6th July, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 10

A big thumbs up and well done to everyone who is featured on our Week 10 Praise Wall. Your dedication to your remote learning last week has impressed your teachers. Keep it going for the final two weeks – you have all done amazing!

Xander Hargreaves

Last week the school had a temporary issue with the email accounts which affected students and staff from accessing remote learning platforms. Xander quickly worked out a way to overcome the problem and spent time making a brilliant guidance video for his fellow students on how to log into their school emails using an alternative method, which you can view below.

Xander has demonstrated great innovation, skill and above all, kindness. His dedication to helping others with a technical issue like this was marvellous!

The school feels extremely proud of Xander! Thank you!

The English Praise Wall Video

The English team have put together their video featuring the excellent work and effort produced by students last week. Well done to everyone featured!

Year 7 & 8 Computing Stars

KS3 Computing students have begun their final topic of the term: Creative photography. Last week students took photographs and then added illustrations on to them. We had some absolutely fantastic illustrated photographs submitted by Joshua Smith, Cameron Welsby and Ryan Nesfield.

To browse through the submissions please click on the link:



If you would like to learn how to create an illustrated photograph, follow Ms Farrimond’s tutorials on her website here:



Jessica Colgan

As a part of the PLB live lessons, Jessica delivered a presentation about her home learning. She’s been doing a great job with her baking skills and has been developing other skills to build her self-confidence. She can now play the ukulele! Her presentation can be viewed in the tab below. Well done, Jess!


Jessica Colgan's PLB Presentation


Media Stars!

Students in Media have been continuing to improve their creative photography and image editing skills through distance learning. Last week students learnt how to take fabulously creative photographs through a tube! Holly Herrity in Year 9 has produced some excellent imagery and Callum Green in Year 8 has also impressed with his submissions ;

Here are some of the amazing student submissions:



If you would like to learn how to take and edit creative photographs like this, follow Ms Farrimond’s tutorials on her website:


Year 7 Art Stars

The following students have produced some brilliant Zentangle inspired Mosaic designs last week. Their work can be seen below. Well done to;

Bradley Oliver, Felicity Berry, Harriet Hart, Harry Barton, Holly Dunn, Jack Ridgley, Joshua Mangnall, Joshua Poynton, Joshua Smith, Keira Seddon, Kyle Patel, Lily Tinker, Rebecca Webster, Rosie Ivill, Ryan Cain and Scarlett Booth.

Year 9 Design Technology Stars

Year 9 are making great progress on their marble run challenge. We are looking forwad to seeing the finished article next week and here are just a few sneaky peeks. Well done to Hassan Jamshaid, Ellie-Jo Jameson, Lewis Martland and Lauren Tobin.


Abi & Sol's Maths

Mr Barry and Mr Stanley have been very impressed with the maths work and effort of Abi Maxfield and Sol Love in Year 10. They have put maximum effort into every task that has been set online. Also, Abi has impressed with her attitude and approach to learning whilst she has been back in school.

Design Technology & Catering Stars

Well done to all the Year 10 Design and technology students who have begun working on their NEA, there has been some fantastic effort from the students last week whilst they investigated the tasks and begun to select possible design problems to solve.

Those who have shown great effort over the past two weeks are Charlie Allwood, Halle Bate-Robinson, Charlie Greenhalgh, Aaron Purdie and Amber Slater.

In addition, Abbie Lee in Year 8 has been baking chocolate fudge brownies and jellies for her catering lesson which you can see below.


Year 8, 9 & 10 Art Stars

The following students have impressed the art team with their submissions;

Year 8: Charlotte Commons, Ella Morley, Lucy Willett, Oscar Aldersley and Ruby-Mae Holmes for their excellent shoe designs in the style of Andy J. Miller.

Year 9: Gizem Hasanova, Alannah Holden and Sophie Crook for making a great effort in refining and developing ideas for this week.

Year 10: Bailey Tildsley, Amber Slater, Callan Hayes, Malikah Akhtar, Bella Thompson, Elina Velicka and Bettina Babic  for producing some great research on the artist Ulla Stina Wikander.

In Fashion, Hallie Bates-Robinson, Sophie Gorman and Hamina Shahid have produced fantastic annotations of their ‘Messages’ project.


Year 7 Art Outstanding Engagement

The following Year 7 students have had 100% engagement in all their art remote learning tasks since the start of lockdown. A massive well done to;

Kyle Barron, Harry Barton, Toby Belfield, Felicity Berry, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Jessica Crofts, Csanad Csore, Holly Dunn, Lewis Eaton, Lucas Eatough, Matthew Elleray, Isabelle Harrison, Harriet Hart, James Hinks, Eron Huskings, Rosie Irvill, Jake lane, Daniel Lord, Joshua Mangnall, Lola May, Chloe Mayor, Erin Naisbitt, Bradley Oliver, Jake O’Shaughnessy, Kyle Patel, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Poynton, Jack Ridgley, Kirsten Scaife, Keira Seddon, Joshua Smith, Lily Tinker, Rebecca Webster, Katie Westwood, Jade Williams and Rebekah Wilson.

Year 8 Art Outstanding Engagement

The following Year 8 students have had 100% engagement in all their art remote learning tasks since the start of lockdown. A massive well done to;

Oscar Aldersley, Scott Booth, Jessica Butterworth, Charlotte Commons, Billy Corless, Maddison Dawson, Ethan Gagan, Hanna Goodwin, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Ruby-Mae Holmes, Joe Holt, Isla Jones, Nicole Lomas, Eve Lowe, Sophia Magari, Oscar Moss, Ellie Mottershead, Ryan Nesfield, Sophie Nesfileld, Isabelle Norwood, Harry Owens, Kelsie Oxtoby, Lexie Parker, Jessica Ramsden, Kane Rostron, Aaron Rowland, Adam Taylor, Michael Walker and Lucy Willett.


Year 7 Design Tech & Catering Outstanding Enagagement

All of the teachers in DT and Catering would like to acknowledge the following Year 7 students who have worked consistently hard on all the remote learning tasks set by the department. We are very proud of you all – well done!

Year 7 Catering:

BARRON Kyle, BARTON Harry , BELFIELD Toby, BERRY Felicity, CAIN Ryan, EATON Lewis, HOOK Bailey, LORD Daniel, MANGNALL Joshua, MAYOR Chloe, MCCRORY Alisha, OLIVER Bradley, PATEL Kyle, PHILLIPS Oliver, SCAIFE Kirsten, SEDDON Keira, TINKER Lily, TURNEY Ethan, WALKER Evan and WEBSTER Rebecca.

Year 7 DT:

BARRON Kyle, BARTON Harry, BELFIELD Toby, BERRY Felicity, CAIN Ryan, CROFTS Jessica, MANGNALL Joshua, OLIVER Bradley, PATEL Kyle, POYNTON Joshua, RIDGLEY Jack, SEDDON Keira, SMITH Joshua and WEBSTER Rebecca.


Year 8 Catering & Design Tech Outstanding Engagement

All of the teachers in DT and Catering would like to acknowledge the following Year 8 students who have worked consistently hard on all the remote learning tasks set by the department. We are very proud of you all – well done!

Year 8 Catering:


Year 8 DT:



Year 9 Hospitality & Catering Outstanding Engagement

The following students have tried consistently hard in their remote work for Hospitality and Catering throughout their home study months:

Courtney Siddall, Elisha O’Gara, Caitlin Ashworth, Holly Herrity, Rebecca Atkinson and Ben Griffin.

Well done to all of you for keeping on track and completing the work set!


Year 10 Hospitality & Catering Outstanding Engagement

The following students have tried consistently hard in their remote work for Hospitality and Catering:

Eliese Saunders, Khaneen Qaisar, Khia-Louise Houghton, Luke Pilling and Megan Haslam.

Well done to all of you for keeping on track and completing the work set!

Mr Woodward's Science Stars

Mr Woodward would like praise Dylan Herrity and Ava Curley, both year 7. Dylan for continuing excellence in science, and Ava for good work on simple machines and balancing forces.


Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars

A fantastic effort from these pupils with their end of topic test in science last week. Well done and keep up the great achievements.

Rebecca Atkinson, Megan Baxendale, Caden Jones, Maddison Palin, Aimee Renshaw, Amy Rossington, Elina Velicka and Catherine Whittaker.

There has been fantastic work from these pupils last week when preparing for their End of topic test.

Isabel Prentice, Jack Sission and Jessica-Lyn Williams.

Ms Mistry's Science Stars

Ms Mistry would like to praise her students in the following classes;

8N2 – all for completing work to a high standard;
Callum Green, Olivia Lowe, Ethan Gagan and Lucy Edwards.

8N3 – great effort in some challenging tasks;
Finlay Dewhurst.

9N4- for consistent effort yet again;
Aaliyah Fogg

10N1 – consistent effort;
Luke Partington, Lucy Grime and Joshua Mellet.

Ms Chew's Maths Stars

Ms Chew would like to praise the following Year 7 students for their superb work on Standard Form last week;

Toby Belfield, Charlie Crompton, Jack Fielding, James Hinks, Oliver Jackson, Erin Longworth, Chloe Mayor, Kyle Patel, George Roberts, Gabriella Rushmore, Kirsten Scaife, Rebecca Webster, Rebecca Wilson and Lewis Wintour.

The following students also have been addded to the Praise Wall by Ms Chew for their superb effort in completing every task in maths;

Year 7: Charlie Bateson, Toby Belfield, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Jessica Crofts, Csanad Csore, Ava Curley, James Dickinson, Lewis Eaton, Lucas Eatough, Matthew Elleray, Jack Fielding, Ella Hill, Rosie Ivill, Daniel Lord, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Poynton, Zia Rehman, Joshua Smith, Ethan Turney, Travis Woodland, Ethan Fox-Brady and Lily Tinker.

Year 8: Naomi Barber, Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Madison Durman, Cassius Foley, Callum Green, Alyssa Hall, Harley Irwin, Amee Pankhania, Lexie Parker, Finley Schofield, Lucy Willett, Ryan Worden, Nathan Blaxall, Finlay Dewhurst, Ella Goodram and Jack Martin-Toomey.

Year 10 Photography Stars

Over the last two weeks, GCSE photography students were asked to produce a photo shoot which focused on the formal element of vertical lines within compositions. The following students have produced excellent images, showing a great eye for capturing lines within a composition. Well done to;

Gracie Lowe, Molly Gunn, Aniqah Ahktar, Charlie Allwood, Lucy Naisbitt and Ryan Collard-King.


Mr Roper's PE Stars

Mr Roper has nominated the following students for the Praise Wall for their excellent work on Outdoor Adventurous Activity research work for Cambridge National course.

Elena Whymet, Lily Philbin, Aimee Bleakley, Jodie Jackson and Molly Crompton.

Ms Mortimer's History Stars

The following students have demonstrated fantastic effort and dedication to their history work last week. Well done to;

Year 10: Aimee Bleakley, Brooke Corbett, Hannah Cherry, Jessica Chadwick, Jodie Jackson and Harvey Leech

Year 7: Travis Woodland, Bradley Oliver and Ethan Blake.


Mr Cook's History Stars

Some more excellent work from Year 8 this week. One of the tasks was to produce a newspaper front page reporting one of the key events of the Second World War. Lucy Willett produced a brilliant front page on Dunkirk – which you can view below. Her work has been outstanding every week.

Other students producing excellent work: Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Angelina Foster, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Nicole Lomas, Oscar Moss, Kelsie Oxtoby, Lexie Parker, Sasha Wilson and Ryan Worden.

Ms Elys PE Stars

The following students have in Year 10 have demonstrated a high level of effort and engagement within their option PE work last week. Well done to;

Abi Maxfield, Bailey Tildsley and Shazaib Aslam.

Ms Sutcliffe's Geography Stars

Ms Sutcliffe would like to nominate the following Year 10 Geographers for their continued work great and/or improved work last week:

Charlie Allwood, Shazaib Aslam, Ryeleah Cartwright, Taylor Durman, Fola Fasehun, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan, Sophie Gorman, Maddison Palin, Luke Pilling, Khaneen Qaisar, Codey Rule, Sarah Rushton, Hamna Shahid and Elina Velicka.


Ryan Cain - Spanish

Ms Jordan would like to put forward Ryan Cain for the Praise Wall for producing a fantastic leaflet about Costa Adeje in his Spanish work. Ryan always goes above and beyond to produce the best work he can for Spanish.


Ms Morris's RE Stars

In Year 7, students were asked to produce a research project on an environmental issue of their choice. Notable work was produced by Harry Barton, Chloe Mayor, Daniel Lord and Evan Walker.

In Year 8, the focus was on pollution and environmental damage caused by humans to the planet. Ellis Harrison Scott, Kelsey Jo Frost, Isabelle Norwood, Lucy Willett and Kelsie Oxtoby all produced outstanding work.

In Year 9, Aimee Bleakley, Kelly Dempsey Fallows and Lauren Tobin all produced excellent research on Church growth.

Mr Beaumont's Stars

The following students have consistently put in a great effort with their remote learning over lockdown, responding well to feedback and therefore deserve a special mention on the praise wall. Mr Beaumont has found it a real pleasure to mentor them.

Year 9:
Kiera Gallacher, Jayden Garrity, Ben Griffin, Isabel Hair, Alannah Holden, Thomas Hotchin, Joseph Kennedy and Hayden Williams

Year 10:
Charlie Allwood, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan and Joshua Mellett.

Also, a special mention for Year 9’s Rosie Galley, Daisy Wall and Millie Wright for a great effort last week.

Ms Wilson's Stars

Ms Wilson wouldlike to praise Lucas Eatough, Rosie Irvill, Dylan Herrity, Jack Ridgley and Rebekah Wilson. They have all worked really hard throughout lockdown, getting 1s in all subjects almost every week! Brilliant work, everyone!


Ms Givens's DIT Stars

Ms Givens writes,

‘A huge well done to all of the Year 10 DIT pupils for putting in so much hard work, especially over the past few weeks. The work handed in has been absolutely outstanding and will help in preparing you all for next year. There are too many names to mention, although I would like to add a special mention to the following pupils for consistently going above and beyond:’

Megan Haslam, Ryan Collard-King, Ryeleah Cartwright, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan, Billy Fothergill, Samantha Bithell, Louie Higgins, Liam Doran and Lucas Briggs.

Ms Givens's Computer Science Stars

Ms Givens writes,

‘A massive well done to the students listed below for some outstanding work on the most challenging lesson set in the past few months. The work handed in was great, I was really impressed!’

Millie Wright, Tom Hotchin, Alfie Whittle, Illyaas Sowunmi, Callum Hailwood, Rosie Galley, Spencer Thorley, Shelby Cartwright, Annie Wardle, Beau Evans, Danny Ireland, Finley Whittaker and Zsombor Rozsas.

‘A special thanks to Xander Hargreaves for creating a brilliant little animation which went above and beyond what was asked for this week!’

Ms Bannister's PE Stars

The following students have produced an excellent standard of PE work for Ms Bannister last week. Well done to;

Pheobe Alston Forrester, Noah Barrington, Erin Fairfield, Luke Greenhalgh, Keira Howard, Jason Scaife, Elina Velicka and Mia Appleby.

Ms Guy's Stars

Ms Guy has sent in the following Praise Wall nominations;

This first group of students continue to show consistency, personal motivation and excellent organisational skills in their remote learning;

Jake Morris, Aston Minta, Bronte Naylor, Hannah Openshaw, Lily Philbin, Shahzaib Younas, Ruben Worthington, Alfie Howarth, Rehan Khan and Ethan Worthington.

This second group are steadily showing improvement in their overall online engagement. Well done to;

Francesca Moffat, Esme Murphy, Alix Parsons, Alfie Holt, Joe Holt, Joshua Idowu, Fatima Konneh and Jamie Lias.

Mr Cornish's BTEC Music Stars

Mr Cornish is really impressed with the outstanding work & effort from all students nominated below;

9c/Mt1: Danny Ireland, Jessica Chadwick and Lewis Martland

10a/Mt1: Abby Butterworth, Aimee Renshaw, Louie Higgins and Phoebe Alston-Forrester.

Ms Fernside's Stars

All the students listed below have been consistently engaged in their remote learning work throughout the weeks in lockdown. Well done to;

Lucas Buckley, Ellie Steane, Lewis Martland, Noah Walker, Evan Walker and Ethan Turney.


Mr Harte's Science Stars

Mr Harte is very impressed with quality of science work submitted by Kyle Patel, Illyaas Sowunmi and Laiba Hussain last week. Well done, everyone.