30th June, 2021

Year 10 Summer Term Assessments UPDATED

We can announce a revised calendar for the upcoming Year 10 Assessments which will now begin on Tuesday 6th July (with two history assessments on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd July). These will run over a two week period to Friday 16th July.

These assessments are a mixture of modified exam papers, step assessments and tests or coursework component work. We have published a timetable below which outlines when these are taking place, the type of the assessment it is and what topics or Assessment Objectives students need to revise for.

Due to the current COVID situation in school, we are switching all Year 10 assessments to classroom based ones, rather than whole year group gatherings in the Sports Hall and LRC to prevent the impact of positive cases affecting more students than necessary.

Year 10 Assessment Calendar (Revised)


The results of these assessments will be used by teachers to assess where gaps in knowledge are due to the disruptions to learning this year due to the COVID situation and will inform how lessons and learning will be sequenced moving into Year 11. It will also inform which tier students will sit next year in subjects with Higher or Foundation tiers.

Students will be informed in class of the general topics to revise in for these assessments, but not the specific questions. They will not be assessed on any content that has not been taught in class or remotely.

Our Little Lever Revision Cycle is great tool to use to plan effective home revision. Please refer to this and watch the video below which provides some brilliant tips on how to revise effectively…

Finally, it’s important to note students do not need to panic or become stressed about these assessments. As we have already stated, they are designed so we can ascertain their gaps in learning at this point after all the lockdowns, self-isolations and disruptions to the school year. These will help shape Year 11 teaching to fully support EVERY student to achieve things they never thought they could.

This PowerPoint presentation below was shown to Year 10 students this morning as the launch of the assessments, to reassure them. Please read it yourself for further information about how they will run.

Year 10 Assessment Launch