4th May, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 2, Page 2

Once again lots of students have been excelling in their remote learning last week and staff were really keen to highlight some superstars for recognition (and 20 reward points) on week 2 of our Praise Wall. A massive well done to everyone who has been listed, we are all very proud of you!

Here’s page 2!

Year 8 PE

The whole PE team would like to praise the following Year 8 students for their very successful completion of 100% of the video tasks and achieving over 75% on the test on Everlearner last week:

Lillia Brown, Jessica Butterworth, Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Ruby- May Holmes, Harley Johnson, Elisabeth Jones, Isla Jones, Jessica Leighton, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Ryan Nesfield, Sophie Nesfield, Isabelle Norwood, Finley Schofield, Adam Taylor and Lucy Willett.

Year 9 - PE

These students in Year 9 successfully completed 100% of video tasks and achieved over 80% on the test. Superb work, everyone!

Aimee Bleakley, Lucie Farrington, Farhan Khan, Harvey Leech, Lily Philbin, Georgia Ridings , Matthew Rydall, Skye Smith and Jack Thornley.

Year 10 - PE

Finally, these Year 10 students completed 100% of their video tasks and achieved 75% on the test last week. Well done!

Mia Appleby, Kiera Howard and Jason Scaife. Excellent work ethic from Luke Pilling as well!

Joshua Smith – Boxing

Mr Welch would like a shout out on the Praise Wall to Joshua Smith in Year 7 who has been keeping up with one of his main sporting interests, boxing. Here he is practising at home. Well done, Joshua, keep it up!


Elisha O’Gara – Art

Ms Sulek was impressed with the art piece by Year 8 student, Elisha O’Gara inspired by the artist Riza Pecker. Well done, Elisha.

Year 8 – Modernist Art

The Year 8 students listed below have all produced great responses to the Art Timeline project looking at the 20th Century Modernist period. Their fantastic work can be seen below;
Lily Brown, Kelsey Oxtoby, Nicole Lomas, Elizabeth Jones, Lucy Willett and Maddison Dawson.

In addition, the students listed below have also produced a great piece of reseacrch and critical study work on the artist, Jasper Johns;
Lucy Willett, Sophia Magari, Adam Taylor, Jessica Ramsden, Kelsie Oxtoby, Nicole Lomas, Isla Jones and Molly Amborsuik.

Year 10 – Fashion

These students have been nominated for praise because they have produced a great response to the work on mixed media ‘Messages’;

Sophie Gorman, Amy Rossington and Hallie Waring.

Here is their work below; fantastic effort, everyone!

Year 7 - Science

Ms Rawstron writes:

The following Year 7 students have submitted some incredible work this week in Science and deserve to go on the Praise Wall.

Kane Hendry, Nathan Hughes, Lauren Harrison, James Hill and James Dickinson.

Year 9 - Science

The following year 9 students have done incredibly well on their science tests this week and have shown real resilience:
Macy Drennan, Rachel Heyes, Jess Colgan, Paige Atkinson, Lily Philbin and Daisy Wall.

These three students in year 9 have also consistently submitted work to a very high standard and have persevered to ensure they continuously improve:
Lauren Tobin, Jorga McLaughlan and Kieran Litherland.


Year 10 - Science

Finally, the following year 10 students have submitted near perfect work in their Biology session this week as well:
Lucy Grime, Lucy Naisbuit, Caitlin Rhead, Bella Tompson and Jack Walton.

It’s been a very positive week!


Year 10 - Maths

Ms Naylor would like to recognise the great effort last week in maths from Ryan Collard-King, Lewis Hales, Taylor Durman, Aaron Parkinson and Ashleigh May. Keep it up!

Ms Brown's MFL Stars!

Ms Brown has chosen the following people as her stars of the week:

Year 8 French – Ethan Gagan
Year 8 Spanish – Ryan Worden
Year 9 Spanish – Kelly Dempsey-Fallows.


Ms Fowler's MFL Stars!

Felicity Berry – Felicity produced some amazing French work this week and is making great progress with her weekly speaking routines.

Ryan Cain – Ryan always puts 100% into his Spanish work. He extends all of his sentences as much as he can and produces some outstanding speaking routines.

Charlie Bateson – Charlie produced an amazing powerpoint about Lille this week even though this was not compulsory.

Ms Craven’s Science Stars!

The majority of my Year 10 science class have been brilliant these past two weeks. They’ve started a new topic on Radioactivity and engaged really well, picked it up quickly and taken to my new teaching via uploaded videos really well! I’m very proud of them and appreciate their constructive feedback on my videos!

In particular, the following students have pushed themselves, excelled and communicated brilliantly:

Abi Maxfield, Josh Dalziel, Charlie Allwood, Gracie Lowe, Erin Fairfield, Khia Houghton, Ami Scott, Leah Johnson, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan, Laila Phillips, Malikah Akhtar, Mia Appleby, Demi-Lei Dumbill, Khaneen Qaisar, Haroon Shagofta and Shazaib Aslam.

Lucas Briggs & Bailey Tildsley- Science

Ms Hargreaves is very impressed with Year 10 students, Lucas Briggs and Bailey Tildsley‘s science work last week. They has managed to do a fantastic job of completing Nuclear equations (taught from scratch remotely). Brilliant work! You can see their response below;

Year 10 - History

Mr Cook is very impressed with the work of Year 10 historians Caitlin Rhead, Lucy Grimes, Megan Haslam, Mia Appleby and Isobel Prentice. They have produced detailed and insightful responses to activity on the Korean War. Well done, everyone!


Year 8 - Science

Ms Mistry wishes to praise the following Year 8 students for constant effort since we started remote learning.
Beth has been very ill and yet she managed to research and produce a brilliant piece on inheritance. All of them have fully engaged and attempted all tasks posted. So very well done!

Bethany Taylor, Olivia Lowe, Callum Green, Blake Baker, Jason Wilcock and Lilly Crowther.


Maths Challenge - Year 7, 8 & 9

Well done to everyone giving the Maths Challenges a go as well as their Maths Remote Learning, fantastic effort! Top 3 for the Week 5 challenges are:
1. Nathan Blaxall (8R) and Michael Walker (8T)
2. Ella Morley (8L)
3. Charlie Bateson (7L)
Congratulations and well done everyone! The Week 6 challenge is now on Google Classrooms for you to have a go at.


Ms Mortimer’s History Stars!

Ms Mortimer would like to praise the following historians for their superb effort on the history assignments last week;

Year 7: Erin Longworth and Felicity Berry (her timeline is below)

Year 8: Kelsey-Jo Frost, Isla Jones and Jessica Ramsden

Year 9: Aimee Bleakley, Georgia Ridings, Harvey Leech and Jodie Jackson

Year 10: Georgia Ridings



Maths – Year 7 & 8

Ms Chew wishes to praise the following students have worked exceptionally hard all week completing all their Maths tasks and achieving 100% effort on each one. Well done keep up the good work.

Year 7: Toby Belfield, Kyle Patel, Gabriella Rushmore, Oscar Seal and Hussain Haseeb

Year 8: Harry Owens, Bethany Cain, Maddison Dawson, Ella Morley, Finley Schofield and  Adam Taylor.


Maths – Year 10

Mr Isherwood and Ms Stubbs have been so impressed with many of the students in 10p/Ma2 and 10n/Ma2. There were lots of 1s for effort. A shout out this week to four students who used Zoom to ask us for help, have produced some fantastic work and submitted clear working out. Keep up the great work!!

Aniqah Akhtar, Leah Johnson, Liam Jarrold and Malikah Akhtar.

Ms Costello and Mr Morris’s Maths Stars

Ms Costello and Mr Morris are so impressed with the work top set year 10s are doing. Their work can be seen below of students work who went above and beyond;

Mia Appleby, Haider Rehan, Halle Bates-Robinson, Megan Baxendale, Elina Velicka and Jack Walton.

Year 9 Maths: Outstanding effort this week from Jayden Garrity, Lucy Jones, Kerlisha Marshall, Aleena Mir and Sophie Martin.

Year 7 Maths: – Amazing dedication and work ethic from Amy Downing, Scarlett Booth, Finley Davies, Jack Crompton, Ethan Vietes, Syke Roe and Jake Lane.

Design Technology – Year 9 & 10

Design and technology have handed in quite an extensive project looking at Ergonomic design and the use of Anthropometric data with the final task being to design and Ergonomic gaming chair. Students have produced some fantastic work and design ideas. Special mention go out to those named below;

Year 9: Lewis Martland, Thomas Hotchin and Lauren Tibin

Year 10: Amber Slater, Olivia Vinning, Cathrine Whittaker, Aniqah Akhtar and Aaron Purdie.