Year 11 GCSE Mock Exams

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A reminder to all our Year 11 students and families that the first of two sets of mock exams this academic year will start on Monday 30th October for all our Year 11 students.

Individual student exam timetables will issued next week in school (with dates, times, rooms and seat numbers) and all parents/carers who attend the Year 11 Parents' Evening on Thursday 19th October will also receive a copy of their child's exam timetable as well, along with revision and holiday must-do homework tasks.

It is important that students use their home study time now to plan and carry out revision, using their PLCs from each subject area to identify which topics they need to focus their attention on.

A brief overview of the exam timetable is listed below:

Mon 30th Oct: 9am English Language, 1.25pm Option Z subjects

Tue 31st Oct: 9am Option Y subjects, 1.25pm Maths Non-Calculator

Wed 1st Nov: 9am Science / Biology, 1.25pm Option X subjects

Thu 2nd Nov: 9am Maths Calculator, 1.25pm RE

Fri 3rd Nov: 9am Science / Chemistry, 1.25pm English Literature

Mon 6th Nov: 9am English Language, 1.25pm Computing

Tue 7th Nov: 9am Maths Calculator, 1.25pm English Literature

Wed 8th Nov: 9am Science / Physics, 1.25pm Spanish Writing

This entry was posted on October 10, 2017