carry on the best he could.

However, the ultimate upset has now been that we have lost my father-in-law to covid – Eshaan’s grandad, 2 week ago!!! He is over in Pakistan which has made it even worse as we couldnt be there with family… Eshaan loved his grandad so very much and this has been a massive loss to our family!!! Eshaan took some time out from school work but was still very conscious that he didnt want to miss too much.

Mrs Leigh has been amazing during the whole of lockdown, she as supported Eshaan and us as a family with her kind words and encouragement (there should be a praise wall for teachers too).

Anyway, based on the above and other bits and bobs too, I would like Eshaan to know how very proud we are of him. Not only for the work he has still managed to do for school but also for the amazingly loving, caring, respectful and kind young man that he is!!! He is a soldier and we love him all the world and more.


Alix Parsons - Year 9

Alix’s mum writes,

I would like to nominate my daughter Alix Parsons in Year 9 there are a few reasons for this but I have listed the main ones below.

Alix found remote working difficult at the beginning and I could only push her so much due to working myself. But eventually she knuckled down and tried really hard to keep on top of her work. Her scores started to creep up and she appeared on the praise wall a few times which really did help her confidence.

She experienced IT issues during this period on numerous occasions but overcame them by working on my laptop during the weekend so she didn’t fall behind. Although Alix has not been on the praise wall week in week out she really has tried and has done better than what I thought she would if I am honest.

I thought it would be a real struggle every morning getting her to do her work but that wasn’t the case. I am very proud of my daughter and what she has achieved during “lockdown”

I have to say that Alix couldn’t have done it without Mrs Guy’s help. Mrs Guy help was invaluable and if you could nominate a teacher to appear on a praise wall or receive a medal, I would do in a heart beat.

James Hinks - Year 7

James’s mum writes,

James has been working off his own back while myself and his step dad have been working crazy hours during the whole time he’s been off school.

We don’t know many 12-year olds that would do as much as he’s done and we are so proud of him for everything he has done, achieved and how he has handled the situation.

Adam Taylor - Year 8

Adam’s parents write,

We would like to nominate Adam for his hardwork and determination to his remote learning. He has scored consistent 1s and 2s for effort and has made the praise wall and list every week, earning him two Gold Award badges.

He has achieved this all through very difficult circumstances including the recent loss of his Nana to Coronavirus. We are so very proud of him.

Olivia Dougill - Year 8

Olivia’s mum writes,

I’d like to nominate my daughter as throughout the lock down she’s always tried her best with doing as much work as she was able to. Despite her laptop breaking & her doing written work to try & keep up she’s really tried her best & that’s all we’ve ever asked.

Phone calls home of her managing 1’s & 2’s in most subjects have really encouraged her to keep up & trying even though she’s struggled with some subjects such as maths. Unfortunately she hasn’t managed to get on the praise wall despite her best efforts. As many other families have struggled through these difficult times aswell as ourselves, working or not & having other children to care for of different ages it’s been rather hard times & especially for children at their ages when they should be attending school, learning & hanging around with their friends.

Olivia has turned 13 through the lock down & really tried her best with trying to concentrate & do the tasks set. She’s looked after her siblings & sat with them helping them through their primary school work set. Aswell as looking out for them through daily walks & trying to keep spirits up when she was so down herself. She’s helped neighbours out & cheered elderly up. I these aren’t all school tasks or work set but she has amazed us with her good spirit, helpfulness & kindness.

The subjects we managed to check on she really has made us very proud also & I’d love for her to be recognised even if it is just for the effort she’s made. I’m at work at present & only just been told about this to email you. I really hope she does get recognised but understand your’e probably inundated. Just wanted to let you know anyway as we are so proud of her after missing most of Year 8.

Owen Mullan - Year 9

Owen’s mum writes,

I nominate Owen Mullan year 9 as he has tried his best on remote learning considering the circumstances and things that have happened whilst he’s been off school he’s tried really well and I don’t think he gets enough praise to prove he can do it.

Katie Westwood - Year 7

Katie’s grandmother writes on behalf of Katie’s mum,

The reason I believe Katie should receive the above award is because she has consistently completed all homework and on line learning. She has tried extremely hard to further her knowledge, even when she has found this difficult.

Katie has constantly been on The Praise Wall as well as receiving The Gold Award Badge.

She has supported the family both with the birth of a new brother and helped out with her 4 year old sister.

Attached are art work drawn by Katie for one of her assignments.

Oscar Moss - Year 8

Oscar’s mum writes,

We are so proud of how Oscar has dealt with the whole COVID situation. He has never complained and just got on with his work to the best of his ability which has shown in the grades he has been getting.

We can’t take any credit for this it has been all Oscar and we couldn’t be prouder.

Ellie Mottershead - Year 8

Ellie’s mum writes,

Ellie has taken to working from home really well, I’ve been impressed with her attitude and application. She’s worked through her classes with a smile, at the same time as keeping in touch with her friends.

Ellie has also taught herself to make pizza (including the base) from scratch, along with the baking she already did. Many an afternoon she had asked me to see what she’s done, and explained her work. She’s been fantastic all these weeks, a real pleasure to have and we’ve enjoyed watching her work. She’s really taken to some of the aspects of her lessons, particularly the work in English around Hillsborough and any of her History.