8th June, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 6

Once again staff have sending in their Praise Wall nominations for students who have produced exceptional work last week. Well done to everyone featured, 20 rewards points are on their way to you!

First up is Mr Roper’s PE challenge, where students were asked to design a new sports kit. Well done to Alisha McCrory, Chloe Mayor, Daniel Lord, Joshua Magnall, Joshua Smith, Adam Taylor, Billy Corless, Harley Irwin, Tyler Lovell, Oscar Aldersley, Sophie Nesfield and Ryan Nesfield.

Their designs can be seen by clicking on the tab below.

Design a kit project presentation


English Praise Wall Video

Last week Year 7 were asked to use their creative skills to celebrate the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birthday. Students submitted some outstanding creations, from Lego displays depicting the scenes of Romeo and Juliet, to Minecraft models of the Globe Theatre.

Year 7 – Art Step Assessments

The following students have been nominated for their excellent standard of Hundertwasser portrait assessment pieces. This is a graded step assessment task for this term.

Joshua Magnall, Holly Dunn, Ryan Cain, Bradley Oliver and Joshua Smith.

Year 8 – Art Step Assessments

The students below have produced brilliant responses to the astract mixed media composition step assessment. Super work, everyone!

Ellis Harrison Scott, Adam Taylor and Isla Jones.

Year 9 – Portrait Art

These students have produced a great response to Patrushka inspired portrait task last week. Well done to Bethany McGuffie, Macy Briggs and Elisha O’Gara.

Photography Lockdown Messages

We have received some brilliant Lockdown Messages created using captured letter forms. Well done to;

Year 9: Annie Wardle and Jessica Chadwick

Year 10: Amy Rossington, Raja-Iza Ullah, Gracie Lowe, Molly Gunn, Lucy Naisbitt and Ryan Collard-King.

Year 10 – Art Stars

Erin Fairfield and Elina Velicka have produced some great responses to the Alice Objects pattern design work.

Joshua Mellet - Business

Ms Moore writes;

Joshua has followed our ‘recipe for success’ when answering an ‘analyse’ question. He has worked hard to include context in his answer and he has highlighted this in green to support him in checking that he has achieved this throughout his response. Joshua has read the question carefully and ensured that his points relate directly to the marketing mix. Well done, Josh!

Analyse the impact on GoPro’s marketing mix of cheaper competitors entering the market (6).

One potential impact is that they have to produce a new action camera to differentiate their products from others in their market, such as Sony and to keep their position as leader of this market. However because they need to produce this new camera, they will need to undergo market research to see what customers want with them when they do these extreme sports. Because they are undergoing this research, their costs will increase, and if revenue stays the same, their profit for a time will decrease.

Another potential impact is that they may have to increase their promotion so that the audience is aware why they charge these premium prices and why they should purchase one when they next go skiing or bungee jumping. Because they now have a more luxurious advertisement, this could draw in more customers, as it will show where they stand out and why their competitors are selling at cheaper prices. Because they have drawn in more people interested in extreme sports, their revenue could increase, due to the increase in their camera sales.

Ellis Harrison-Scott - Design Technology

Ellis Harrison-Scott has produced some amazing Design Technology work on his biomimicry lamp project last week. You can view his design, production and finished product below. Well done, Ellis!


Dylan Herrity - Science

Mr Woodward would like to praise Dylan Herrity in Year 7 for his excellent effort and quality of work submissions in science last week.

Well done, Dylan!

Lucy Willett - Computing

Students were tasked to create an animation using Google slides in computing last week. We had an absolutely fantastic response from students who created a wide variety of unusual, fun and imaginative animations. Lucy produced an excellent response.

Ryan Cain - Spanish

Ms Jordan would like to pass on her praises for Ryan Cain in Year 7.

“His Spanish work blows me away week by week and exceeds my expectations every single time. He is a fantastic linguist. This week, he has sent in a video of him practising his Spanish at home and it is fantastic.”

Media Stars

Media students started a new photography topic last week investigating the fabulous Emily Blincoe. Then they experimented taking some Emily Blincoe inspired photographs. Here’s some excellent examples below. Well done to Ellie-Nicole Dunn, Indigo Holmes, Jade Evans, Kai Malake Aaman Iqbal and Leonie Appleby.

Home Catering Stars

The following students have been keeping up their practical work at home and are producing wonderful food for their families to enjoy. Well done, everyone!

Year 7: Kaleb Hailwood, Ryan Worden, Dylan Herrity, Ryan Worden, Ffion Marshall, Evan Walker, Kasey Wallis and Josh Mangnall.

Year 8: Kaleb Hailwood, Ellis Harrison-Scott and Ryan Worden

Catering Effort Stars

The following students are on the Praise Wall for their outstanding effort with all their Catering work last week.
Year 7 : Joshua Smith, Kyle Barron, Keira Seddon, Kyle Patel, Josh Mangnall, Alfie Winnard-Leighton, Bailey Hook, Bradley Oliver, Felicity Berry and Jessica Crofts

Year 8: Adam Taylor, Aaron Rowland, Charlotte Commons, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Ethan Gagan, Hanna Goodwin, Isabelle Norwood, Isla Jones, Kelsie Oxtoby, Lillia Brown, Lucy Willett, Nathan Blaxhall, Nicole Lomas, Ryan Nesfield, Sophie Nesfield, Ryan Worden, Sophia Magari, Harry Owens, Michale Smith and Kaleb Hailwood.

These Key Stage 4 students have also shown exceptional effort and a great standard of work submitted in Hospitality and Catering.

Year 9: Caitlin Ashworth, Shelby Cartwright, Rebecca Atkinson, Sophie Alston-Forrester, Holly Herrity, Elish O’Gara, Courtney Siddall, Rachel Heyes and Rebecca Atkinson

Year 10: Eliese Saunders, Ellie Nicole Dunn, Lily Phillips, Luke Pilling, Megan Haslam and Josh Dalziel.

PE Stars

The PE team have been highly impressed with the highly consistent effort and quality of work submitted in the PE tasks last week. Praise Wall shout outs go to:

Year 9: Charlie Eyres, Hayden Williams, Kieran Litherland, Brooke Corbett, Molly Crompton, Jodie Jasckson, Harvey Leech, Luke Lumley Davenport, Matthew Ryall andMacy Drennan

Year 10: Mia Appleby, Erin Farifield, Keira Howard, Charlie Wilson, Noah Barrington, Elina Velicka, Luke Pilling, Ryan Collard King, Abi Maxfield and Jessica Lyn Williams.

The following students have shown great determination and effort to compete in the Inter-house activities last week. Well done to;

Year 7: Erin Longworth

Year 8: Isabelle Norwood , Ella Morley and Nicole Lomas

Year 9: Kieran Litherland

Year 10: Keira Howard, Megan Baxendale and Phoebe Alston-Foster

Year 11: Alistair Bool.

Year 7 Design Technology Stars

Some absolutely awesome work on Biomimicry from Year 7 this week. Well done to the following:

Kyle Patel, James Hinks, Kyle Barron, Joshua Smith, Keira Seddon and Harry Barton.

Special mentions too for :
Joshua Mangnall and his Biomimicry train, Bradley Oliver for his amazing practical skills and Ryan Cain‘s informative video.


Year 8, 9 & 10 Design Technology Stars

Excellent effort and work on their DT work this week from the following Year 8 students:

Joe Holt, Callum Green, Adam Taylor, Eshaan Yaser, Bethany Cain, Isla Jones, Isabelle Norwood, Kelsie Oxtoby, Lucy Willett, Neve Warren, Ryan Worden and Sophia Magari.

The students have been working on some very complex mechanical calculation last week and have risen to the challenge, showing great resilience.

Special recognition goes to Amber Slater, Charlie Greenhalgh and Haider Rehan in Year 10 and Lauren Tobin and Spencer Thorley from Year 9.


Mia Appleby - Business

Mia Appleby, Year 10 in her response to this examination question, has demonstrated excellent business understanding and applied this to the GoPro business context beautifully.

Analyse the impact on GoPro’s marketing mix of cheaper competitors entering the market (6).

As cheaper competitors are entering the market Go Pro may have to further differentiate their cameras to make sure they have a USP and to maintain market leader position. However, this will increase the business’ costs because it will take research and development and as a result the business may have to increase their prices on gadgets to maintain profits. In addition if GoPro have to increase their prices then photographers may go to their cheaper competitors such as Xaomi.

Another impact on GoPro could be they may have to lower their prices to remain competitive over competitors such as Canon. Consequently, GoPro may attract to a new videographers and as a result their revenue may increase due to the higher sales on electronic equipment however, this will depend on the price sensitivity.


Ms Chew's Maths Stars

The following students have been nominated to appear on the Praise Wall for obtaining 100% on all their maths tasks last week. Well done to;

Year 7: Harry Barton, Charlie Bateson, Toby Belfield, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Tyler Collard-King, Lewis Eaton, Matthew Elleray, Rosie Ivill, Erin Longworth, Daniel Lord, Kyle Patel, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Poynton, Kirsten Scaife, Joshua Smith, Ethan Turney, Jayden Walker, Madison Wallis, Katie Westwood, Travis Woodland and Csand Csore.

Year 8: Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Ethan Gagan, Nathan Gaskell, Callum Green, Harley Irwin, Kaine Larkin, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Sienna Melake, Ella Morley, Finley Schofield, Adam Taylor, Ryan Worden, Nathan Blaxall, Ella Goodram and Sophie Nesfield.


Ms Mistry's Science Stars

Well done to the following students who have made the Praise Wall for the following reasons:

Joseph Holt in Year 8 for his consistent effort and detailed answers on the evolution of animals.

Sophie Nesfield in Year 8 for a really good attempt at comparing the evolution of animals.

Callum Green in Year 8 for excellent work on Evolution.

Aaliyah Fogg in Year 9 for trying hard to answer all the questions on the revision task.

Skye Nicholson in Year 10 for her brilliant effort tackling challenging tasks.


Ms Costello's Maths Stars

Amazing hard work and effort by the following pupils who continue go above and beyond with their maths work.

Year 7: Scarlett Booth, Jack Crompton, Finley Davies, Amy Downing, Jack Dugdale, Matthew Elleray, Jack Greene, Jake Lane and Ethan Vieites

Year 9: Zara Bates, Jayden Garrity, Lucy Jones, Sophie Martin, Aleena Mir and Elena Whyment.

Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars

The following students have been nominated for the Praise Wall for many reasons;

Lewis Martland for a fantastic effort on his end of topic test.

Abby Downing, Lily Phillips, Amy Rossington, Hannah Slater and Elina Velicka for fantastic science Boost work on the Atom. A really great effort from these girls with this piece of work.

Megan Baxendale, Abby Downing, Megan Haslam, Aimee Renshaw and Elina Velicka for outstanding resilience and incredible success with a really tricky piece of work on Chemistry.

Finally, Mia Conway for her brilliant work on rates of reaction.

Year 9 Computer Science Stars

A massive thank you and well done to the students listed below who have shown real engagement and determination throughout the duration of their remote learning in Computer Science by completing some fantastic work and never missing a single assingment!

Annie Wardle, Callum Hallwood, Beau Evans and Spencer Thornley.

Year 10 DIT Stars

A massive well done to the following students for giving 110% engagement and effort in last weeks assignment when beginning to look at a new assignment. Keep up the hard work!!

Ryan Collard-King, Billy Fothergill, Josh Dalziel, Louie Higgins, Sol Love, Betting Babic, Ryeleah Cartwright, Lucas Briggs, Megan Haslam, Aaron Purdie, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan and Liam Doran.

Ms Morris's RE Stars

Year 8: Well done to Bethany Cain, Isabelle Norwood, Kelsie Oxtoby and Ryan Worden who all produced detailed and informative knowledge organisers on the Big Bang. What really impressed me about their work also was that they had discussed their opinions of this with their families and fed back with their responses too!

Year 10: Amazing revision work on Christianity – The nature of God from: Aimee Bleakley, Charlie Eyres, Jess Colgan, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Shelby Cartwright, Lauren Tobin and Macy Drennan. The work they are doing now is building on prior learning and will make this information much easier to retain when it comes to the final examination.


SLC Praise

A massive thank you to all the hard work and effort the following members of the SLC put into welcoming the new Year 7s.

Year 10: Megan Haslam, Tom Hamlett, Gracie Lowe, Malikah Akhtar, Olivia Vining, Charlie Greenhalgh, Phoebe Alston-Forrester and Megan Baxendale

Year 9: Annie Wardle, Daisy Wall, Jessica Colgan, Illyaas Sowunmi, Hannah Cherry and Lucie Farrington

Year 8: Molly Ambrosiuk, Sophia Magari, Nicole Lomas and Michael Bithell

Year 7: Laura Melbourne, Ryan Cain and Joshua Poynton.


Ms Rawstron's Science Stars

Year 7:
Cory Duffy – For outstanding determination and resilience this week in Science
Bella Candler – For submitting the best piece of individualised work in Science this week
Ethan Turney, Katie Westwood, Chloe Hinsley, Laiba-Iman Ahmed and Lucas Eatough for submitting some outstanding work this week as well.

Year 8:
Lucas Anderson, Ryan Nesfield, Ella Goodram and Bethan Colgan for completing their Genetics work to a GCSE standard, completely unaided!!

Year 9:
Meadow Rogerson, Cara Bannister, Hannah Openshaw, Amelia Stutchbury and Abby Steele-Lesh for making outstanding progress in science this week compared to previous weeks.


Ms Brown's MFL Stars

The students below have worked really hard this week and created wonderful presentations in their Languages remote learning tasks. Well done to:

Year 8 Spanish: Lucy Willett and Kelsie Oxtoby
Year 8 French: Bethany Cain and  Adam Taylor
Year 9 Spanish: Bronte Naylor, Jessica Colgan, Kelly Dempsey Fallows and Rachel Heyes.

Year 10 Geography Stars

Excellent work understanding the nutrient cycle and the supporting water and carbon cycles. Not all of this is strictly on the GCSE syllabus and dips into science and A-level but all of these students showed good effort to grasp the concepts and interleave them.

Aniqah Akhtar, Courtney Harvey, Callum Lane, Sol Love, Maddison Palin, Samuel Percival, Khaneen Qaisar, Haider Rehan, Sarah Rushton, Hamna Shahid, Elina Velicka, Olivia Vining, Charlie Wilson, Charlie Allwood, Luke Pilling and Taylor Durman.

Ms Rawstron’s Year 10 Science Stars

The following Year 10 students have submitted some outstanding work as part of their revision to prepare for their end of unit test next week in Biology. Please find some of their work below.

Caitlin Reed, Leah Lewis, Kristian Taylor, Louie Higgins, Tom Hamlett and Lucy Grime.

Overall the class all submitted some amazing work so really well done to the Triple Science class as a whole!


Ms Guy's Praise Wall Stars

Year 9 students Aston Minta and Alex Parsons have both shown massive improvement recently in their remote learning engagement. Aston, despite feeling a bit low, has really upped his work effort.

Alex initially found all the work overwhelming and got very behind – she is now organised, engaging and has caught up and is also now gaining high scores.

Well done to both students!

Ms May's Praise Wall Stars

Well done to Lucy Edwards, Oscar Aldersley, Chloe James Robinson and Aidan Mitchell!

These students have engaged in Ms May’s support page every week! They have completed and contributed in daily tasks with the aim to help and support emotional wellbeing and positivity. Their work has been positive and has helped others.

Ms Mortimer's History Stars

Well done to the following students who have shown exceptional effort in their history tasks last week;

Year 7: Bradley Oliver, Erin Longworth, Ethan Veites, George Roberts, Jake Lane, Matthew Elleray, Nathan Hughes, Thomas Davidson, Lola May,  Toby Belfield and Travis Woodland

Year 8: Ethan Gagan, Grace Harwood, Hanna Goodwin, Isla Jones, Jessica Ramsden, Kaine Larkin, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Nathan Blaxall, Olivia Lowe, Sasha Wilson and Sienna Love

Year 9: Georgia Ridings, Harvey Leech, Jodie Jackson and Shahziab Younas.

Kasey’s Charity Dance

Well done to Kasey Wallis who participated in a dance lockdown challenge in aid of Bury Hospice. She also won best dressed as well. Here’s her certificate of participation.