22nd June, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 8

A massive well done to everyone who appears on our Praise Wall shout outs below. Your teachers have been so impressed with your effort, quality of work and engagement in your remote learning tasks last week.

The English team have put together theor weekly Praise Wall video, which you can watch below. Well done to everyone featured!

Ms Fowler's Language Stars

Every week these students give 100% in their speaking sessions and ensure they are prepared by spending time speaking with their friends over FaceTime. I have been so impressed with the work ethic of Year 10 and these students have shone!

Gracie Lowe, Erin Fairfield, Molly Gunn, Hallie Waring, Charlie Greenhalgh , Lucy Naisbitt , Phoebe Alston-Forrester, Jessica, Lyn Williams, Megan Baxendale, Bella Thompson, Keira Howard, Ami Scott, Abby Butterworth, Halle Bates-Robinson, Malikah Akhtar, Leonie Appleby, Thomas Hamlett, Harrison Evans, Jack Sisson and Lily Philips.

Katie Westwood's Home Art

Katie Westwood in Year 7 has been producing these great these computer art pieces in addition to her school art work. We think they are brilliant!

Mr Sale's History Stars

These students have put an exceptional effort into the last week’s History assessment on the Stuarts. Well done, everyone.

Kyle Barron, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Jessica Crofts, Csanad Csore, Amy Downing, Amie-Leigh Farrimond, Woody Gleeson, Jack Hansom, Ella Hill, Brianna Knight, Kyle Patel, Katrina Smaukstele, Ethan Turney and Jack Yates.


Year 10 Art Stars

Amber Slater, Bella Thompson and Bettina Babic in Year 10 have produced some lovely pieces of art based on objects inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Year 7 Art Stars

Bradley Oliver, Joshua Smith, Keira Smith, Jack Ridgley and Ryan Cain have made a fantastic effort with last week’s art task of developing their zentangle art knowledge into animal themed studies.


Year 8 Art Stars

Charlotte Commons and Isla Jones have produced excellent responses to the Lockdown message in the style of Andy J Miller task last week.

Year 10 Fashion Stars

Casey Cauldwell, Halle Bates-Robinson and Hamna Shahid have produced excellent responses to their task of producing messages from their personal theme, in the style of their individually chosen artist.


Lucy Naisbitt Photography

Mr Cordwell is massively impressed with Lucy’s depth of research and analysis she produced last week on the formal element of line in photography. Lucy has gone above and beyond the aims of the task, not only providing factual information but also her own observations about specific photographs and how they feature different aspects and qualities of lines in their compositions. Top quality work, Lucy!

You can view and read her work in the tab below.

Lucy Naisbitt's Formal Elements: Line presentation


Media Stars

Last week students were tasked with taking a photograph and adding illustrations to it in the style of Andreea Robescu. We’ve had some fantastic responses from Alesha Mahmood, Ellie Dunn, Holly Herrity, Jade Evans, Karan Saha, Leonie Appleby, Rachel Ogden and Kelly Dempsey Fallows.

If other students would like to have a go at creating an illustrative photograph they can follow Ms Farrimond’s tutorial instructions here:


Design Technology Stars

Jessica Crofts in Year 7 has produced some brilliant work inspired by STEM topics found in popular films. Well done Jessica.

Year 8 are still working away on their Biomimicry tasks and Eshaan Yaser has produced some inspiring work. Well done!

Jade Evans - Art

Jade Evans in Year 9 has produced this excellent response to ceramic mask designs task based on the cultural imagery of the Mexican Day of the Dead festival.

Photography Stars

The following photography students have been nominated because they are consistent in their work each week and deserve recognition:

Year 9: Annie Wardle, Jessica Chadwick, Abigail Steele-Lesh, Hannah Openshaw and Jake Morris

Year 10: Bettina Babic and Amy Rossington.


Teegan Spooner Year 7

Mr Woodward wants to praise Teegan Spooner in Year 7. Teegan was finding it difficult to keep up with her remote learning initially, but has recently caught up and she has handed in a backlog of work. Well done, Teegan!

Luke Pilling Year 10

Luke Pilling in Year 10 has made the Praise Wall for his massive effort with his geography work every single week, producing some amazing answers and has really upped his game. Ms Sutcliffe is extremely proud of him and how he has embraced his online learning.


BTEC Music Stars

Mr Cornish is very impressed with the quality of work submitted in BTEC Music last week by the following students:

9c/Mt1: Danny Ireland, Jessica Chadwick, Lewis Martland and Rebecca Atkinson

10a/Mt1: Abby Butterworth, Aimee Renshaw, Louie Higgins and Phoebe Alston-Forrester.

Ms Chew's Maths Stars

The following students have worked exceptionally hard on their Maths this week achieving 100% in all of their tasks. Well done all!

Year 7: Kyle Barron, Harry Barton, Charlie Bateson, Toby Belfield, Ryan Cain, Jessica Crofts, Csanad Csore, Ava Curley, James Dickinson, Lewis Eaton, Matthew Elleray, Jack Hansom, Ella Hill, Rosie Ivill, Erin Longworth, Daniel Lord, Kyle Patel, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Smith, Ethan Turney, Katie Westwood, Travis Woodland, Ethan Fox-Brady, Leo Logan, Lily Tinker, Noah Walker. William Walne, Kirsten Scaife and Ethan Blake.

Year 8: Bethany Cain, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Aaron Rowland, Finley Schofield, Lucy Willett, Nathan Blaxall, Madison Durman, Ella Goodram, Callum Green, Kelsi Lynch, Amee Pankhania, Ellie-Ray Rothwell and Ryan Worden.

Mr Poole's Music Stars

The following Year 9 deserve praise for excellent work on their Listening Activities last week. Well done to;

Aston Minta, Keira Gallagher, Sophie Alston Forrester, Maddie Smethurst and Amelia Stuchbury.

In Year 10 the following students have submitted superb work for the GCSE Music task – Since You’ve been Gone

Keira Howard, Lucy Grime, Thomas Ramsden, Taiyah Fearn, Niamh Turnbull Hall and Adam Tyerman.

Ms Ward’s Catering Stars!

Year 7 students have been on a Kitchen treasure hunt last week and there have been some awesome pieces of work. Well done to the following:

Bailey Hook, Jake Lane, Lily Tinker, Kyle Barron and Lewis Eaton.

Ellis Harrison-Scott in Year 8 continues to produce absolutely excellent work! Well done!

The following students in Year 9 have been so creative with their work on plating foods this week. They have cooked and plated meals ready to serve in restaurant settings. Great work!

Rebecca Atkinson, Holly Herrity, Rachel Heyes, Bethany Haughton-Hayes and Benjamin Griffin 

Well done as well to Kirsten Scaife for making delicious Mac n Cheese with tomatoes for her family this week and Jack Wright who has been doing some high skilled practical work at home. Teegan Spooner has also been cooking some delicious baking at home.


Ms Rawstron's Science Stars

Ms Rawstron would like to praise the following students for their outstanding science work which they submitted last week.

Year 7: Lily Tinker, Yusuf Naveed, Ethan Turney and Bailey Hook

Year 9: Daniel Brown, Jessica Chadwick, Xander Hargreaves, Alesha Mahmood, Francesca Moffat, Matt Ryall, Karan Saha, Bethany Mcguffie, Noah Kersley, Jake Morris, Hannah Openshaw and Meadow Rogerson

Year 10: Kristian Taylor, Harvey Bebbington and Ellis Mathews.

Ms Craven's Science Stars

The following members of 7p1 absolutely smashed science this week with their new topic of Photosynthesis – very proud as always. They also did fantastically well with the Energy end of topic test – not easy while remote learning!

Special mentions to: Archie Johnson, Bradley Oliver, Brianna Knight, Ella Hill, Ella Jowitt, Himayl Butt, Jack Hansom, Jessica Crofts, Joshua Smith, Kallum Bills, Katrina Smaukstele, Rosie Ivill, Ryan Cain, Sam Philbin, Tyler Collard-King and Tyler Delroy.

Well done!!

Ms Morris's RE Stars

In Year 7, Ella Hill and Joshua Smith both submitted brilliant work this week in RE. In particular, their Buddhist shrine designs were amazing!

In Year 8, Michael Smith, Alyssa Hall, Kelsie Oxtoby, Charlotte Commons and Ethan Bates all submitted informative and meaningful reports on the plight of the Amazon Rainforest.

In Year 9, Lauren Tobin, Aimee Bleakley, Jess Colgan, Shelby Cartwright, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Macy Drennan, Charlie Eyres and Madeline Parkinson all produced excellent work on the issue of `life after death`.

Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars

Fantastic effort and resilience in science last week from;

Elisha O Gara, Halle Bates-Robinson, Megan Baxendale, Charlie Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Caden Jones, Callum Lane, Lily Phillips, Elina Velicka, Jessica – Lyn Williams, Abby Downing, Keira Howard, Maddison Palin, Amy Rossington, Jason Scaife and Molly Walkden.

Well done, everyone!

Ms Mistry's Science Stars

In Ms Misty’s Year 8 science class, the following students have completed all their tests with excellent scores;
Fynley Anderson, Amee Pankhania, Taya Arthur Cameron Whelsby, Chloe Whelan, Abby Gallagher, Joe Holt, Maneeb Ahmed, Bethany Taylor and Keelan Mulligan.

In Year 9, Joseph Kirkham has achieved an excellent score in his test.

Year 10 students, Lucy Grime, Thomas Hamlett and Molly Grime all have excellent task completion records set which have been thoroughly carried out.

Ms Givens's Computer Science Stars

Miss Givens is really proud of the following students from her Year 9 Computer Science class for continuing some brilliant work over this past week on a new topic. Keep up the hard work!

Annie Wardle, Callum Hailwood, Illyaas Sowunmi, Millie Wright, Spencer Thornley, Beau Evans, Danny Ireland, Karan Saha, Xander Hargreaves, Shelby Cartwright and Rosie Galley.

Ms Fernside's Superstars!

Mrs Fernside would like to praise the following students for their efforts with their remote learning and alternative tasks last week:

Year 7: Rosie Irvill, Cory Duffy, Lauren Harrison, Ffion Marshall, Chloe James-Robinson, Kyle Barron, Noah Walker and Evan Walker

Year 8: Michael Bithell, Lucas Buckley and Oscar Aldersley

Year 9: Kelly Dempsey-Fallows, Caitlin Ashworth, Elisha O’Gara and Sophie Martin.

Well done to you all and keep working hard.

Ms Mortimer's History Stars

The following students have shown exceptional effort in their history work last week;

Year 7: Teegan Spooner, Travis Woodland and Tyler Collard-King

Year 8: Jessica Ramsden, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Isla Jones, Lyla Wells and Sasha Wilson

Year 9: Georgia Ridings, Hannah Cherry, Rachael Ogden and Harvey Leech.


BTEC Music Stars

Mr Cornish would like to praise the following students for their excellent work in BTEC Music, which you can see below:

9c/Mt1: Danny Ireland, Jessica Chadwick, Lewis Martland and Rebecca Atkinson

10a/Mt1: Abby Butterworth, Aimee Renshaw, Louie Higgins and Phoebe Alston-Forrester.



House KM Challenge Stars

A massive well done to the following students who have all completed many km’s in the Inter-House Challenge and are currently the highest scoring students in their year group. Keep up the good work.

Year 7: Kirsten Scaife

Year 8: Isabelle Norwood

Year 9: Lily Philbin

Year 10: Megan Baxendale.


Ms Ely's PE Stars

The following students managed to complete some excellent PE work last week in their remote learning session, well done!

Year 9: Aimee Bleakley, Ben Griffin, Harvey Leech, Hayden Williams, Kieran Litherland, Tyler Barron, Alfie Barlow Seymour, Lewis Bolger, Charlie Eyres, Jayden Garrity, Matthew Rydall, Farnham Khan, Luke Lumley Davenport, Jack Thornley, Molly Crompton, Jodie Jackson, Lily Philbin, Elena Whyment and Shazaib Younas

Year 10: Keira Howard, Sol Love, Luke Pilling, Ryan Callard King, Charlie Wilson, Cayon Williams, Noah Barrington, Mia Appleby, Shazaib Aslam, Phoebe Alston-Forrester, Jason Scaife, Elina Velicka and Jessica-Lyn Williams.


Alex Brownley Year 9

Alex Brownley has completed an online Motor Vehicle Course during the lockdown period. His certificate of completion can be seen below. Well done, Alex!

Ms Guy's Superstars!

These students have impressed Ms Guy with their continued work ethic and a really high quality of work submissions;
Year 7: Sam Philbin
Year 8: Rehan Khan and Ethan Worthington
Year 9: Aston Minta, Francesca Moffat, Jake Morris, Bronte Naylor, Hannah Openshaw, Lily Philbin and Shahzaib Younas.


Ryan Collard-King - Maths

Ms Naylor would like to praise Ryan Collard-King in Year 10 for his outstanding probability test score in maths. Well done, Ryan!